Our Crew

Our Crew

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Life we Live

Here are some pictures of our every day life.

I bought Ann Marie's first head band bows today. They are so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture of her. Love it!

Ann Marie wearing her first dress. This was right before church on Sunday. She looked so cute!!!

Brother and Sister.

Daddy and all his beautiful kiddos.

Daddy and his boys(Parker was refusing to keep his eyes open...this was right after they all woke up from naps).


Derek's parents came into town last weekend. We enjoyed having them here so much! Especially when BOTH of my boys got sick! I am sure they did not love being here during that but they were a HUGE help. I had one little boy with a double ear infection and one with a stomach virus that lasted for a good 5 days. It was awful! Before the stomach bug hit Parker we went to the San Antonio Zoo. Papa K and Mama Lynn bought us a membership there for Christmas. It was great! The weather was wonderful and the kids loved it. Especially the train. Here are some pics:

Happy 2nd Birthday to my BABY boy!!!

I love to call Micah my "baby" boy. Because as of now, he is my baby boy. We want one more baby...and if it is a boy then obviously Micah won't be my baby boy. But if it is a girl...he will always be my baby boy. Right now, that is special to me. Every one of my kids has something special as to where they fall in birth order. Parker is my first born, Micah is my baby boy, and Ann Marie is my baby girl. :)
Micah turned 2 on January 30th. That actual day Derek took him and just him to get donuts. We stole this idea from my brother and sister in law. And I think my kids will always love this. On their actual birthday their daddy takes them to get donuts all by themselves. It was hard for Parker to deal with not being able to go. But come April, it is his turn. And we explained that, over and over and over again. ha.
Micah is hilarious. He talks in sentences. It isn't completely clear, but we know what he is saying. He is active. He is obeying pretty good(most days..ha). He is so whitty. He seems to be really good at sports(throwing, catching, hitting, kicking a ball). He loves to ride on fast toys. He is a lot less cautious than his brother. He can be loud but he isn't loud all of the time. He is so sweet!!!! He loves his baby sister and is so gentle with her! He always wants to get what his big brother gets. He loves Parker and to be around him and play with him. He doesn't care to watch a lot of tv. If he does like tv it is only the parts with music(for which he asks to re watch that part a million times!) or Toy Story. He knows where his eyes, ears, hair, nose, teeth, mouth, head, feet, hands, arms, fingers, elbows, belly, and toes are. He is a happy boy and he brings so much joy to our lives!!! We love you sweet Micah Moo!

Oh yeah, we had a Toy Story 3 and PJ party. All his cousins wore their pjs. We had Toy Story playing on both TVs. We had popcorn, skittles, and reeses pieces. And we also had a yummy cake!!

Micah(at the end of the table) and all his cousins at his Toy Story 3 party.

Ann Marie was about 2 or 3 weeks old at the party.

Big Brother, Parker(will be 4yo in April), and Micah.

He had very chapped cheeks at his party. :( He was still super cute!

This was on his actual birthday. He is saying "I'm one". He will NOT say he is two. so funny!

No worries, that is not coffee. His Dad poured chocolate milk in a coffee cup. My boys love drinking out of "adult" cups.

He got to open one gift from us on his actual birthday. It is a chatty elmo. He hardly plays with it. We thought he would love it. Oh well...you win some, you lose some. ha ha.

Blogger Party Pooper

Hello! So, I have been the worst blogger EVER!!! SO sorry!! Now I have so much to post I feel slightly overwhelmed. But, here it goes.
Ann Marie will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. She is so good!! Thank goodness, considering we moved and she had two sick siblings within the last 7 weeks. It has been crazy! Things have calmed down and we are very happy about that. I took AM to the Dr. when she was about 3 weeks old and she weighed 8lbs 3oz. She will go for her two month check up next week. I will let you know how much she weighs. She has only been waking up once at night since she was six days old. But the last two nights she has slept all night!! Yay!! From around 10ish to 6. I think she is actually losing some of her hair, which never happened with my boys. I still can put clip bows in her hair but today I bought her some headband bows and they are so cute! She has started smiling at us here and there. It is just precious. Her brothers still love her very much. Alright...here are lots and lots and lots of pictures!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Ann Marie and Daddy snoozing.

Parker took this picture. He wanted to. :) Ann Marie and Mommy.

Attempting to get a picture of all three. :)

Oh, I could kiss those squishy cheeks all day long!

I had NO idea my dad hadn't held Ann Marie in the hospital. They came over for dinner a few days after she was born and my Dad walks in with a hospital mask. He said he had a cough and didn't want to risk her getting it, BUT he wanted to hold her. It was so funny! My boys loved it!! It was so funny.

Of course after Papa held her, Parker had to hold her.

If you come over and Ann Marie is not in her crib this is what you will see. Micah absolutely LOVES his baby sister. He is so sweet to her. He rubs her head and says in a really high pitch voice "Hey Baby! Hey!!!". If she is asleep, he says "er's baby?" (where's baby?). He can say her name but he calls her baby. I love their relationship already. Oh, and if she is crying Micah is the first and last to let me know. He won't leave it alone until I do something about it...or he will.

About to leave for her first dr. appt. at 3 days old.