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Our Crew

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top Ten {Tuesday}: What to feed my 8mo that has NO teeth!

To start this off, I have to say that my 8 month old has no teeth. But, I no longer feed him baby food. So, I thought this might be good ideas for people who want to go off of baby food but are not sure what to feed their baby with no teeth. Ha! But, you have to know that Micah doesn't choke very easily. My first child did. Micah is great at gumming almost anything which makes it easier for me to feed him a variety. Also, I do not do the whole organic thing. And I am not a health nut. However, I do like to try to give my boys healthy stuff, I am just not way strict about it. With that said here is the list:

1. Fruit cups. Both of my boys love these! Peaches are easy for Micah to gum and mandarin oranges. They are easy to grab and go too.
2. Beanie Weenies. My Mom suggested these. They seem gross to me but they are a hit!
3. Gold Fish.
4. Apple Sauce.
5. Baby Mums. These are little rice cake things that a friend told me about. These are great because Micah can hold them himself and munch on them while we are out and about. They are not too messy and two come in one package. You can get them in the baby aisle at Walmart OR possibly at a local grocery store.
6. Canned veggies. Just pop them in the microwave and voila!
7. Flip It Crackers. A pretzel on one side and cracker on the other are great. A little messy.
8. Instant Grits.
9. Instant Oatmeal.
10. Re fried Beans. I give these to Micah when we eat at Mexican restaurants and he LOVES them!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Whats going on with Micah??

Wow...my baby boy has been up to so much within the last month! Here are some facts about Micah that you might like to know:
-started crawling at 6 1/2 months. Now crawls EVERYWHERE.
-started pulling up and standing right at around 6 months.
-started eating solid foods at 7 months.
-at almost 7 months he weighed a little over 17lbs.
-6 month check up he was 5% in length and 50% in weight.
-Got his first big boy hair cut at almost 7 months old.
-Wears size 3 diapers.
-still takes 3 naps a day. But the 3rd nap is only about an hour or less.
-I nurse him 4 times a day(was doing the bottle at night but decided against it.)
-LOVES his brother, food, playing with toys, his baths, and crawling, AND standing up.

So, my little Micah might be little but he acts big!! He is so tiny to be so mobile. Today he was in the pac n play playing and I look over there and he is trying his absolute best to CLIMB out. Like, his feet were going up the side. He, also, has let go of things and stood for literally a split second.
He is now eating solids all the time. I was spending SO much extra per week on baby food that although Micah doesn't have teeth I decided(because of my mom) to try some solid foods with Micah. Well, that boys chews food like he has a mouthful of teeth and he has zero teeth! The last few days he has eaten real food for almost all of his meals and I am one happy mama! This is big for me...er...him. :)
Micah is such a good baby in every way. We love him so much! He adds so much joy to this family.

Eating his first oreo...this was after the fact. He was happy about it.

This was before/during.

My little crawler.

Look at his new hair cut! I LOVE it! He looks different(you will see the difference below) but you can see his sweet face. His hair was taking over! Something had to be done.

One of the first times he stood up holding onto the piano.

In his crib with his lovie.

LOVE this picture! His hair is crazy long, he is so happy, and I love his name above his bed. My mom painted and hung those when Micah was a newborn. This picture is definitely making the baby book.

When I walked into his room that day he was doing this.

Derek wrapped him up all tight one night after his bath. He looked so cute!

Happy Birthday Jax!!!

Recently we were able to join the Freedom Boat Club through SquareCow Moovers. Labor Day, my nephew Jax, had his 3rd birthday on one of the boats we rented from them. It was the first day took one of their boats out and we had a blast! It was so nice and the whole family minus my mom was there. Wade and Kimberly did a great job of making Jax's party special for him and all the other kids. You will see in the pictures as to why it was so fun for everyone. This was also Micah's first boat ride. And he was WONDERFUL! I wasn't sure how he would be since he would be missing his morning nap, but he didn't make a peep the whole time. It was a great labor day. Happy Birthday Jaxy!!! We love you over here at the Mills house. :)

This flag was hanging on the boat. It was so cute! Kimberly made it. If you can't tell, it says "Happy Birthday Jax" on one side and the other side it is a skull(I think). And this was the BEST picture we could get with all the boys. It was the end of the boat trip rather than the beginning.

Parker and Lawson waiting on the picture to be taken.

Parker the Pirate

Harley just slept almost the whole trip. She was the only ray of pink on that whole boat. :)

Derek and Parker tubing. Parker did NOT want to go tubing...but we do NOT want him to be scared of anything so we made him. And guess what? He was laughing during it, and when he got done he was super excited about it. Ha.

The first thing the boys did was find a treasure...which was these treasure chests full of gold fish and candy. Good thing they found them because everyone loved that treasure. :)

Micah the Pirate.

Sweet smile...I love this smile!

Me and my baby.


Parker and Micah are big buddies. I have mentioned it before but let me say again they really love each other. Micah laughs so hard at Parker all the time and Parker LOVES when Micah is not napping and plays with him in the play room. Parker looks for Micah the minute he gets up and asks where he is. It is so cute. The other day Derek was bathing the boys and he yelled for me to come in there. Parker and Micah were sitting SO close. The had the whole bath tub but instead wanted to be right by each other. So funny...and so sweet. I pray that they always have a relationship like this.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Favorite things to do while my kids are napping

1. Take a nap. I really struggle with this one. I am SO tempted to lay down for a nap almost EVERY time my boys nap(in the afternoons). It doesn't always happen, however, it probably happens more than it should.
2. Eat my lunch. So, I must confess, I LOVE to wait to eat lunch until after my boys are down for their nap. It is nice, peaceful, relaxing for SO many reasons.
3. Catch up on my DVR shows. 18 Kids and Counting, Army Wives, Project Runway, SYTYCD, and the list goes on.
4. Get online. Facebook, bloglines, gmail, twitter, craigslist(sometimes).
5. Talk on the phone. About the only time of the day I can talk and have uninteruppted conversation.
6. Take a shower. This doesn't happen too often during the naps for a few reasons. #1 I already took one. #2 I am lounging around and not having one that day(gross, I know.)#3 I took a nap instead(you would think I had a newborn or 8 kids...lol!). BUT, usually if I take a shower during nap time it means that I am going somewhere that night like on a DATE with my husband OR to small group, OR to Walmart all by myself. All of which are exciting!
7. Do my Ephesians Precept Bible Study/Quiet Time. Love spending time with the Lord. Need to do it more often...like every day. It changes everything for me.
8. Work out. 30 Day Shred my friends...and I think it is working. BUT it is hard! 20 minutes of a butt kicking work out! Maybe not my FAVORITE thing to do during this time, however, it is good for me.
9. Clean. NOT my favorite thing, but I LOVE how I feel afterwards.
10. Call my husband twenty million times because I am bored. Yeah...that doesn't happen. I am only bored by choice if that is the case. I just didn't have a #10. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Advice Given to Me about having Happy and Good Babies

So, my friend, Amanda(sorta like a famous blogger...ha...seriously though) does this on her blog and I love reading it. I have been entertaining the thought of doing it on my blog because it is so interesting. I am starting today. It is a Top Ten Tuesday list. I will pick any subject I would like and make a list of the "Top Tens". Get it? Anyways, here it goes. Hope you enjoy. :)

1. Order and Schedules. Wow! I am a scheduled person, therefore this is KEY for me and my boys. Someone(my sister, a friend, a book) told me that God created order and not chaos. Therefore, babies need the same thing(please do not comment if you disagree..this is my Top Ten.) I could not agree more!! My boys know when to eat, sleep, and play. And they are more than happy(well, usually) to do it all.

2. Be Consistent! Enough said. Easier said then done, however, it NEVER fails with my boys. NEVER!

3. Do NOT wake a baby sleeping at night. Just don't do it. No matter what.

4. Homebound until the baby is 2 months old, but well worth it. Meaning, stay home, be consistent, keep your baby on a good schedule. Then after the first two months you will be able to go out and about when your baby is happy because you will know when he should be sleeping/eating/awake.

5. YOU(the parent) are training the baby. YOU know what is best...even if that sweet little baby is trying to tell you otherwise. Sometimes, you have to forget about your emotions and base your decisions off of what you know as a parent. For instance, if YOU know he is tired, but HE is trying to tell you otherwise. Do what YOU know. Lay him down. He will go to sleep(hopefully...at least he will be in his bed though. ha)

6. Crying is NOT going to kill him. It is true mommies...we HAVE to let our babies cry it out some. And it won't kill them. They will be ok. And hopefully we will end up with a positive result. Right?

7. Sucking his finger, thumb, or paci is really not that big of a deal...they will grow out of it. Because of this piece of advice from several of my mom's friends and her...I don't sweat the fact that both of my boys suck on their finger and have a lovie. They will grow out of it. No biggie.

8. Be balanced...clean some...and play some. I don't want to get caught up in either one too much. I want to make sure my boys grow up knowing I am a fun mommy, but I am also their mommy and not their best friend. I want them to know I keep a clean house, cook, and help them when they need it. And I will be goofy. :)

9. Babies love bath time. Kinda of random, I know. But, my boys love their baths and so do I. They play together and it relaxes them. Afterwards, I lotion them up and put their pajamas on. They are on the road towards bed time. Love a clean baby!

10. Strive for first time obedience. When I say no to my 2yo I mean no right then...not after the second or third time. This one, is HARD. However, I think he is getting it(not doing it always but getting it...ha ha). And I think it makes things better for me and him.