Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Parker, Happy Birthday to Parker!!

Happy Birthday to Parker!! So, my sweet Parker turned 2 on Saturday. We didn't do anything special on Saturday except we did give him his gift from his Mama Lynn and K. Which was his first trampoline. It is so cute and he loves it! BTW, it is a great gift to buy your toddler BUT it is SO hard to put together. Derek and I had blisters on our hands after putting that thing together.
We had his party on Sunday night with the whole family plus Jason and Paige(two of his favorite people). Sadly, Parker got sick the weekend of his birthday. He is MUCH better today. But he wasn't in a great mood during his party. Although, his attitude completely changed when we started singing happy birthday to him. He loved it!! And loved his cake. I made ice cream cone cupcakes. They turned out so cute and so yummy! Everyone loved them. I used Paula Deen's recipe, which is different then following the directions on the cake batter box. So the cake was so moist. We had pizza for dinner and it was an easy party. Parker got lots of great gifts! He got his trampoline, basketball goal, scooter, drumsticks(that make sounds when you hit things with them), candy, clothes, bulldozer, tee ball stand and bat. It was a great party. I gave away bats and balls to each boy instead of a goody bag. Well, I started thinking how when there is a girl in the mix I will have to either give gender neutral goody bags OR just make sure I have a doll in the mix of all the bats. ha ha! Fun stuff! Enjoy the pictures. There are so many I cannot describe what each one is. Wade was the photographer and he took a picture of every person eating the cupcakes. I am talking adults and all. I was tempted to post all of them because they are so funny, but I have a feeling some people would be mad at me. So, I won't go there.
Happy Birthday Park! You are so wonderful and sweet. We love you so much!!! Life with you is so much better than it was before. God has truly blessed us with a precious gift...you! Love you sweet boy!

More of my cool cousins!

I know I blog about my nephews all the time, but we love our cousins around here. They are together all the time. And it is so fun seeing my boys have such wonderful cousins to play with. They will always be there for each other and it makes me smile!

This is how Gray and Parker(and Sam) ride Parker's police car. Check out the one shoe on Gray's foot. Parker has the other one on. Ha ha! They are Gray's shoes.

During potty training this is how Parker looks at our house all day. Shirt and undies...sometimes no undies. It is already hard keeping up with laundry much less washing undies AND shorts all the time due to accidents.

Jax, Lawson, and Aunt Kimberly came over for dinner the other night. Afterwards they all took a bath together. They had a blast!

Sweet Lawson...he is so happy all the time!

All three of the boys. I don't have a picture of Jax looking at me. He was into the toys.

"Undernare" and Micah's first haircut

So, we are at it again. Potty training! The first time around came to a halt due to my horrific nursing issues. We have been potty training for two weeks now. Parker is wearing undies all day(including naps) but he is in diapers at night. We tried diapers at night and he did great one night. The other nights he started waking up due to a wet bed and then he was EXHAUSTED during the day. I was advised to get him potty trained during the day and then I will tackle night time. I have no intentions of waiting very long. The minute I feel like he is doing great during daytime...I will put him in underwear at night. As soon as I can stop buying diapers(for Parker, at least), I will be happy. :)
Yup, that is right folks, Micah got his first haircut a couple of weeks ago. He is now 12 weeks old. So, he probably got it at 10 or 11 weeks. I can't remember. He wasn't a fan of the whole process but he looks like a little stud. Most cannot even tell, but I can. And I am happy. My mom cut it and it is perfect!

After the haircut and bath(yes, my boys have to get a bath after haircuts. Too much hair!)

Before haircut

Before...look at that big smile.

Whoa! Look at that rat tail!

Check out Park's new undies!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Papa K and Mama Lynn came to visit this weekend and it was so fun! Parker loved having both of them here to spoil him. He constantly said "Come on K!" or "Come on Mama Lynn!" When they visit we eat a lot and Parker gets on a sugar high. That is ok with us because it is a special time for him. Micah just did his normal routine. :) Derek and I will see all of The Mills side of the family at the end of May. We are going on a cruise with them without the boys. I will miss the boys a ton but I am not going to lie...I am SUPER excited about going on my first cruise and spending some time with Derek. Derek and I are flying into Orlando early and going to a park there(not sure which one yet) and then driving to where the cruise the docks.

Check out that sweet smile!! I cannot believe I didn't get any pictures of Parker with Mama Lynn and Papa K! Crazy!

Lovin on my cousin

The other day I kept Ashley's boys because she had a luncheon to go to for Free Chapel. Parker was about to go "night night"(nap) and he wanted to give Grayson "kisses". It was so sweet! Gray put his arm around Parker and gave him a kiss. I didn't get the first kiss on camera but I got them to do it again. Lovin on some cousins is always fun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DeAnna Niven...was lost....but now FOUND!!

So, if any of you live in B'ham you have heard about this the last couple of days. My cousin(mom's sister's daugther), DeAnna Niven, went to Walmart on Sunday evening and never came home. My aunt called my mom that evening and asked us to start praying. We did!! And so did SO many other people. This story was(and still is) all over the news. She is 16 years old...so young. Anyways...we just received good news at lunch today that the police have found Dee and she is safe! All I have to say is that our God is a good God!! As of right now, they haven't been able to see Dee yet, but they will be able to soon. I am so happy and I know that my aunt, uncle, and cousins are so happy too. Dee's older sister, Stephanie, is one of my best friends. She said that the family is "giddy"!
God is so good! And he does deliver the lost...in many ways! Thank you Jesus for what You did on the cross!

3rd Easter Egg Hunt!

This year we decided to have a family Easter Egg hunt at the park and then go eat at Saltlick BBQ for an early dinner instead of cooking right after church. It was a great idea and very relaxing!! The boys had a blast! Here are some pics from everything.
Oh yeah, this was our 3rd Easter Egg hunt this year! Whew! AND just to let you all know the Easter service at Free Chapel was AWESOME! We had lots of new people visit and everything was excellent. Props to the FC staff! I helped with FC Kids and it was soo good! We love our church!

Happy Easter!!!

So, these pictures are in the wrong order. The correct order is bottom to top. Sorry! Anyways, we gave the boys their Easter baskets on Saturday instead of Sunday this year. Derek has to be at Free Chapel at 6:45am on Sundays. There was NO chance of doing Easter baskets before that. Parker and Micah actually got their baskets at different times. The reason is because we are about to start potty training Parker(for good this time). My mom suggested that we should get Parker to tee tee in the potty in the mornings right when gets up the next few days before we officially start the training process. It took about an hour on Saturday for him to go. By the time he went, Micah was asleep. Just to let you all know, he has been going in the potty in the mornings right when he gets on it now. And his diapers have been so much dryer lately. I think we are getting close!!! I am proud of him!
Here are some pictures of the boys and their baskets. Those are not their real baskets...they are just fill ins for this year. Ha! I just purchased them both pottery barn baskets. Waited until after Easter for the sale.

Parker with his new drum sticks he got for Easter.

The only picture I have of us three on Easter...just an example of what our Sunday mornings are like without daddy at home.

Here is Parker taking his arm back.

Me trying to get Parker to put his arm around his brother. What am I thinking trying to take pictures of them all by myself?!

Micah and his sweetness AND crazy hair!

I forgot to update all of you on Micah's 2 month check up. Here it goes: He weighed 11 lbs. 13oz(50%), 22 1/2 inches(40%). At the same age Parker weighed 14 lbs. 2 oz. and 24 inches long. C-R-A-Z-Y! Micah is so much smaller than Parker was at that age!! Micah has a small face...so I thought he looked smaller than Parker did. But sheesh! I didn't know he was THAT much smaller! Ha!
Just this week we dropped the 10:00 feeding. He now eats around 7:30-8 and goes until 5:00-6:00am to eat again. Which is wonderful! He coos all the time and smiles SO big. I haven't been able to catch his BIG smiles on camera yet, but they are so cute!! He continues to roll over. He rolled over in his crib in the middle of the night the other night and started screaming. ha ha! He is trying so hard to get control of his arms and hands so he can grab things, but he isn't quite there yet. Today, actually, I put him on a 4 hour eating schedule during the day. And he has done great with it!
We are going on a cruise at the end of May. But we are leaving the boys with my parents. So, I have started feeding Micah half formula and half breast milk in a bottle about once or twice a week. That way I save up half the amount of breast milk in stead of ALL that he will need those 6 days. That would be a ALOT of pumping!! Anyways, he is doing great with naps and eating. He is one happy, easy baby and I am so in love with my boys!

Sweet boy with his big blue eyes!

Got a little bit of a smile there. :)

One night I slipped Micah in my mom's bed when she was out of the room to surprise her. He looked so tiny in that big bed. It was hilarious and my parents loved it!

Mommy and Micah

So, I have had to stop Mohawking Micah's hair because of this! It is TOO long!!! Seriously...he is about to get a hair cut.

First time in the bumbo.