Our Crew

Our Crew

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Aunt Lindsey...All Smiles

Here is a picture of Parker's Aunt Lindsey(Derek's sister). I love this picture so much!! The other one is a picture of him from a while ago. This picture is on Papa K's computer. I couldn't resist putting it on here because it is so cute!!! He looks so much chubbier in this picture than he does now. Ha ha!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Swinging with my cuz'

Ashley, Jeremy, and the boys came in town this last week. Ashley and Jeremy had an assesment with ARC(a church planting organization) that they had to go to in Atlanta. So, we kept the boys. Actually my mom and dad kept the boys. But we all(us, Wade, Kimberly) helped. We decided to take the boys to the park one afternoon. Parker loves to swing so I thought it would be fun to put Parker and Gray in the same swing. They loved it!! You didn't even hear a peep from them. Gray smiled the whole time!!! They were so cute!
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That's right!! He is taking a BOTTLE!!

Not too long ago I explained that we were trying to get Parker to take a bottle of my milk instead of nursing. Not all the time...just when we had to get a babysitter or whatever. It was not a success. We thought that if we were consistent with giving him one at the same time every night he would finally take it. It didn't work!! We finally quit trying. I called the doctor's office this week because Parker had been throwing up and pooping(sorry!) a lot! He wasn't keeping much down. The nurse told me to give him pedialyte. I decided to give it to him in a bottle instead of a sippy cup just to see if he would take it. He did!! Like a CHAMP! I was so happy! The next morning I gave him my milk in a bottle. And this is a picture of him drinking the bottle. He is half way undressed because I had just changed his diaper. Can you believe he is holding the bottle by himself?! I am so proud!
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Cute PJs, Cool Toys

My mom bought Parker these cute pajamas. They look so good on him because the red in them really pop! Anyways, he looked so cute I couldn't help but take some pictures of him. The other one is a picture of Parker playing with some new toys. Well...they are not brand new...but new to him. We got them at a garage sale. He really likes them! This was one of the days he was sick...so he was just staring at the piano toy while it played music. Sweet...sweet...boy!!
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Just a Happy Baby


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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Boo Colds, Boo Fevers, Boo throwup!!!

Hello everyone!! Well, my sweet little boy has had a rough week. It first started off with a runny nose. Then he woke up four times in one night for which he has not done EVER!!! MAYBE when he was first born in the hospital. Then it turned into a stuffy nose. Then it turned into a full cold plus fever. THEN a little cough. THEN a not sooo settled tummy. Yup! He threw up last night. So, he hasn't been too interested in eating anything but nursing since last night. I completely understand and feel so bad for the little buddy. He has been so good through all of it though. He was fussy around Thursday but since then he has been so good. We are believing that God has healed him and he will feel perfect when he wakes up from his nap. Just thought I would do an update. BYE BYE!! (Oh...we currently are trying to teach Parker how to wave bye bye...I will post as soon as he gets it)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Meet my friend Beau

Last week we were invited to Mary Ann's house for a lunch/play date. Mary Ann has a little boy named Beau who is about 8 weeks younger than Parker. My good friend Jenny who has a little boy named Nolan was also invited. It was fun and relaxing. Nolan is still too little to get on the floor and play. But here are some pictures of Parker and Beau playing together. Parker had a rattle that Beau really liked. Beau is not quite old enough to grab it but unfortunately there will be a day when we will have to have two rattles because if not...it might not be pretty. :)

Trip to Georgia...family time is great!

A week ago we were able to visit Derek's family in Georgia. Parker has only been there once, and that was when he was 4 weeks old. We were excited about visiting. Everything was great!! It is always great being able to see all of Derek's family(grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc.) Of course, Parker loved being able to spend time with his Papa K, Mama Lynn, and Aunt Lindsey. He also enjoyed playing on the floor with PaPa Lindsey. And Mama Rose kept him for a little while, which I think was fun for the both of them. Derek's family is so wonderful to us always!! We truly love them! Here are some pictures from the trip. I don't have many, which stinks. I wish I had more.

OOoooh, bananas are yummy!

Just the other day I gave Parker a jar of bananas to eat for lunch for the first time. He usually eats 1/2 a jar of baby food mixed with cereal. On this day I tried giving it to him straight with no cereal mixed in. He LOVED it!! He ate a jar and almost half of another jar!! He was cracking me up. He is also getting pretty good at holding his sippy cup. He would much rather me hold it for him, but I am trying to teach him to do it on his own.

Tags...Parker LOVES them!

Parker loves tags. It doesn't matter what he is playing with, if there is a tag on it he will find it no matter how tiny it is and try to put it in his mouth. He loves them. I noticed this a while back because he would be sitting on a big blanket with all these toys but yet he would be playing with something on the edge. Yup! The tag on the blanket. Anyways, a dear friend of Derek's family, Mrs. Alice, makes these blankets with loops of ribbon all around the edges and she was so sweet to make Parker a little one and big one before he was even born. Who knew it would be such a hit!! :) Here is playing with it.