Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Things that need to be done at my house

I am not good about doing a "Top Ten Tuesday" List every week. I do it when I get the urge. Today, I have the urge. :) Since I woke up this morning I have seen several things that I need to do in my house. Which drives me C-R-A-Z-Y! Because I want to get all of it done right then. However, I have 2 little ones pulling at me almost every minute of the day. Besides, right now...the ever so wonderful NAP time. That, my friends, is why I still have this list. Because during nap time I do not want to be doing a million things. I want to chill out, watch whatever show I want, take a nap if I choose, eat lunch, etc. However, the list still exists. Here goes.

1. Clean the guest bathroom-AKA my parents bathroom. Why should I clean my parents bathroom? Ha! Because my Mom is gone to B'ham and lets just face it...my Dad is not going to clean it. Thats ok...I like doing things for my Dad.
2. Organize, get rid of, tidy of playroom. Ok, so I already did this one. But, I did it this morning. It was on my list.
3. Wash, Dry, and Fold the HUGE mound of laundry on the chair(that has been sitting there for 2 days).
4. Sweep.
5. Mop. Due to the fact that my 2yo thinks he is an adult and needs to drink out of big boy cups. I do put lids on them, but he takes them off and spills his drink every where. Today I told him that he was going back to the sippy cups. Oh well...he is 2!!!! What was I thinking?!
6. Wash dishes that are in the sink. If my Mom was here these would have been done by 7:30 am. Darn you work! My mom needs to be here! ;)
7. Clean outside fridge. Really, it is in my garage. But I have leftovers in there that need to be thrown away. I dread doing this. Yuck!
8. Make a grocery list and buy groceries. This is usually done by today. Gonna have to wait until tomorrow.
9. Get my hubby(and a friend) to figure out how to switch our Dish Network to a different room. I REALLY do not want to pay someone to come and do this. It should be simple, right?
10. Wash all my cushion covers for the 2 chairs and couch in our den. But, why would I do that when they will be stained in no time after they are washed. Hmmm?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just Doing Life Together

Oh just enjoying his frosty. You know...needed to air out his bottom.

Parker has had a virus the last couple of days. So after his Dr's appt. I told him I would get him something sweet. Anyways, he didn't eat all of it that afternoon so I let him have the rest of it after dinner. My dad had already trying pulling his pants up once but Parker pulled them back down where you could see the top of his bottom. He has had an opinion about his clothes lately. Like "I don't wanna wear shirt" or "I don't wanna wear my underwear." lol. Please don't be surprised if you come over and my child has no pants on...just underwear. That is how it is here most of the time.

How cute is the bottom on this outfit?!

My mom's good friend bought Micah this and I love it. It is so soft and he looks so stinkin cute in it!

Having SO much fun playing in the water why brother takes a bath.

One day Parker was taking a bath at a random time and I was cleaning his room. I hear Micah crawl in there and he is laughing so hard. I finally decide to see whats up. Parker has the bath tub so full of water it is about to go over the top. Micah is standing there splashing in it with his hands...not caring one bit, actually liking it to splash everywhere. You know what I did? I laughed and walked out of the bathroom. I let them play. Even though it drives me bananas to have water on the bathroom floor and for my kids to get their clothes wet sometimes they just need to do it. For their sanity and mine. :)

Vacation Continued

The resort had an awesome pool, baby pool, lazy river with a beach/sand area, play ground, places to eat, a game room, and bikes to ride. Our room was so nice! I posted 4 pictures of it at the bottom. I wrote by all my pictures so not much to say up here.

Boys playing in the baby pool

Parker swimming. The water is actually not even 2 foot deep where he is at. It looks like he is swimming laps. ha!

Derek and Parker going around the lazy river. Parker loved the lazy river!

You can see the hotel in the back. That was just part of it. It was really nice!

Me and Micah hanging out on the beach/sand area. The water was REALLY cold in the lazy river. So, we opted to hang out and wait on them.

Micah eating some really good ice cream and lovin every bite.

Parker being sweet taking pics for his mommy.

Me, Micah and Parker

Derek, Micah and Parker

My sweet boys!

Mini Vacation Sept. 2009: San Antonio

Because just Derek and I took a cruise in May we wanted to take the boys somewhere for a mini vacation at the end of the summer. We decided to go to San Antonio. Our good friend works for Hyatt hotels. He offered us a great deal on staying at The Hyatt Resort. We also decided to hit up the San Antonio Zoo while we were there. Besides Micah not sleeping well at all the first night...we all had a great time. It was a much needed break for Derek. I am ready to visit the zoo again. This zoo has so many fun things to do for a kid. And it has a lot of shade. Here are pictures from the zoo.

This bird kept following Parker. It was so funny!

This picture is funny to me. We were trying to get Parker to be the butterfly so we got Derek to show him. lol. Parker didn't do it. I do, however, have a picture of him running away from it. :)

Parker loved the monkeys. I used to think monkeys were cute. Not so much anymore. I saw way more than I would have liked.

This is where Micah hung out most of the time. I did end up front packing him towards the end. He was so good the whole time.

On our way into the zoo. Parker was ready!

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Favorite Recipes from my Recipe Blog

Here are my Top Ten main dish recipes. I have a recipe blog and I am only going to list ones off of there because that way if you are interested in the recipe you can get it instead of me having to list the whole recipe. Go here if you want to make one.

1. Rattle Snake Pasta. Yum-O! And makes a lot!
2. Cheese Tortellini Beef Stew- Not a big beef stew fan, but this is not like beef stew.
3. Lazy Lasagna-Easy and so good.
4. Paula Deen Chicken Pasta. Anything Paula Deen is tasty(and fattening..ha).
5. Crock Pot Chicken Tacos
6. Taco Soup
7. Angel Hair Pasta
8. Chili
9. Chicken and Rice: I have 2 chicken and rice recipes on the recipe blog and both are really good.
10. Stuffed Chicken Croissants

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pictures to Come

Hey! I still haven't posted anything on our trip to San Antonio. Our mini vacation. BUT I will soon. Our computer got a horrible virus on it and we had to have a neighbor friend wipe out the whole computer. I still have to download Picasa to get my pictures on here. I will soon! My kids are being so funny these days! Today for the first time I saw Micah really think about doing something I told him "no" to. And he didn't do it! I don't have to tell Micah no too much. But, something he does DAILY is crawl right up to the Plug-In in the wall and pull it out. Then, he crawls away. I have no idea why he loves doing this, but he does. I have told him no several times, but he doesn't seem to care. Today though, I was right there. And kept telling him no. He finally crawled to me. I was so proud of him. I clapped and told him I was proud! He smiled so big! :)
Parker is a stinker. Today his daddy told him that he could have some more drink after lunch. BUT I had just told him no more because he already had plenty(he is potty trained...therefore I have to be careful about too much liquids). Parker heard me say no after his daddy said he could have some after lunch. He turned to his Dad and said "Daddy, I can have more after lunch, right?" Ahhhhh! He is only 2! And he already understands communication so well. A scary thing.

Ok, pictures to come. I promise!