Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No More Diapers for Parker Man

Yup...that is right! Parker is officially out of diapers!! I started potty training Parker two weeks before his 2nd birthday. Since then he has not been in diapers during the day, even during naps. But, a week ago we officially stopped diapers at night too. We didn't want to wait too long to transition him out of diapers at night because once you get used to it, it could be a year before you take the plunge. Anyways, he has done great. We are still trying to figure out the swing of things. For instance, I wake him up at night and take him potty before we go to bed. And he still wakes up some in the middle of the night to go potty. But hey...that is OK...I am NOT buying diapers!! I haven't bought a diaper for Parker since I started the whole potty training deal. Feels good, ya know, since I am still buying diapers for Micah. :) Parker still has accidents, and yes, sometimes it is frustrating. But, that's ok. I am very proud of him and feel like he is so smart and doing so good with it. Good job buddy!!

I have pictures to post, but will post them later.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daddy and Micah Time

Micah takes a bottle wonderfully. I love that because Parker did not. And he will take a formula bottle which is even better. I nurse him almost all the time. But there are some days where taking a formula bottle is just easier if I am out and about.
I don't remember when this picture was taken. I think it is when I ran to the mall real quick one night. I don't know, but Derek is so sweet to keep the boys for me to do things like run an errand or go to small group every Wednesday night. This night I walked in and Micah was stretched out over Derek so very relaxed drinking his bottle. His eyes were half open...but Derek said before I got home Micah was looking right at him while he was eating. So sweet! And great bonding time for Micah and Daddy. Micah is so easy and I am so blessed!! I have two very easy babies. God is so great!!

Sweet Harley Jane

Well, folks, the streak(sp?) is over! We FINALLY have a sweet baby GIRL in our family. After 8 boys in row(all 8 and under) sweet Harley Jane Lombard made her grand arrival on June 16th, 2009. Kimberly went into labor very unexpectedly three weeks early(and 2 days before Wade was about to head out of town!!) on Monday evening around 10ish. My mom was out of town and my dad had to keep Jax and Lawson so Ash and I headed to the hospital immediately. We came bearing almost $20 worth of junk food(Wades faves) and hung out in the hospital room until 5am. No sleep...we played UNO and laughed until we cried. It was fun and very memorable. Kinda like we were kids again(minus the big fights btwn Wade and I..ha). Harley was a surprise...Wade and Kimberly did not find out what she was having until Harley entered the world. And it was so fun for Ashley and I!! Wade came out with the video camera and told us "No need for Ryder(the name they picked for a boy) because Harley is here!!"...as we jumped up and down and screamed as quietly as we could(respecting the other patients in the hospital).
It is amazing! Harley looks like a girl and cries like a girl!! We are in awe, it is still not real to me that we finally have a girl to hold, buy for, talk to(eventually), and hang out with!!! :) Yayyyyy!!! Here are some pictures of her. She is perfect in every way!

Harley at my house this morning.

Micah and Harley. You can't tell but Harley is TINY! Micah and Harley are only 4 1/2 months apart. They will be good buddies.

Wade and Harley...I think he was still in shock at this point. He thought for sure it was a boy! SO happy it is a girl!

Aunt Lindsey and Harley

Monday, June 15, 2009

Matching PJs

This is the first time I put the boys in matching clothes/pjs. Micah is so little that I don't have anything matching for the boys right now. Plus, he has SO many clothes because Ashley gave me all of Gray's old clothes and Kimberly has even let me borrow a few things. I have three containers overflowing with clothes for Micah. I bought these pjs for the boys before Micah was born. They are a tad too big for both boys, but I love them anyways! So cute! The other day I bought the boys 3 pairs of shorts each, a bathing suit, and 2 shirts all matching for next summer. Next summer will be a great time for them to match since they will be almost 1 1/2 and 3. There is only a small amount of time when I can get them to match. Next summer will be the time. :)
Micah has been sitting in his exersaucer for about a month now. He enjoys it so much! If he is bored with the toys, he watches Parker. He loves it when Parker plays with the toys on the exersaucer. It entertains Micah. Isn't it great that both of my kids enjoy the baby toys?! :) Micah has also started "talking" SO LOUD! Today, I was on the phone with my friend Jessica and Micah was so loud I couldn't hardly hear her. Oh my!

Ok, so he was over the photo shoot and he was telling me about it.

Happy boys

Parker's hair is getting so blonde now.

Micah in his exersaucer for the first time. We have backwards in it for support.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Whats Wrong Micah?" -Parker

I have not blogged in FOREVER! Well, the boys are doing wonderful! Parker is so chatty and talks all the time. He is saying sentences now and surprises us everyday with more new words and phrases. He is soaking in everything right now. He makes us laugh several times a day. Here are some examples:

Micah: "Waaaahhh!"
Me: "Parker will you go talk to Micah so he will quit crying while I make your breakfast?"
Parker: "Ok!" a few seconds later... "Whats wrong Micah?! Whats wrong Micah?!"
Micah: Silent, happy...in awe of his brother. :)

(In the car)
Micah: "Waaahhh!"
Parker: "Micah Mooo...Micah Moo...Micah Moo....!" That is what I say when I am trying to calm Micah down.

Funny story about Parker's cousin Jax.

I took Parker to the potty to go tee tee. At Jax's house he likes to stand up because there is a stool there for Jax by the potty. But, I would rather him sit down because it takes WAY less time and concentration for him. Oh well...he will not have it there. He HAS to stand up. Jax always likes to join us in this process. Jax is almost 3.

Me: "Go tee tee Parker."
Parker: "Ok"
Jax: "Just go in that hole. That hole right there! I will let you play with my drumsticks if you go tee tee!"

Micah is as sweet as ever! He is now eating cereal, which he loves! He started a few weeks ago. He is now 4 1/2 months old. He can sit up by himself as long as I position his hands on the ground to hold himself up. He doesn't last too long...but I am proud of him. He has started waking up in the mornings "talking". It is so sweet! He LOVES watching Parker. I think he is teething because he is knawing on everything. He still takes 3 two hour naps a day and sleeps 11-12 hours at night. He is wearing 3-6 months clothes. He is such a good baby. We are so blessed!
Derek is busy busy with work. Today, SquareCow had to rent three trucks on top of using their other ones because they have so much work. Praise the Lord. There is definitely growing pains that accompanies it, but we welcome them!! I take the boys to the pool almost every afternoon from 4-6. We are members of an awesome pool here that is very kid friendly. Parker loves it! Our church(Free Chapel Austin) is doing great too. We just started summer small groups and there are several(compared to last go around). Jeremy is currently praying for a possible location change...which could be good. I know this is long! I don't have many new pictures of the boys.

Big Boy sitting up.

Happy with chocolate all over his face.

Cruise 2009

Derek's sweet, wonderful grandparents(Papa and Mama Rose) took the whole family on a cruise at the end of May. We didn't take the boys so it was like another honey moon for us. Derek and I flew into Orlando 2 days before the cruise left so we could have some time alone there. We went to Blizzard Beach water park, Downtown Disney, and ate at some good places. The cruise was great! I loved spending time with Derek's family. The only bad part of the cruise is that I got sea sick. Yuck! It came in waves(almost like being pregnant, ha!). I didn't really feel great the whole time. Next time I am FOR SURE wearing a patch for it or something. So here are lots of pictures from our great vacation. Thanks to Mama Rose and Papa for the cruise. And Keith and Lynn for everything else!! :)

Mrs. Punk and Aunt Grace. This is Derek's uncle Glen's mom and aunt. Mrs. Punk is 79 years old and Aunt Grace is 89!!! Can you believe that?! They were such troopers!! They are so cute and stylish! Ha!

Keith and Lynn. Derek's parents.

Our table in the dining room. But, the whole group took up 2 big tables and 2 small tables. We had a BIG group! It made it fun.

This is the elevator in the cruise ship. I still can't get over how big that ship is! Crazy!

Carnival Sensation. The yellow and black thing on top is a water slide. It is enclosed but it goes off the side of the ship a little bit...sccaaarrryyy!

This was my favorite part of the cruise(besides Kareoke...hilarious). I loved having breakfast in the dining room in the mornings and all you can see is ocean out of your window. So nice and relaxing. I feel like these are honeymoon pictures since Derek is the only one in this picture. Ha ha!