Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know that we are building a house? Yup. We are so excited! And we feel so very blessed. We have rented since we moved here almost 4 years ago. We are more than ready to have a house of our own. However, we are very grateful to God for all He has done. It is because of Him that this is even happening...without a doubt. Never ever do we want anyone to think otherwise. Anyways...last Monday(not yesterday) there was just the foundation. This week our house will have windows and a roof! It will be done the last week of February.

Side view

Side view

Front view

Front view

Our Daddy is STRONG!

We are SO proud of Derek. He ran a 1/2 marathon a few weeks back. It was the marathon for adoption. He ran it with my brother in law, sister, and 2 of our friends. They have been training for a while for this. I was going to run it but twisted my knee at mile 6. I had to opt out. :( I am SO proud of Derek and his determination. The boys were so proud of their Daddy. Parker kept saying he was going to cheer really loud for Derek so he would win. So sweet!

Whats Up, Whats Down, Whats All Around

Here's our life in pictures the last month or so. :)

Meet my BEAUTIFUL niece, Ella. My sister and brother in law are adopting her from Haiti in 6-12 months. She is officially their daughter(and she officially has 4 blonde haired older brothers! Ha!). Whats even greater is that she is only 2 days younger than Ann Marie!!! Ann Marie doesn't even know it but her best friend will be here soon enough.

This is HUGE! Our church, Free Chapel, has joined another new church plant in Lakeway because we have the SAME vision! Our new church is called The Church at Lake Travis. It's awesome and such a blessing! Here is Jeremy preaching on the first Sunday. We are loving church!

We believe in being a missional community. We want to love our neighbors and reach our neighbors for Christ. The only way you can do that is to get to know your neighbors. This is our new neighborhood where my parents already live. We had a sidewalk meet and greet. Knowing NO ONE, 42 people came!!! Can't wait to live there!:)

Happy Thanksgiving! We cannot wait for Mama Lynn, Papa K, Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Matt to get here. We are going to make some great memories. :)

This sweet girl is so fun! She is crawling everywhere, pulling up and standing, and sometimes stands by herself for not very long. She has 3 teeth(2 bottom, 1 top). She LOVES to eat. She smiles at me every time I look her way. She nurses about 3 times a day...sometimes 4. We love having this baby girl to break up some of the boy stuff going on around here(fighting, wrestling, baseball, football, etc.).

We have been cheering on the Tide all the way from Austin, TX.

We have been having a small group at our house every other Friday night. We are reading the book "Power of a Praying Parent". We have desserts and discussion while the kids play. We have loved it!

Go Dawgs!! We, also, have been supporting Daddy's team, University of Georgia. We are especially happy they creamed Auburn. ;)

We joined a farmers market here where we get a basket of fresh veggies every week. This is our basket. It is so yummy! And keeps us healthy(well Derek and I, but my kids won't even look at veggies for the most part...ugh.).

This cute kid goes to preschool 3 days a week. He has LOVED it and cannot wait to start kindergarten. I have really liked it because it forces me to have a plan those days. Its been nice. Parker's teachers are so great. God is so good!

We have been hanging out with cousins. Parker always says his cousins are "his cousins and his best friends". And they are!

Now that the weather is cooler my boys have been playing on their playscape in the backyard a lot. We are giving away our playscape when we move but then we are going to buy the kids a nicer one later. They love it way too much to just get rid of it and never get another one.