Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Micah

So, yesterday I went for my 24 week sonogram. Technically, I was 24 weeks and 5 days. :) It is a very detailed sonogram where they look at EVERYTHING. His chambers of his heart, his brain, his bladder, etc. I even saw his tongue moving!! I don't remember this with Parker. He looked so sweet! His cheeks looked plump and he looked like he had full lips(Parker had full lips). They said he was perfect! I was a little concerned that he might be big because of some symptoms I have been having. Some things I am experiencing now I didn't experience until later in my pregnancy with Parker. Anyways, he is not big. He is in the 55 percentile which is exactly where he should be with weight. He weighed a little over 1 lb. So, thats about it. Parker is cutting a lot of teeth right now. He is gums look horrible and he is soooo sad lately. I feel so bad for him...but I am ready for him to get through this. Poor little guy! Here are some pics of Micah.

You will have to click on this to see it good. The top left picture is a picture of his foot...and I think his bottom. Ha! The one to the right of that one is him looking right at you. You can see his eyes. And his arm is over his head.
The two on the bottom are profile pics. Isn't he so handsome already?!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LOTs of Pictures!

Ok, so if you don't have some time...you might want to come back to my blog. Because I posted a TON of pictures. Sorry for the overload...I just had so much to post. We have been busy with seeing so many good friends in the last couple of weeks that I have not been able to post. So...here is what has been going on lately. Good luck getting through all of it. Ha!

This is a new outfit I got for Parker from Gymboree. I actually was able to get 4 outfits for him from Gymboree for half off. It was great deal and I am so excited! I love this outfit on him.

Last night we had dinner at Wade and Kimberly's house. We didn't bring PJs for Parker but we bathed him there. It was chilly outside so we put Parker in my sweatshirt to wear on the walk home. ha! He was frustrated when he got here because he got stuck. ha ha

The Davis Wedding

Like I said before, we just got back from a wedding in Atlanta, GA. This is the first time we have left Parker over night. I know some of you think that is crazy, but we are not big travelers. So, there has never been a reason to leave him overnight until now. I just kept telling myself that he was much happier here with Aunt Ashley, Uncle Jeremy, and his cousins. And I truely think he was. Our weekend was not kid friendly at all. I have lots of pictures below...so this will be short. We stayed up WAY too late both nights...but had a blast! Got lots of friend time in and it was wonderful. I will have to say though, on the way back to B'ham I told Derek that although I had so much fun, I would not trade where I am now for anything. Not even for college days. Those days were so fun and we have great friends from those times. But we love where we are now. We love, love, love having a little boy and cannot wait to have another one. God is so wonderful and has blessed us so much!

Two of Derek's best friends and roomates in college. Jake, Derek, and Jonny.

Me and Derek at the reception.

Jonny and Chiara. Matt and Allyson. Adam and Shawn. Chris Camp. Turp and Monica.

All of Chi and the new bride.

Chi singing.

Sarah and Jake

Derek and Chris(the groom)

Jeremiah Strong. My best friend whom I have known since I was 4, little boy. So CUTE!

Lisa and Adam. Lisa is sad because Adam is not her husband. John was nowhere to be found. :(

Lindsey and Jonas...soon to be married!

Shawn and Adam.

Ashley and Cole Strong.

Erica and Shawn.

Sweet home Alabama

This past weekend Derek and I flew to Birmingham, then headed to Atlanta, GA for a wedding. Derek was in one of our good friend's, Chris Davis, wedding. We flew into Birmingham at 9:00pm and still managed to hit up one of our favorite resturaunts. THEN we spent the next morning with my parents and had lunch at another one of our favorite places to eat in B'ham. We went to Atlanta that day(next post will be those pictures). We came back early Sunday morning and headed straight to Church of the Highlands and saw lots of our good friends there. We were also able to visit with our good friends, Jessica and Jordan Huffstetler, right before we flew back to Austin. They just had their first baby girl, Evelyn, in August and I couldn't wait to meet her. She is PRECIOUS and so beautiful! These are pictures from being in B'ham.

Sweet Smile

Derek had her smiling SO big! Jessica even busted out the video camera because she was smiling so big.

Hilarious! I love that face and her sweet little bloomers.

Jessica, Jordan, and Evelyn. Good looking family!

Derek and Evelyn

Jessica, Me, and Evelyn. In case you were wondering...I look exhausted because I was exhausted. :)

Oh! I LOVE this picture...not because of me, because my mom looks AMAZING...doesn't she?! I love her hair! It came back curly and I think she should keep it short. She looks so great, it makes me so jealous!! Ha ha!

Lovin is in the Air

Parker is so sweet these days. He will just love on Derek and I all the time.

Kisses for Mama

Kisses for Daddy(gotta love the open mouth kisses!!)

This is how Derek feeds him breakfast, lunch, or dinner when I am not in charge. On the floor with a towel. I am so not surprised!!

Sweet Boy!

Pumpkin Patch at Canyon Creek

A church put on a miniature pumpkin patch here. It was $3 to get in and there was a petting zoo, hayride, bounce houses, games, snacks, face painting, and pumpkins. It wasn't huge...but PERFECT for a 1 year old. I met up with some friends there and it was so fun. Parker was a little hard...because he is everywhere and I was by myself(without Derek)...but it was worth every penny! I am having to hem all of Parker's clothes these days. So, I tried hemming this outfit. I didn't do it right, so I am going to attempt it again before Thanksgiving. Oh well...it looked so cute anyways!

A great visit from "Babby"

One of my closest friends, Abby, visited us a couple of weeks ago. It was so fun! What I loved about her being here is that we are so comfortable with her. She is so easy and go with the flow. She also knows my whole fam. She interned under Jeremy in West Palm Beach and she grew up knowing Kimberly because they are from the same town. Anyways, Derek stayed with Parker two nights: one while we went to the Oasis and the other while we went to the mall. Then, Aunt Kimberly kept Parker for me, Derek, and Abby to go to the Hula Hut and then to get a yummy cupcake from "Hey Cupcake". It was so fun and we miss her! Parker loved her being here also. She is great with kids because she has two nephews and a niece. Nothing phases her!! Ha! That is a good thing. :) Here are some pictures from our fun times together. We love you Abs!!!

Parker and Babby(that is what Parker calls her). She also got a souvenire while she was here. A SquareCow Moovers shirt...the LAST small that we had.

Abby and I at "Hey Cupcake". Yum!!!

Derek and I at Hula Hut. It was so fun having Derek with us.

Abby loving on Micah...already.

Inside Joke...that we aren't quite sure what it is about. Something we did our freshman year of college that made us laugh sooo hard...BUT we can't remember what it means. Hm?

Silly face...Abby's idea. Ha

All three of us have been friends since our freshman year. Oh the memories! Little story...Abby took Derek to Sadie Hawkins our freshman year. I took Jake(Derek's roomate and best friend). We went as a double date. Weird huh? I am married to Derek and Jake is married also. Ha ha ha!

Just me and Abs.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My "new" toys...well maybe they aren't REAL toys

So, I haven't blogged in FOREVER! Whew! We have been busy and honestly, I just charged my batteries to my camera. Parker is doing the funniest things right now. He just got over an ear infection(thank the LORD he is over it!) which was so sad and exhausting! He has been an angel the last couple of days. He talks all the time. Today he said "No touch!" which is a great sign that he is starting to say phrases. He knows animal noises(well the ones I have taught him). He has started to love to climb. The thing with that is that Parker isn't as tall as some of his fellow friends(well..Gray...his cousin). So he is just now getting to the point of being able to climb things. I am honestly glad that it is just now hitting. He is getting so much more independent. He says "amen" every time we pray or even mention Jesus. We took him to the doctor because of his ear infection and he weighed 27lbs. I think.
Well..right now Derek and I are looking for a house...we JUST started the search. Hoping(well HAVING TO) be in a house by the time I have Micah. It is fun, yet draining in a way. I have to go! My good friend Abby is coming into town to visit for a week. I am so excited!! I gotta go pick her up! Hope you love my beautiful little boy's pictures. He is just precious and so handsome, don't ya think? I get a 45 minute ultrasound at my next doctor's appointment. Just something routine that they do. So, I should have some pics of Micah. Yay! Seeee ya!

Parker in his FAVORITE spot...notice the collander turned upside down by the chair. Yup! His legs aren't quite long enough yet to climb onto the chair without something. So, he will use pots. Ha ha! Smart kiddo! Oh...he sits on the chair and clicks the mouse to the computer. :)

Playing with toy #2 that is not a toy...the vacuum.

Playing with toy #3 that is not a toy. Standing on the baby gates that are about to go downstairs in the garage. I am so proud! We have two sets of stairs in our townhouse that both have about 15 steps(I know because I count while Parker goes down or up the stairs). And now...he won't go down them if we tell him not to and he knows how to get up and down if he needs to. He is getting so big! OH YEAH...can't forget about the dog he has in his hands. Mama Rose(Derek's grandmother) bought him this dog and he LOVES it. He sleeps with it and carries it around the house saying "dog".."ruff ruff".

This was Parker's escape hiding place from me today. We had the couch pulled out from the wall a little bit because Parker was looking out that window one day. Anyways...today after I told him no a few times and he didn't listen I was coming towards him and he ran in that little crack behind the couch to escape me!! I was laughing so hard. Probably not the smartest thing while getting on to him.

Toy #4 that is not a toy. The tangled up cords that goes to lots of things that he gets out. Oh my! He drags them around with the MP3 player dragging behind him.

Waving...so sweet..

After a bath holding his love looking at the window.

Toy #5 that is not a toy. The camera case.