Our Crew

Our Crew

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home from Church Today

Love, Derek, Lindsey, Parker, and Micah Mills

Here is our Christmas card photo. Well, sorta...the one I sent out is cropped and in Black and White. I am not sure where that one is on our computer. ??

This week has been not so fun in The Mills household. :( If any of you are friends with me on facebook or twitter you already know what we have been going through. Let me give you the short version.
-Parker diagnosed w/pneumonia on Monday and given antibiotics.
-Micah diagnosed w/ a cold on Tuesday...but Parker was better.
-Micah diagnosed w/ an infection on Thursday and given anitbiotics. Thursday night he threw up 3 times from coughing so hard.
-Micah diagnosed w/ asthma due to a virus on Friday and had to be put on a nebulizer 4 times a day. (His 1st nebulizer treatment was at the Dr. office and the Dr. said that if his oxygen level did not go up he was going to admit him to the hospital...scary!!).
-Micah's oxygen level was better on Saturday but still has to be nebulize 4 times a day until Monday when we go BACK to the Dr. He is taking an oral steroid(not sure how I feel about him taking steroids...ugh...but I want him to get better so whatever it takes.), amoxycillan(sp?), steroid through his nebulizer, AND medicine through the nebulizer to prevent him from wheezing. YUCK!
-On top of ALL that...I came down with something and felt HORRIBLE. I went to the Dr. on Friday and the strep test was negative(that is what I thought I had) and was sent home empty handed. Booo... I feel much better today. But it was painful! We have enough medicine at our house I could just take some of my boys. lol...just kidding.

I need to add right here how AMAZING my husband has been through all of this. It was hard enough when my boys were both sick and I wasn't. But when I got sick it was horrible!! Thank you to my wonderful husband who stepped up to the plate BIG TIME and did everything for me and the boys(he was needed in the middle of the night SEVERAL times!)!!! I am so thankful that Derek was also able to be home from work 3 days this week to help me. He even took Micah to the Doctor twice by himself(he has never done that). I love you Derek SO much!

SO, all of that to say, I have no pictures for you. :( Sorry! Parker is %100 better and I almost there too. Micah is better, but still isn't great. We are believing for complete healing though(ASAP would be nice Lord ;) ). This week is going to be good though. I want to be in the Christmas spirit as much as possible. I also want everyone to feel so much better before we make the long drive to Georgia to visit Derek's family. We have been really excited about the visit. AND we are stopping by B'ham to see some friends that Derek hasn't seen since we moved!!!!

Micah isn't walking yet. He is so close...he takes steps all the time, but I think this whole last week has probably slowed the process up. He hasn't been up for it.

Thanks for praying for us!!! Parker asks almost every day if he can open his presents up. lol. I guess he just thinks that all of the sudden I will be like "OK!" But, I guess to him that is exactly what will happen. He doesn't quite understand that Christmas is on a certain day. We have trying to tell him about it and that we are celebrating Jesus' birthday. Christmas is going to be fun this year.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This is weird

I was getting pictures printed for some ornaments on our tree that are "My First Christmas" ornaments. They hold a picture. I had two, one for Micah, and one for Parker. So, I decided to go back and print a picture out of Parker's 1st Christmas. Really this picture was taken in November right before his first Christmas. Anyways, how weird is it that these two pictures look EXACTLY like the same kid? It is so weird. I had to write their names on the back of the pictures just to make sure we remember who is who. ha ha.

Parker, November 2007

Micah, October 2009

Blog Worthy...for sure!

Last night my Mom said that she thinks Micah could walk. Derek and I were like "well, lets try it out." So, we we sat across from each other and balanced Micah on his feet and guess what? He walked!!! He took 1 step...2 steps...3 steps...and at one point he took 6 steps in a ROW!!! We were so excited, clapping, and telling Micah "good job". He was excited too. Keep in mind that he is 10 months and 1 week old. Yeah, my brother said "you are going to be busy"(instead being a proud uncle...ha ha). Anyways, this little guy will be walking soon. Fun times.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I wasn't going to post any pictures on here but I changed my mind when I saw the selection of pictures I had to post. :) BUT, the ACTUAL reason for this post is this. Parker has eczema. It isn't always bad and he hasn't always had it. He started getting it about a year ago(maybe?). Well, it drives me crazy and him too. Ok, it doesn't bother him too bad unless it really flares up. Twice has it flared up where it has made him itch all over which is really an allergic reaction to something(we think it is certain soaps). Even when it is not flared up it is still there. Sometimes so dry it creates scabs. A friend of mine saw it and told me about Pure Aloe...so I researched it out and found out that Pure Aloe really helps eczema. When I found this out I immediately went to Whole foods to buy some Pure Aloe. I lathered Parker up with some(which it did sting him the 1st time I did it but now he says it doesn't sting that bad) and his legs look SO much better. Where there were once huge red spots on the back of his legs it is now almost completely clear. I am SO happy! I feel like between believing for healing and God showing me about the Aloe, Parker is on his way to being eczema FREE!!
Just so you all know, I realize that there is awful cases of eczema out there. And Parker does not have that. And I also know that some cases of eczema are related to allergies to certain foods. However, I do not think Parker has that. I just wanted to let you know if you happen to be like me and are looking for a solution that is simple and something other than steroid cream. I also bought some shampoo that is all natural and made with pure aloe. Thats all! Just FYI. :)

The famous grandchildren picture. Mom and Dad's grandchildren that is. I did not get a good picture at all. Parker decided to bail out after 2 pictures were taken. Boo. My sister and Mom have a great shot though. Anyways, besides the fact that almost none of the kids are looking aren't they so cute in their pjs? And how about Harley in her tutu. Loved it.

We had Thanksgiving at Wade and Kimberly's house this year. It was great! Derek fried a turkey and I made home made dressing. First time we have ever done that. And honestly, it turned out great. ALL of the food was so good! So, it was us, my brother and his wife and kids, and my parents. So relaxed and fun. We did miss the Mills family Thanksgiving in GA. But, we are going there right after Christmas. FUN!


Not sure why Micah is not happy in this picture. I think he wanted to crawl outside. Parker wore this outfit for his first Thanksgiving too. I love it!

Mommy and Micah. So happy!