Our Crew

Our Crew

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Micah is here!

I am updating from my phone...so pictures to come. Micah Ashcroft Mills came into this world yesterday, Jan. 30th, at 9:03pm. I will tell the story later...but in a nutshell I had contractions all day until around 5:30 they were 6 min apart and I was in horrible pain. We headed to the hospital(30 min away) and by the time we arrived my contractions were 3 min apart. I was 7 cent when I arrived and shortly after had our little 8lb. 2oz. Bundle of joy. Thank goodness I did get an epidural...and he would have been born earlier but his head took a little longer than expected to push out. Ha! He is beautiful! His big brother will meet him later today and we cannot wait to all be together. I will post pictures later on. Bye for now!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

so I had a bad day...

Hello all!

So...today is a bad day for me...it just is! First of all, this is an update for everyone who I have failed to call back which is most of my sweet friends. I had everything planned for Micah's arrival. Monday was a perfect day because I would still makr it to my shower tomorrow night...my brother-in-law is off work on monday so my sister could be at the hospital all day...I had a good friend lined up to keep parker...and the list goes on. I even said if I go into labor on my own before monday then great if not we would be meeting our second baby boy on MONDAY! Yay! Well...not gonna happen. The doctors office called today and said dr. Seeker is on call all weekend so that makes him off on monday. Now I am on the waiting list for Tuesday!! One day might not seem much to you because you are not 9 months pregnant...but it is huge to me. Plus...it is not definite.You know what I did? I bawled! Soooo...now our prayer is that I go into labor this weekend. Please pray for me. I want to do what God wants for us and micah...so whatever He has planned will be perfect. Just shows that God doesn't always like us to know everything and have it planned out. Hopefully my next update on here is sweet pictures of my two beautiful boys together.
It also doesn't help that I am not feeling great. The weather here has been wacky and parker and I both are feeling the effects of it. Plus...my mom(mostly) and I have been working on my house nonstop! Plus...parker has been waking up early from his naps which really drains you when you are 9 months pregnant. Sorry for not calling any of you back. But...I love all of you and hope to be contacting you soon with the great news of our baby in our arms. I am a little emotional...well A LOT...you probably wouldn't want to chat with me anyways. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

short and simple...to the point.

Heyyy...I am updating from my phone because we still have no internet at home. I went to the doctor today. I am 3 cent. Dilated and 70% thinned out. They scheduled me for an induction on monday...a week from today. She said that I have an added 10% chance of going into labor on my own each day that goes by. Both options seem great to me. Whichever one gets micah here faster. :) I was told that if I would pack my bags then my water might break! Ha! Yay...my bags nor his are packed...and his carseat is sitting in my foyer clean and ready to be installed. Probably need to get on that. Let you know if anything changes. She did say that if I am induced that it will be really easy! Yay! Peace! Btw, my shower is friday night. It would be nice to be there. I am excited about it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quick Post about Micah


So, here is the deal! We just moved in our house last Thursday and we love love love it! Although, it is still chaotic...we have some stuff left to do to get it completely ready. However...Micah's room was going to be my last project...that might have to change. Keep in mind that last Wednesday I was dilated .5 centimeters...which is great. Well, on Monday(ONLY FIVE DAYS LATER) I was dilated 2.5 cent and 60% thinned out...AND at a station zero(for which I have no idea what that means). The nurse practioner said IF I make it till my next appt. that they would schedule an induction for my 39th week. She was also freaking out about how low his head was. I was shocked! I am kind of laying low until my mom gets here on Sat. After that I am going to be making my rounds around the neighborhood to try to go into labor. I am having contractions(not just braxton hicks...real ones that are painful)...but they are not consistent. All of this is definitely different than what I went through with Parker. I was 2.5 cent. when I went in to have Parker 4 days early. This is all new to me! I hope I go into labor early...and I kind of think I will with the way I feel. At the same time...you NEVER know! This guy will come when he feels like it!
I have heard every story from "I was dilated the whole last month and still didn't go into labor early" to "wow! You won't make it past Sat". Let's just say...I like to hope I have him early...but completely get that it might not happen. One good thing that is for sure is that the more dilated I am...the less I have to go to get to 10 centimeters and that makes me one happy gal!

I am currently updating at my sister's house because we still don't have internet at home. We will get it Friday. We just got cable today! I will update again IF I make it until my next appt. which is Monday(I think I will).

For now...peace...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

36 week update

Hello All!

I just got back from my 36 week doctor's appointment. Yay! I have been looking forward to this appointment all week. I was ready for it because I knew I would leave finding out whether or not I am dilated and also we got to see Micah one last time before we see him face to face. Plus, Derek was able to go with me which was wonderful and such a treat that doesn't happen often.
So, for the news...I AM dilated! Only half a centimeter BUT I am just so happy that I have progressed. I was dilated with Parker this early on also. Also, Dr. Seeker said that Micah is really low! He said I am not on my way to an early labor/delivery but I am definitely progressing at the right pace. That makes me happy. I really would have been disapointed if I had done nothing. I am not expecting to go into labor early(although I would love it)...but if I have progressed to Dr. Seeker's standards by my 39th week I can be induced then. That is the real reason I wanted to be dilated. We didn't really see much of Micah because he is so squished in there. Their estimation of his weight is 6lbs. 11oz. Dr. Seeker said by doing the math on how much he is supposed to gain by 40 weeks he should weigh 8lbs. 3oz. And I probably will have him before 40 weeks. Parker weighed 8lbs. 7oz. So...I know I can deliver an 8 pounder.
Derek and I were talking about how much we love Dr. Seeker and his doctor's office(nurses, etc.). He is just so nice and is like a dad! We are blessed to have him as my doctor. Now I am praying that he is the one who delivers Micah. I think he will be. I haven't had to do any rotations to other doctors.
Another update...we are moving this week!! Kimberly and Wade are moving also...actually as I am typing. We are hopefully moving on Sat. but no later than Sunday. I am so happy and SO ready to get this behind me.
Thats all folks! Long...detailed...but I am excited! My next doctors appointment is Monday. Maybe this move will make me dilate more!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Play date with Gray Gray

So, today Parker has a playdate with his cousin Gray Gray(Ashley's youngest son). Blake, Ashley's 2nd son has a minor surgery this morning. Tyler is at school, Sam is at Aunt Kimberly's house and Gray is here. Gray is only 5 weeks younger than Parker. They are just now getting to the age where they play together. However, they do not know how to share. They love to say the word "share!" but they do not like to share. Gray probably knows how to share better than Parker since he has three older brothers and doesn't have a choice. Parker is just learning. One reason why I am so happy he is about to get a brother. Gray might not want to share, but once I make them take turns he just moves on and gets another toy. Parker, however, pouts and pouts until it is his turn again. Ugh! Ha! Oh the joy of toddlers. Here are some pictures of their adventure this morning so far.

Growling through the stair rails. And laughing...and loving it.

So far where most of their time is spent. Thank goodness for the kids table! We LOVE it!

Gray with the phone that is having the be shared...it is on the floor right now and I am shocked it is not in one of their hands.

The toy that is now sitting on the counter because it caused too many problems. Yup...Derek's Aunt Kristy got this for Parker. It is a hit! But not an easy toy to share!

Parker fussing because he is not holding the phone. And Gray, happy as a lark, saying "cheeeeessseee!". Ha ha!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Things Forgotten

Hey! So, I meant to blog about this yesterday...but after blogging for FOREVER(it seemed like) it slipped my mind. Here it goes, I start going to the doctor for weekly checkups in a week. I will be 35 weeks pregnant on Saturday...so I am almost there!! Woo Hoo! I love feeling this baby so very much..but I am very ready for him to come out when it is time. I am just there...clothes don't fit anymore, I constantly feel a breeze at the bottom of my belly because I am HUGE, my face and arms are big, I am uncomfortable, and emotionally and physically more tired. Not to mention the "fun" things that come along with being pregnant that happens to your body(I will leave out details). On the postitive side...he moves tons now to the point it is like an alien is in my belly...and it is just sweet. The closer it gets the more Derek and I wonder what he will look like and dream of holding a sweet newborn again. And of having two precious little boys.
On a different note...we are moving by Jan. 20th at the latest. If the person who lives in the house now will move out earlier we can move in earlier. Which is what Derek and I want soooo bad!!!It would relieve stress off of us trying to hurry out of the place we live now. And it wouldn't be as close to my due date. The house we are renting is actually located on the same street as my sister's house. Not sure how she feels about that(ha ha..j/k) but we are so happy!! We LOVE this house. It is plenty big enough for us and guest AND we already know all the neighbors. God really blessed us and gave us favor with this house. And yes, it is official...we signed the lease. We are renting again...but we are completely at peace with that. We will be there for a year and half and then hopefully we will buy a house here.
As for the SquareCow Moovers...our business...it is doing GREAT! Right now should be slow season for moving companies. Well...December was their best month so far! They are about to move offices to have more space and hopefully purchase another truck soon. They are about to do two estimates for moves to San Diego, California...they have already moved people to/from Chicago, Colorado, Florida, N. Carolina, etc. God has been wonderful to SquareCow and given our business lots of favor. We are looking forward to 2009.

Alright...this has turned into 2008 update!! Hope you actually made it this far on reading. Ha!! Happy New Year!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The End...and farewell to Papa K, Mama Lynn, Aunt Lindsey, Papa, and Ms. Elaine

Did I mention that Papa(Derek's grandfather) has an amazing RV?? Well..it is awesome and he dared to take my whole family(including kids) to San Antonio in it to see the Christmas lights while riding a boat down the river walk. How sweet is he? Let's just say...VERY! Well, they just left today...and Parker is going to miss them so much. He loves when they are around! They are coming back in the RV in March so it won't be long before we get to see them again. And they will be able to meet Micah then too. We had so much fun all week and cannot express our thanks to them enough for all they do for us. Here are some pictures from the week.

Aunt Lindsey and Mama Lynn at dinner.

Here is how big the RV is. If you can see, Parker is in this picture...really small at the bottom of the picture. Yup! It is like the size of a house!!! It can sleep 8 people!!! Now, that is the way to travel.

Parker knocking on the window in the front of the RV.

Papa K., Mama Lynn, Parker, and Aunt Lindsey.

Papa K, Mama Lynn, Parker, Aunt Lindsey, Ms. Elaine, and Papa.

Christmas Part 4!!!!

Oh my...I know I have a lot of Christmas photos! Derek's family came into town on Sat. after Christmas. And boy was it like Santa Clause is coming to town...instead it was the Mills! Keep in mind...Parker is the ONLY grandchild, ONLY great grandchild. He is S-P-O-I-L-E-D!!!! We had planned on doing Christmas the night they got there, but unfortunately Parker got sick with a bad cough, runny nose, and a rash. We put him down early and Derek and I opened our gifts...which included money, good stocking stuffers, and a webcam(if any of you have a webcam let me know...we can chat!). We did Christmas for Parker the next morning and it was so fun because he had everyone's individual attention and lots of gifts. He would open up a gift and say "looook!" and then want to play with it. The problem is that he had fifty other gifts to open. Here are some pictures of the day.

Watch out! Here comes the Police!!! This is Parker's big gift from Papa K and Mama Lynn...he loves it! As of right now, he only can go backwards. It is so cute..it has sirens and a walky talky. We got to get out there and play with it more. But, he has been sick...so that hasn't been much of an option.

Here is Parker in his new Georgia Bulldogs football jersey from Aunt Paula and Uncle Glen. We love it!

Opening more presents from Papa. Check out his scarf!!! Ha ha!

This juice box was a hit and still is! You can use it after the apple juice is gone and Parker loves it. It is spill proof and when I say spill proof I mean it! I love it too!

This gift is actually one from my parents. I think this might be one of his favorites! He is so funny when he plays it. I even bought him picks(sp?) to go with it. My little musician.

Christmas Part 3

On Christmas morning my mom and dad went to each of our houses and delivered home made cinnamon rolls, choc. chip banana muffins, and hot choc. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them with Parker. We then all headed to my sister's house for Christmas lunch! Derek, my sweet husband, offered to make a low country boil for our meal. We had shrimp, corn, sausage, potatoes, FF, cole slaw, homemade tartar sauce and cocktail sauce. It was Y-U-M-M-Y!
Opening gifts was crazy! All the boys had so many gifts it wasn't even funny. We decided to count to three and they could all open one gift. Somehow converse over the chaos and figure out who gave who what. Then do it all over again. Kids were everywhere playing with everyone's toys...paper and bows were everywhere...but it was so fun!

I love this picture BECAUSE this was at the end of the night...we were all about to head home to put the kids to bed. To get them to cooperate I, for some reason, started singing "Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer". WOW! It was amazing! They all stopped what they were doing and just started to smile and sing. Along with all of us adults. And yes, we have it on video! Probably my favorite memory of the day. BTW, next year we will have two more added to this bunch.

How about those Alabama shirts? We couldn't find matching PJs that we loved this year...so we opted for this.

Please ignore my HUGENESS! But here we are...a family of three...but not really!

Parker having fun!

Crazy hair Gray Gray!

Christmas Part 2

Christmas Eve...not happy about me making him sit there for a picture. It was after his bedtime.

Parker and his love in front of the tree.

Parker's big gift from us was a kid's table and chairs. He loves the one his Aunt Ashley has so we figured it would be great use to us to get him one. His stocking with his stocking stuffers is sitting there too.

His new backpack. We have now gone from the diaper bag to this. When Micah comes I will have this and a diaper bag! At least Parker can carry it on his back some.

Notice the sucker in his hand. Yeah...at 7:30am he was eating his candy from his stocking. Needless to say...he didn't have any breakfast.

Just more gifts.

Christmas Part 1

The day before Christmas Eve Parker and I had a very boring day!! I was so looking forward to Christmas Eve to do something fun with Derek and Parker. Well, much to my dismay, Derek comes home that evening to let me know that someone had scheduled a move for Christmas Eve!!! I was NOT a happy camper! (BTW, they went over to the house and the person had NOT even packed!! SO on Christmas Eve not only did they have to move someone they also had to pack their stuff!! UGH! Good for the business but UGH for me!). I immediately called Kimberly, my sister-in-law, and we decided that we were going to have a fun day with the boys no matter if our husbands were there or not. Jax and Lawson had not gotten to see Santa yet so we headed to the mall early that morning to stand in line for Santa. Parker had seen Santa earlier and started shaking profusely when I attempted to put him in Santa's lap. I did not make him sit there because honestly, it is not that important to me to make my terrified child sit there just for a picture. Many of you would say differently...oh well. We also walked around the mall and treated ourselves to a pretzel from Aunt Annies. THEN we let Jax ride the train(Parker is too young to get the concept of sitting there...I tried!). It was fun and I am so thankful for Kimberly and the boys!

Sweet Lawson

Jax(in red) riding the train.

Jax and Lawson sitting in Santa's lap. Started off ok...then Lawson started crying...then Jax started crying. The whole line was laughing. It was funny...but sad at the same time. ha!

Parker's view of Santa...yup...he liked him from there.

Here is our tree!!! I just bought it this year a month before Christmas. It was half off at Lowes and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!


Here are some random photos of Parker I took a while back.

A really cold day in Austin...which doesn't happen often.

All bundled up!

So, Parker was eating his snack one day in his highchair and he starts to fuss. I look over there and this is what I see. He had pushed himself away from the table and got stuck leaning against the window. Good thing there was something behind him...if not he would have been on the floor. I laughed and busted out my camera!