Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, July 25, 2008


"HHHHottt!" Ha ha! That word makes me laugh. So, as I posted early last week sometime...or this week...I don't remember. Parker has starting saying words for us when we ask him to. It is so cute. He says "baby" a lot now. Anyways, he now says "hot". But it is almost a whisper with an exaggeration on the "HHHH" part. It is so cute. Well, I never really knew if he knew what "hot" meant. You know...not to touch something because it is hot. Frankly, I did not want him to know because he had experience the true meaning of a hot pan, stove, etc. Today, at Chick-fa-la my sister gave Parker a french fry. When he went to pick it up he immediatly put it back down and said "hhhott!". AND IT WAS HOT! I was so proud! I told my sister, sister-in-law, then Derek. As of if my sister and sister-in-law didn't have any children. Ha! He is so smart and is making laugh all the time. He also loves to drink out of Derek and my drink all the time now. He knows how to drink out of straws so when he sees that we have something he wants it. Although, sometimes, it can get a little annoying because he will go "uh, uh, uh, uh" until you give it to him...it really is so funny to see him drinking like a big boy.
Also, just to fill you in on baby in the belly. I can feel this baby already! I know that most of you reading this will think I am CRAZY! I would think that to if I read on someone's blog that they could feel their baby at 12 weeks. I really would! BUT, I PROMISE you that I feel this baby almost every day. Not all the time during the day. At first, I thought I was crazy too...so I ignored it to be something else. But, now, as often as I have felt it. I decided that I might seem crazy, but I feel it. And I am very happy about that. Or should I be concerned?? Does that mean my baby is BIG?? Or VERY active... UH OH! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a weekend!!!

This weekend has been crazy! If any of you believe in spiritual warfare(I do) then you will know that is what we have been going through. Here is a little peek into what I mean. We, currently, are having 1 preview service a month for Free Chapel. A preview service is when we we set up and tear down everything just like it will be when we launch the church. We invite people to the preview service for two reasons. To get to know Christ and to invite them to be on our launch team. Derek loads and unloads the truck and he is the sound guy. I am the children's pastor. Derek gets there at 6:30am and I get there at 7:30am and we are done around 11:30am. We meet in a movie theater. The preview service in May was horrible! Not because of the service, but because Derek, Wade, and I all came down with the stomach virus that same weekend. Luckily it was on Friday night...so by Sunday we were pretty good. Then the Tuesday following that service Wade totaled our Honda Accord. Everyone was OK but not our car. Since then we have only had one car. Then Ashley and Jeremy had a flat tire on the way to a launch team meeting and the list goes on. Well...this weekend was also a preview service. Once again, I came down with the stomach virus(Haven't had the stomach bug in years!). This time, though, it was Saturday evening. I couldn't go to church on Sunday. I sent Derek and Parker. My sister calls me and says that Parker has thrown up. Parker got the virus. Ugh! THEN, on top of all that, Derek and Wade had to fly out to Colorado for a move about 1 1/2 hours after he got home from church. So, here I am sick, taking care of my sick child. To find out the next day that my brother(Wade) and my nephew have the same virus. Yup! That is spiritual warfare. And I think it has to do with Free Chapel and SquareCow Moovers. God has something HUGE for both things and satan is fighting pretty hard to not make it happen. But, I am so thankful that we have victory in God!!
I know that was long. But, I did want to tell you a little about Parker. He is so sweet and so funny! Right now, he is so easy. He walks everywhere. Is saying words and doing what I ask him(which I love!). I love to be able to say stand up in the bathtub so I can bathe him and he does it! Or go get your lovie and he goes and gets it. Today, I put him in bed with me at 7:30ish and I showed him my belly and said "Baby" and he pointed to it and said "Baby". I was so proud! I have had him do it a million times today. And then his Aunt Kimberly asked him where the baby was and he grabbed his belly. Ha ha! He has also started saying "yes" when I ask him things. It isn't as clear as "yes" it is more like "yea". He is so wonderful and at a really fun stage. It is amazing how much he has changed in two months! He is about to be 15 months old. I can't believe it! He loves, loves, loves, music. I am excited to be able to say that he is going to have a baby brother or baby sister. I should find out the last week of August. Woo Hoo! I am doing great(besides the whole stomach bug thing). I think I am FINALLY over "morning sickness". I will be 12 weeks on Saturday...so I will be done with my first trimester. Kind of weird because that means I only have two more to go!!! The pictures I posted are pictures that Kellen Coldiron took of Parker about a month ago. I love them and cannot wait to frame them. I probably won't frame them until I move into a new house(because we have no room here). Kellen is a great photographer if you are looking for some great pics of your family! I wanted a cute outfit and a cool outfit look. Well, after putting the white shoes on Parker it quickly turned the "cool" look to "cute". I LOVE the pictures of his shoes...just because those shoes are so classic. My brother had some when he was little and I will never stop buying them for my boys. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sorry Free Chapel

If any of you went to the Free Chapel link I have to the right of my blog...I am SO sorry! I accidentally posted the wrong site and the one I posted was a really negative site bashing a different church called Free Chapel that is in Florida. A friend brought this to my attention so I immediatly fixed my mistake. Sorry Jeremy!!!
Just to let you all know, I am due Feb. 7th. I thought it was the 8th. But, after going to the doctor I was one day off. I am going back to the doctor on Wednesday. My pregnancy e-mail says the baby looks a lot like a baby now instead of ya know...and bean. :) But, unfortunately, I am still feeling morning(afternoon) sickness. Which did not happen with Parker this late in the game. I am officially 10 weeks. Thats all! My camera has been M.I.A. for the last three weeks, but I have it back now. Hopefully I can post some pictures soon. BYE!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our newest addition

Hello! I haven't blogged in a LONG time! Well...Parker and I have been in B'ham, AL for a week and we just got back on Wednesday. My parents flew back with us...so we have been busy doing family stuff since we returned. Birmingham was great! I ate TONS of food because all of my favorite resturants are there and trust me I realized how much I ate after I went for my first doctors appointment on Thursday. Boo!! Anyways, I was able to hang out with all my good friends in Birmingham and Parker was so spoiled by Mama Don and Papa. It was so much fun!!!
Yup...I went to a new doctor for the first time since I had Parker. SCARY! Really, as ridiculous as that sounds it really was kind of frightening. Tim Stone is who delivered Parker and he was great. Plus, my parents have known him for forever and my brother is good friends with him. Which makes it a little easier knowing that someone you trust is delivering your baby. But, coming here...knowing no one at first makes it a little scary finding a new doctor. I really wanted to use a male doctor and here in Austin there a lot of females and not many males. To make a long story short(ha) I was referred to the #1 OBGYN in Austin(literally). He has 7 male OB's in his practice and his office is at the hospital. He is so busy that my first visit I had to see a nurse practitioner. I wasn't fond of the idea but she was great!!! Plus, she informed me that Dr. Seeker(my doctor) LOVES sonograms so I get one at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 24 weeks, and 36 weeks! WOO HOO! PLUS the best part of it all is that I get to find out if this little person inside me is a boy or girl at 16 weeks!!! That is HUGE! I for sure thought it would be later than that. I am really excited and truly feel like God placed me with Dr. Seeker and his staff. I have really smooth pregnancies...but still I want someone great just because it is my baby.
So, I AM pregnant. Ha! And the baby looks wonderful and healthy. His/Her heartbeat is beating really strong. He/She wiggled while I was watching the sonogram. So sweet! I have to go back in two weeks for something that doesn't affect the baby at all...but Dr. Seeker wants to check me. Yay! God is soo good! Here is my scan of my sonogram. It is tiny and I don't know how to make it big. This is the first time I used my scanner. I will figure it out later.