Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, May 28, 2010

What is Micah talking about these Days?

I have no pictures for you. :( I just need to upload the ones off my camera. Sorry...but I will do that soon enough.
I wanted to post on some of Micah's words he is saying these days. I want to do this because I purposefully went back to when Parker was Micah's age to see what he was saying at that age. So, I will probably do the same when I have another baby. Micah will be 16 months old on May 30th(2 days). Here is a list of things he says that we can understand.
-Cook(one of his first words...weird...I know.)
-Uh Oh(another 1st word)
-Hot(this one is ALWAYS paired with "cook")
-Get down(we know he is saying this, but you probably wouldn't)
-Night Night
-Bye Bye
-Sucker(I think I heard him say this one day...but I could be wrong about this one)
-aljdkjhakgjhagjhlaghejklahiudhgjabgjlhaiukghkahfdk: Let me explain...this boy jibber jabbers ALL OF THE TIME! Parker did the same thing...and it is the funniest thing ever. I seriously haven't seen a child do this as much as my kids. I am sure they do, but it is the funniest thing. Today, on the way to the pool he would not stop "talking". He kept looking out the window and pointing. My friend, Paige, was with us and we were laughing so hard. He sounds like he speaks vietamese(sp?). This probably means he is going to be a talker like Parker. Which I thought for sure Micah would not be like that. I think I am going to be wrong. He probably says other stuff too. But, I could be forgetting it or don't know that is what he says.

Parker is funny as ever. We are going through a strict pottying routine right now. He has been potty trained for a over a year now. But, he still has accidents simply because A.)he doesn't want to take the time to go or B.)He doesn't tell me or his teachers(at church). We are on day 2 and it seems to be working a little bit every day. We haven't had any accidents. This boy knows better then to go in his pants...trust me...he is just being silly. But, he says funny stuff all of the time too. Like when he gets in trouble for whining and I tell him to hush he says "I wanna talk." He also talks about crushing Goliath(David and Goliath). He is really growing up on us! Him and Micah play so well together. I am so happy because they are to the point now that if we go to the park just with us and no friends/cousins they play with each other! Before when Micah wasn't old enough to play Parker would have gotten bored. But now...he plays with his brother! Yay!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My sweet boy is 3!!!!!

FINALLY! I have b-day party pics from my sweet little P's birthday. As I mentioned before he had a joint party with his cousin "G". He and P are only 5 weeks apart. P has already turned 3 and G will turn 3 at the end of this month. My sister and I had a great time planning this party and doing fun, cute things to make it memorable. We had it at a neat little place called Rolly Pollies. If you ever are wondering if it is a good idea to have a party there it is!!!!! They do a GREAT job of making your party special, easy, and fun for all the kids. There is a foam pit, climbing wall, zip line, bounce house, trampoline that you run on and then bounce on this big pad, bars, balance beam, and lots of other things that I don't even know the names for. There are 3 instructors there helping the kids do things...but not in their way at all. They provide balloons on each kids chair, the paper goods, and a place for gifts. It was so great! And I think everyone had a really good time...at least I hope so. P had so much fun. However, he didn't feel great(which happened last year on his bday party day...UGH!).
Since there is NO WAY I can take the time to write what each picture is. I do want to say that 1) we got the boys shirts made from a girl on Etsy. The same girl who made M's 1st bday shirt. She is so reasonable and good. Aren't they adorable?! 2)My sister made their cupcakes. How stinkin cute are those?! They looked amazing. My nephew said "My Mom should work for Hey Cupcake!" lol! They were so yummy too! 3)The theme of the invitations was a bright colored Lion with a bday hat on. Their gift bags had (matching to the invitations) writing pad, animal pen, animal crackers, animal stickers, and a blow pop. All the bags were tied with animal print ribbon.

I have to comment on this picture. P LOVES this hat. It is WAY too small on him. It is like infant size. Lol! My Mom let us pick him out his first baseball hat and she bought it for him for his bday. It is his first Atlanta Braves hat. We went and picked it up yesterday and Derek brought P into the store. I think Derek was a proud daddy getting his son his FIRST baseball hat...and especially a Braves hat. So cute!

An evening on the Lake

We are apart of something called the Freedom Boat Club. It is this cool club where you can hop on a boat on different bodies of water throughout the US. It is really cool. We either hop on a boat on Lake Travis or Lake Austin. This night my whole family minus the kiddos went on Lake Austin. The water in Lake Austin is FREEZING! Which is great during the summer...but at the beginning of the summer before it is super hot...it is a bit cold to get in. We just relaxed and parked the boat at a really cool place called The Hula Hut to eat at. You will probably see lots more pictures of us on the boat this summer.

A very well known bridge in Austin. It is called the 360 Bridge(there is also another name for it that I am not sure of).

L-R Ashley(My sister), Wade(My brother), Kimberly(SIL), Me, My Mom(who got soaked and we were laughing so hard we were crying!)

Wade and Kimberly w/the bridge in the background(that you can barely see...oh well)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Me and My Buddy

So, as you all know P and his daddy went out of town a few weeks ago for 4 days. Leaving me and M to have some fun quality time together. I have never had just one on one time with M for that long. Usually, if I have one on one time with him it is for a couple of hours. I had decided to do nothing too adventurous that week. We pretty much stayed home and relaxed. We did go to lunch with my Mom one day, small group on Fri. night, and dinner with my parents. Then M took his naps at home and played while I checked lots of things off of my list that had been on there for quite some time. I cleaned, organized, finished M's baby book(YEAH!), and played with M. I wasn't sure how he would do not being around his brother...I wondered if he would get bored. But, he did great! He was chatty and so sweet...as always! If you asked him "where's P?" He would look all around...like P was about to walk through the door. Kinda sad!
I loved having that time with just M. It just reminded me of how easy going and precious he is. I love him so stinkin much. I kiss him all the time and can't get enough of him. It also made me realize how much I love my husband and P. I missed them like crazy and couldn't wait for my family to be all together again. Here are some pics I took of M.

I just had taken his outfit off because after I watered the flowers outside he plopped right down on the stair(where him and P sit all of the time) but it was covered with water. He didn't seem to even notice. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mama Lynn, Papa K, Papa, and Mrs. Elaine came to visit! WOO HOO!

Ok, I didn't fulfill my promise last week. I didn't post every day. It is a lot of work! Sorry! But, maybe soon I will get to P's bday party.

The week after Easter Derek's mom, dad, Papa, and his wife, Mrs. Elaine, came to visit. We had so much fun like we always do! The boys played, played, and played some more. We usually always do something touristy when his family visits. This time we went on something called a Duck Tour. It is kinda expensive, but it was so fun. You get on a bus(aka the duck) and ride through downtown Austin. The driver tells you all about the history of downtown austin and neat things about different buildings. You also get a quacker. And you will randomly quack at people all around town. Then, the bus turns into a boat. ha. And we went into the lake. It was fun. The boys loved it. I found out more about downtown Austin then I ever knew.
We also visited Steiner Ranch Steakhouse which was delicious! Papa loves going there. And so do we.
We are going to the beach in July with Derek's family. We are excited!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Day is Today...along w/all other Moms out there. :)

Happy Mothers Day to all you Mamas out there!! Today is such a special day. It is for me. Being a Mom is my passion. I love it with everything in me. It is hard, emotional, trying, joyous, special, bonding, unconditional love, sacrificial, risky, rewarding, amazing, indescribable, breath taking, and the list could go on and on. Being a mom is a gift that I cannot believe God gave me, but He did. And I hope I can do EXACTLY what He wants me to do with my kids.
This morning Parker walks into my room with flowers in his hand. He said he got these for me. :) I also got a gift card to go out to lunch w/my mom or a friend w/out kids. And my fave candy bar. :) Perfect and thoughtful of my husband. And then tonight he surprised me with asking some of our good friends to keep our boys so that we could go to dinner. I still don't know where we are eating. It will be downtown Austin, that is all I know. I love stuff like this. Well, gotta go get ready! Hope all of you feel as blessed as I do to be a Mom. And I hope you all have a wonderful day today!

Here we are at P's 3rd bday party last week.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!! 2010

Happy Easter Everyone! ha, a little late...I know. :) Growing up my Mom and Dad hid our Easter Baskets in the house and on Easter morning we had to find them. They would play the Hot/Cold game with us. It was a lot of fun. So, this year was my first year to hide the boys baskets. I didn't play hot/cold with them because they are too young for that. But, I think P enjoyed it. M's basket was on the couch covered with a blanket and P's was under a table that sits in between two chairs.
I was in charge of Children's church on Easter Sunday. It was so rewarding. It was probably my favorite children's service I have ever done. It wasn't that great BUT I feel like the kids really understood the Easter story when they left.
That night we went to my brother's house for dinner. We all made breakfast food. My Mom made up this crazy game just for the adults. The kids went outside with a babysitter and we all played this game. Everyone had to search REALLY HARD for three eggs each and there were lots of questions and lots of rewards(candy, dr. pepper, giftcards, money). It was so fun even if my brother won about every prize. :) Mom did a great job! I expect to play that game every year(hint hint Mom!!)
All in All Easter was great. Celebrating Christs resurrection was on my mind the whole week before. P made resurrection bread with my sister and her boys. We read P the story of Jesus' resurrection from the Jesus Story Bible. After church we asked what P learned in church and he said "God and the stone" and "God made everything!" :) Thats what it is all about.

I like this picture a lot. P with his sweet smile in his cute Easter shirt.

M looking Southern! I still dress him Southern every week(not all the time...but at least once every week) despite the fact that people DO NOT dress their kids like that here in Austin. I can't help it...it is adorable!

I have no idea why I couldn't get a good clear picture. But, the fact that my husband is not ever with us on Sunday mornings to help me could have something to do with it. He helps set up and with the sound. So, girls out there...if you have to get your kids ready all by yourself, loaded in the car, and unloaded at church...you are not alone. My sister and I both do it EVERY Sunday!

M and P waiting in our bed for us to get everything ready to come and find their Easter Baskets. P's eyes are pretty swollen in this pic. His eyes are closed...but I can tell how swollen they are. :(

The boys baskets full of goodies. Goodies that I got on clearance that is. Most of these items I got on clearance after Christmas at Target!!! What a steal!

Monday, May 3, 2010

WAY Behind...Where to start??

I haven't blogged in a while and a lot has happened in April. So, I am going to try to start from the beginning of April(late March) and hopefully by the end of this week I will top off all of this bloggy craziness with a big bang...Parker and Gray's 3rd Bday party! :) Here are some pics of randomness around the house. Hanging out with my sweet sweet boys who I LOVE so much!!

This is how "P" is dressed most days around our house if we aren't going anywhere. Yes, my boys are still wearing their Christmas pjs. I love them...they are comfy, and so cute. P's eyes are swollen in most of these pics. He had HORRIBLE allergies where his eyes were almost swollen shut some of the time. He is now on Singulair. And has been feeling MUCH better! Thank the Lord!

Sweet "M" just eating a snack. Ahhh...that boy is C-U-T-E!

I LOVE this picture. Except if you zoom in M's eyes are closed. :( The flowers on both sides of the boys are so pretty. I cannot believe how pretty they have stayed. I hope I can keep them up...considering today I came home and they were wilted. The heat is getting to them. I gotta water them more!!

I had to ask P to put his arm around M. Love matching outfits. Won't be able to do this for too much longer.

Just eating a snack outside in this beautiful weather. M does so good with sitting at this table. He is a very messy eater. I thought this was a good idea bc I didn't have to clean up the mess. Well, I was wrong. I found that out when I came outside later and there was a line of ants all the way up to the leftover food on the floor. Oops.

Melts my heart. :)

Matching outfits again. On our way to the Easter Egg Hunt. P insisted on holding M. :) My camera died right after this pic. So that is all I got.