Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, July 30, 2010

Amelia Island, 2010

Here are pictures from our beach trip which was so great. We relaxed, did not use our cell phones much at all, hardly used the laptop, played at the beach and pool, ate lots, enjoyed time with Derek's whole family(mom, dad, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents)and enjoyed time with just us. It.was.exactly.what.we.needed.
It was our first time flying with Micah and Parker has flown several times before. He loves to fly. Micah did pretty good. Better then I thought he would do. Although we LOVED the beach and when we landed Parker said "Are we going to the beach? I want to go to Florida!" He had know idea we were in Texas. ha ha. I am glad we are home and ready to move on to the Fall. I am hoping the Fall here is cooler then normal and it gets here faster. We will see. But...life is good. Of course Derek came home to such a busy week at work. He worked from 7am-2am one day. And it is almost 9pm right now and guess what? He is still working. :) Just means the business is doing good. So...even though it is hard to deal with some of the time...we are blessed. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Derek and I on the back porch of our condo. We were going on a date that night. Ummm...to Zaxbys. Ha! We don't have a Zaxbys here and we love it. It was a good cheap date. We talked a lot. I loved it! I love spending time with this guy! He is the best!

Micah playing in the sand about to take pictures. He looks like he is holding a cigarette. He is NOT.

After pictures Parker getting in the ocean fully clothed. Oh well...

Derek's Aunts, Uncles, Mama Rose, Papa, Dad, and Mom.

This picture is so sweet.

Derek and Parker. A little dark. But good picture.

LOVE this picture! They are so handsome!

Parker in his new Monster PJs.

Micah giving me some kisses. He is not stingy with his kisses at all.

This is how far the shore went out. I loved it because the beach was flat and when the tide came in it was shallow and not rough at all. It was a great beach for toddlers.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Organizing Bug

FYI: I just read through what I typed and there are lots of errors. I do not feel like going back and fixing them. So you can laugh at them and move on. :) Also...I go on Tuesday to find out for sure that this baby is a girl. The first go around they told me they were 95% sure it was a girl. Same thing they told me with Micah about being a boy. But, I sure am ready to know they are as sure as they can be that she is a girl. :)

I knew that last week was the beginning of the end for some things in The Mills household. First, it was the last week of eating bad for us. Second, it was the last week for me to hold off all the places in my house that needed to be organized. Third, it was our vacation...which for me meant the beginning of vacation which was great...however when it ended it felt like the end of the summer. Let me explain these:

Since being preggo Derek and I have eaten SO unhealthy for us. I haven't felt good. Even last week during vacation I was sick twice. But we decided before we left that after vacation we were going to start eating healthy again. Derek wants to lose weight(I think he looks GREAT! However...he really wants to lose a few pounds.). I simply want to eat better for me. I don't intend on losing weight, however...that might happen since I am it is like night and day how different I am eating. Anyways, we switched out E-mealz(Dave Ramsey meal plan) to the weight watchers point meal plan. And have been doing good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I have had some ice cream at night which I justify by eating so well for me during th day. I hope this last for me. It is hard not to think "I am pregnant! Who cares?" But...really...it cannot be good eating fast food a gazillion times a week. Right?
Next...organization. This is what I titled this post because the organizing bug has come over me. For some reason right before we left for vacation I had this desire for it to be Fall. Which for me, Fall comes with structure...wonderful smells, clean house...great weather. I also have thought how even though this baby girl will not be entering this world for quite some time there are things that need to get done at me house. So, I started on Monday. First, I went through every toy we own inside our house and Parker and I filled 2 trash bags full of toys to give to Goodwill. This ended up being a teachable moment for me with Parker on giving. And it felt great. For a split second I thought about selling the toys. But I am SO glad I didn't! We were able to put everything in the bags and take it straight to Goodwill that afternoon. As I went through all of the toys I organized them too. We are going to sell the coffee table we have in the play room to make space in there. This coffee table opened up and it had great storage room where I stored lots of toys. Now...there is nothing it in! Woo Hoo!
I also cleaned out my refrigerator and freezer completely. Tonight, a organizing task that has haunted me for a few months now I completed! Yay! I have the boys clothes in bins with the sizes on the front of the bins. They were all in Micah's closet. The bins were getting out of control. I was piling up clothes on top that people had given me, along with things both boys had grown out of on top of some things I bought for Ann Marie. It was bad. Well, to me it was bad. My husband had to work late tonight so I pulled EVERY bin out of Micah's closet and then ones out of Parker's closet. Would you like to know how many there were? 10 PLUS 2 bags full of clothes and piles of clothes on the floor. One reason why I was so inspired to do this is because our good friends are about to have a baby boy in 5 weeks. I have SO many clothes because of my sister and sister in law have given me all of their's and my own kids clothes. I knew I had clothes to spare. I went through them all and filled up two bags full of clothes, shoes, etc for baby Noah. Then, I reorganized all of the sizes and hopefully have everything looking good now. Anyways, I still have quite a few more projects. But to have gotten this much done in 3 days for me is really good! I am proud!
By the way, I posted some pictures below from our wonderful vacation at Amelia Island. I have more and maybe one day I will post them. Ha! Also...I love my friends blogs who are so cute...simple...short...and to the point. I CAN NOT DO THAT but wish I could. So if you don't read everything I write. That is ok...my feelings are not hurt. Because I probably wouldn't either. :)

Micah and his sweet 2nd cousin, Jordan. Isn't she so adorable?

Micah in a baby pool on the beach...which was a life saver. Great idea Mama Lynn!

Parker just loved being in the water...beach or pool.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Still Sick

Random thoughts here for ya. First, I have not been in the mood to blog. Hence the reason I haven't. I really think it is a pregnancy thing. I am 13 weeks and 2 days preggo and I am STILL feeling nauseous! I feel soooooo much better then I did the first 10 1/2 weeks. This is tolerable. And it is not all day like it was before. But, I ate a super good meal(not super good for me) tonight, came straight home and laid in my bed because I have a headache accompanied with nausea. Gross. It is just so interesting how this baby is a girl and this pregnancy is so different then my other two(which were identical for the most part). I am not going to lie. I am ready for the nausea and headaches to go away. It is hard to function when they hit me. I, also have not been nearly has tired this go around. When I was pregnant with Micah I was exhausted all of the time. Probably due to climbing two sets of stairs every day, several times a day. Which I don't do now bc we live somewhere different. I have noticed lately, though, that if I go out in the morning for a couple of hours...I am completely pooped when I get home. I do take a nap every day when my boys nap. That has been something I have done during every pregnancy so far. Blessed that my boys still nap really good and that I can do that. I can feel her move. :) Which is such a great feeling. I feel her every day, but not all day. She is too small for that. If I lay down...usually at night I can feel her. I already have to sleep with two pillows on each side of me to sleep more comfortably. Never have I had to do that this early on. I have gained more weight more quickly. Due to not eating healthy at all. Planning on changing that after vacation...which starts on Sat. We are flying to the beach. So excited! We will be gone for a week. After that, I am hoping to eat better.
You know what is great though? My boys have been so great about going with the flow. We are not nearly as active and haven't been these last 13 weeks. And they don't care. They play so well together and at home. Derek thinks we have too many toys. And we probably do...but they play with all of them. And I am thankful for them. We still go to the pool a lot. And Parker is swimming like a fish all by himself. Parker is so great to snuggle with me when I don't feel good or am tired. Usually I only rest like that when Micah is napping. And if Parker is not napping yet...he will chill with me. I love it. He loves to get in my bed with me. Or he will watch a disney show. He is my buddy. So is Micah...he is just smaller and more active. Parker was too at that age. Maybe not as active. But...definitely wouldn't sit and snuggle. I hope all of my kids snuggle with me like Parker does.
I got my girl clothes fix for a little while. I showed you earlier what I bought Ann Marie. Now...I am calmer about it. My Mom bought her bedding and some smocked dresses. It is all absolutely adorable! I am sure I will go on another shopping trip next Dr. appt. Something about seeing her makes me excited! I, also am excited for her to come into this world. We are nowhere near her due date. And I don't want to wish away this time because then I am wishing away my boys time. There is so much to happen before she gets here. Vacation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Fall, Winter...etc. THATS a lot! So...I am going to be happy being pregnant...feeling her...preparing for her. But...not wish away this time. This will be the last 6 months I have with just boys. I want to cherish it. Ok...no pictures once again. I will try to post some after vacation.

Friday, July 9, 2010

We are having a baby and its a GIRL!

So...I haven't posted anything about this in SO long! Some of you might remember my post around Easter about being preggo with baby #3. Well, a week later I miscarried that baby. :( I was upset about it. It was not fun. It was my first and hopefully last miscarriage! The miscarriage is a whole different story. I will not go into that. But, God blessed us with another baby 2 weeks after I miscarried! Now, I am 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Most of you probably already know that. I haven't kept it hush hush...just wasn't ready to blog about it yet.
Again if you have been following my blog for a while(like 2 years) when I was pregnant with Micah I found out he was a boy at my 12 week appt. It was so crazy. It was a new Dr. because we had moved. I had to go in for a 45 min. ultrasound. I don't know anyone else whose Doctor's do this but mine does. I just happened to ask the lady if she could tell what the baby was and within min. she knew it was a boy! I couldn't believe it! Fast forward several months. I was waiting to see the doctor for a routine appt and was having a conversation with another pregnant lady who was waiting. She was really far along too. She found out she was having a girl at the 12 week appt. too! I thought, for sure, that I found out just because it was a boy and easier to see. I was wrong!
Now, this week was my 12 week appt. I was excited and praying that they could see what this baby was. My husband decided to come to his appt instead of the next one just in case I did find out. It was a different lady but I told her about Micah and she said she would check. Within minutes she said "Yup...I am 90% sure it is a girl." I was so happy I could have cried. I almost did! Then she checked her all out...and looked again 2 more times. By then, she said "ok, I am now 95% sure it is a girl." She even wrote down 2 websites that teach me how to make bows and sell bows. I really don't think she would have told me if she wasn't sure. She is an expert at this. This is all she does day in and day out. She also told me she has a really good track record. I am so excited. I have known for over 24 hours and already bought her bows, 2 blankets, 4 outfits, a sweater, and a pair of pants. AHHHH! My husband is shaking his head at me. But, she has hardly anything at all. I now have my Mom on a hunt in B'ham at all the amazing garage sales there for smocked dresses and adorable southern outfits. My whole family was so excited and so is my husband's fam. I laid all her outfits out and just stared at them in amazement that I am having a baby girl! Parker is excited. He has called it for weeks now. He always talks about his baby sister.
I can also feel her move. Which is so fun. It is funny because when we were getting the ultra sound she hardly moved. She was so chill. At Micah's 12 week appt I remember him flailing his arms every where and practically doing flips! I guess the difference between boys and girls. I go back on August 3rd for my Doctor to confirm it is a girl. I am ready for that appt. Just because I want the other 5% to be confirmed. ha ha. Although, I know it is a girl! I have had way too many signs.
Ok, this so long. But I haven't posted in forever. I am going to scan her ultra sound pictures in here soon. They are cute! By the way, her name is going to be
Ann Marie. We will call her Ann Marie. Ann is after Derek's nanny who we were very closed to. She passed away 2 years ago. And Marie is after my Mom. That is her middle name. Two great women! So, she will be a great woman of God! We will speak it over her every time we say her name.
These are pictures of stuff I bought her. Silly, I know. But I just love these outfits!