Our Crew

Our Crew

Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Pictures

These were taken this morning right after donut time with Dad. Of course, we had to take a picture with Micah too because we got one with Parker. ;)

Easter 2011

We had such a fun filled weekend with Parker's birthday party on Saturday and Easter on Sunday. Lets just say...my kids have hardly watched tv today because of all the toys, arts/crafts, bubbles, and candy they have received in the last couple of days. Easter morning we woke up and did Easter baskets with the boys. Ann Marie was still asleep. Then Derek headed to church early to practice drums before service. Everything was going great until the last few moments. I REALLY wanted to get video of the kids dressed up but that didn't happen. Ann Marie fell apart because she was ready for a nap. I was running late...as usual...and we were picking up a sweet lady in our church who we pick up every few Sundays for church. The service at Free Chapel was great! The dream team did a great job and so did the worship band and Jeremy! We love our church and feel so blessed to be a part of it.

Pretty girl all dressed up!

Yes, I realize that we are all over the place with what we were wearing for Easter Sunday. ha. Derek and I wore Free Chapel tshirts bc of being the dream team. Parker was matching Micah but when we got to church they had Free Chapel Kids tshirts so we changed him into that. Ha...oh well.

Derek's Aunt Paula sent these t-shirts for the boys and I love them! They say "Big Brother" on them and Ann Marie has a little sister one for when she gets a little bigger. SO cute! The boys were going to the Lakeway Easter Egg Hunt.

This is not Easter. But the boys wanted to be in a picture with AM. :)

Parker is 4!!! Oh my Word!

I cannot even believe that my oldest son is already FOUR! Four years ago today as of RIGHT now...Parker was only 30 minutes old. This boy changed our world in the best way ever! He was the easiest baby and now is such a sweet four year old. We love him so so so so much! He continues to make us laugh and bring so much joy into our lives. Everything is new for us with him. This last week we have seen such a change in Parker. We were told that would happen right at 4yo. He has matured so much. We had Parker's birthday party on Saturday at Bee Cave Park. It was great! The weather was HOT but it was very breezy which made it feel good. My whole family was there and a couple of other families who are close to us were there. We had finger painting, bubbles, pizza and a spider man cake.
Today being Parker's actual birthday, Derek took him for donuts this morning all by himself. He was so sweet. The night before I heard him tell Derek that Micah could go. But this morning he changed his mind. Which is fine..we want each one of our kids to have that time with their daddy every birthday. Today also is a BIG day. We took away lovie and blanket. We have been telling Parker for MONTHS now and within the last month probably every day that when he turned 4 lovie and blanket goes bye bye. Derek said he kissed lovie goodbye this morning. He is ready for this. Even though last night I was second guessing myself. Anyways..he has been great today about it. Lets pray he doesn't even look back. ;) We shall see. Enjoy all the pics!

Ann Marie 3mo

Ann Marie will be 14 weeks tomorrow. She is one incredible baby girl! She is SO good. SO chill. We are VERY blessed! There are lots of pics. So, enjoy seeing our sweet baby girl.

Yup. Her fingers are up her nose. All while sleeping. So funny.

I can now put her hair in a pony tail. I love it! It is so cute!

SO happy cause Daddy is talking to her.

She definitely favors her daddy. :)

Love this pic! We were trying to get her to roll over. She actually did that very night in her crib.

Little Snoozer.

Her great grandfather, Papa, and Mrs. Elaine came to visit. We had a BLAST!

Mama Lynn sent all the kids Easter baskets and this adorable doll was in Ann Marie's basket. I love it! She plays with it every time she is in her swing...which is several times a day.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Mornings are so fun!

I love Sunday mornings. Because I get to dress up my sweet kids and show them off to all of our good friends and family. Maybe that is silly of me. I don't know. But I am so proud of my kids. I think they are the cutest kids ever! Ever since having Ann Marie dressing up my kids has become even more fun. I wake up excited on Sundays. ha! And it has made me more excited about dressing my boys. I am so dorky. I know. Anyhow, this chica looked so cute this morning! I just bought her this dress. I LOVE it! By the way...just a tidbit...if you are looking for some cute Carter's clothes you need to go to Sam's Club. They have such cute Carter's dresses and bubbles for girls and some clothes for boys for ONLY $5.44(or something like that)! The EXACT same dresses are at Kohls for twice as much! I can't believe it!

I feel bad for Parker. This exact time last year I have pictures of him looking the same way...swollen eyes...patchy skin on his face. Not exactly sure what is in the air mid March/April but whatever it is really affects Parker. His skin becomes itchy all over and his eyes swell up. We have to put him on Singulair just during these two months and Zyrtec every day. Today I took about 8 pictures and almost all of them his eyes were closed because the flash hurt his eyes. :( Anyways, praying that God takes these allergies away! Because I know He can heal Parker.

This little girl has gone 12 hours at night in between feedings! I feed her around 7 or 8(depending on her schedule) then she doesn't wake up until 7 the next morning. I am SO happy about this. She now eats 4 times a day and goes all night. She is still such a good baby! She has even started waking up talking instead of crying a couple of times in the mornings. :) She is NOT liking her car seat though. Ugh! She will be so happy until I put her in her car seat. She will be 12 weeks on Tuesday. I can't believe it! She is at such a sweet age. Tonight we were at a church meeting and she was cooing like crazy. Would NOT stop and was so loud. It was so funny. I love this baby girl so much.

All three of my sweet babies. :)

Boys will B Boys

Parker just started playing YMCA tball a few weeks ago. This is his first year playing. We have to drive about 15+ minutes to his practices and games. The YMCA is perfect for his age. Baseball and especially football are SUPER intense where we live. I am nowhere near ready for 3 practices a week + 1 game a week + watching the tapes on Sundays(a friend whose 8yr old plays football here has that schedule). Not sure if I will ever be ready for that. Derek's favorite sport is baseball. He loves watching it and loved playing it growing up. I am very glad we put Parker in it now. He takes time warming up to things. If he does continue to play baseball then starting at 3 is great. Although, it tries my patience. I am more of a go getter...get out there and hit the ball, run the bases kind of person. Not Parker and not his Daddy. I am learning to calm down and remember he is ONLY 3(almost 4). Thank goodness for my wonderful OH SO patient husband. What would I do without him?

"Cheers!" Nothing like cheers with popsicles.

It has been hot here lately. This was a couple of weeks ago after the boys helped me wash my car. They could have been in their bathing suits it was so hot.

Ann Marie's Dedication

On March 20th, 2011 we dedicated our sweet baby girl to the Lord. Such an important day to us! We truly believe this is the start of life that will be fully given to God by Ann Marie. My brother-in-law has done all the important things in our life thus far. He married Derek and I, and dedicated my boys. So, of course...he HAD to dedicate Ann Marie too. :) This go around we had family and some close friends over to witness the dedication. The dedication was followed with a fried chicken, cheese potato casserole dinner and banana pudding and cake for dessert. It was a wonderful evening. We are SO blessed to have Ann Marie in our lives. We thank the Lord that He is the one who has blessed us with her and we believe and pray that He will always guide us and give us wisdom and discernment while raising her to be a young lady after God's heart. Here are some pics:

Uncle Jeremy and Ann Marie(we had already changed her out of her dedication dress)

Mama Don and Papa and Ann Marie

Mama Don(Ann Marie is named after Derek's grandmother and my Mom..so special) and Ann Marie