Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving 08 in Georgia

This is a little late, I know. But, here are some pictures from our trip to Georgia for Thanksgiving. We had a blast...but Parker REALLY had a blast! He is so spoiled everytime he goes there. I never heard him whine one time. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing. :) Anyways, our trip in a nutshell: The flight there was stressful at first, but the airline ended up bumping us up to first class...which was wonderful I might add. We constantly entertained Parker but he did good. Papa Parker and Papa Mills picked us up at the airport which is about 1 hour and a half from Irwinton. That was fun! We all took naps on the way there. We went straight to Maebobs...which was DELICIOUS! The next day we piled into Papas new camper(it is like a miniature house...it sleeps 8 people!!!) and headed an hour away to let the kids play at Monkey Joes. Monkey Joes has inflatables everywhere. Parker was in HEAVEN! Derek, had to go into all of the inflatables with him...but it was fun. We then headed to Cracker Barrell for lunch with the fam and then back home. Wed night we had Thanksgiving at Papa's house...and Thursday at Aunt Paula's house. Parker got some new toys and got to play with dogs. Plus, Mama Lynn and Papa K had turned a room into a playroom at their house. So, Parker had his very own playroom that he played with all the "girls" in. The "girls" are Derek's cousins. You can tell Parker doesn't play with girls very often since he calls them the "girls". Ha ha ha! Here are some pics!
BTW, in case you were wondering...flight on the way back was NOT so great. Parker had a breakdown right before he finally fell asleep. Good news...he fell asleep for about 1 hour and a half of the flight. Whew! Oh well...what are you going to do? We had one tired, spoiled little boy on our hands.

Parker and Aunt Lindsey

Happy Thanksgiving from The Mills!

Check out Parker's new friend

Papa K and Parker. Those of you who don't know...when Parker is sleepy this is how he is...finger in mouth. So sweet!

Monkey Joes

Checking out Britton's sucker. Oh, he wanted it so bad!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Here is what I am up against

Hello...today will be a typed post only and no pictures. Sorry!! You can skip if you want. Anyways...here is what I am up against right now: a BIG belly to bend over several times a day to put shoes on my son and me, to pick up toys and other several items on the floor, to scrub a bathtime, dust a coffee table, and to pick up a toddler. Some of those things are just not getting done because my belly is just too much of an obstacle to get past. I am hoping to get a pedicure before I have this baby so that I don't have to get over the obstacle of not breathing while trying to reach my toe nails. :)
I am also up against moving(to another home) with a big belly and toddler. First of all, for those of you who don't know God completely shut the door on the house we were going to buy. Derek and I took the correct steps in the process of purchasing the house but the whole way we prayed that if this was not right for us we wanted God to shut it down and He did! So, although we really thought we were supposed to buy a house we are currently looking for a rental house. I am ok with that. I wouldn't have been 2 months ago, but I really believe God is taking care of us. And, when it is all said and done, we will love where we live and have to little boys to love on all the time. :) We don't know yet where we will be living(which is SO hard for a 8 month pregnant lady). All we know is that we have to be out of here by Jan. 26th. Wow! That is soon not to mention VERY close to my due date.
On a different note...my child is hilarious right now. He is so cute with his bowl cut and perfectly straight, highlighted looking hair. He is a mixture of Derek and I. He is laid back and easy like Derek(besides his random toddler moments which have been happening more often lately)but he is chatty and a people person like me. He now picks up the wooden spoon and says "spanking". Ha...yeah..the Christmas tree caused the wooden spoon to reappear. :) You all know he sleeps in a big boy bed now. Well...he has been doing great with it. But what is so funny is that if he wakes up in the middle of the night(which is not all the time) OR early in the morning before it is time for him to officially get up he runs to the door fussing. When I go in there(which I need to stop doing) he chuckles and RUNS to the rocking chair for me to rock him. What is so funny is that I don't rock Parker to sleep and I don't rock him every day or every other day. So, I have NO idea what has made him get in this deal about wanting me to rock him. The only time I have ever rocked Parker is if he is up in the middle of the night because I am EXHAUSTED and that chair is unbelievably comforatble. Even Derek tried to get some sweet rocking time in with Parker last night before bed and Parker got down. I don't know...kids are so funny. I actually enjoy it for right now. I guess knowing that the rocking chair is about to be in Micah's room makes me enjoy every minute of it with Parker for now.
Alrighty, back to figuring out how the heck I am going to get everything done that needs to get done before we move. The good thing is, we own a moving company. If all else fails, my husband can completely pack us! :)