Our Crew

Our Crew

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What I did Thanksgiving Morning

I painted my toenails, waxed my eyebrows, took a shower, and ironed LOTS of clothes. I washed all of Ann Marie's clothes a couple of weeks ago but waited until Thanksgiving morning to iron all her smocked dresses. I also ironed some other things. I just love all her smocked stuff. I am sure I don't have nearly what most of you have who live in the South. But, considering I live somewhere where I never see smocked clothing on children, I think she has a good amount. And I plan to get more some day. It makes me SO excited to see her in these dresses. I can't wait!
I have been feeling the need to get more ready for her. Her nursery is done, clothes washed and put away. I even have her stuff to take to the hospital laying in her baby bed. All I have left to get her is pacis, diapers, wipes, and ruffle socks :). I have more ribbon to make some bows for her but haven't gotten around to it. The one other thing I have left to do is wash the fabric off of her swing, bouncy seat, carseat, boppy. I was going to wait on that but with the way I am feeling I think we might go ahead and get it out of the attic and wash it. Then put it in her room until she is ready to come out. Makes me excited just thinking about it!!

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was so relaxing this year. We were home all morning. I got my cooking done the night before so I had time to do a lot of things I had been wanting to do done. My husband is in charge of frying the turkey so him and the boys played on the back porch while monitoring the turkey. We then headed to my brother's house and had a REALLY yummy Thanksgiving lunch, played a few games, then came home for naps. That night I took Parker to see the movie Tangled w/my sister, brother in law, and their boys. He laughed and laughed. Cute movie. I hope all of you had wonderful a Thanksgiving!!

Parker and Micah in front of our tree. Love this picture.

Outside frying the turkey. The temperature was 72 degrees that morning. In about an hour the wind blew and it dropped to 50 degrees! It was crazy and FREEZING! Been cold since then. Brrr.

Parker just being sweet

Micah in my room. Sorry, he has food on his face. Seriously thought I would never let my child walk around(even my house) w/food on his face. Ummm...the more kids I have and the more pregnant I am the less motivated I am to wipe his face constantly. But I really can't stand it being on there.

This is how he sleeps...

This doesn't happen now. But for several weeks I would check on Micah after I layed him down for his nap and I would find him on the floor halfway under his bed totally asleep. I always had to move him to his bed. It always put a smile on my face seeing him like this. I don't know why. It is just so cute.

Halloween Neighborhood Party 2010

For reasons I would rather not go into at this moment we do not celebrate Halloween. But, this year my sister and brother in law(who live 5 houses from us) decided to be Missional. They decided to have a block party up our street and hand out hot dogs, chips, drinks, & candy to anyone who came by. And we helped. This was e-mailed out to our whole neighborhood. We had a blast and met new people. The kids still dressed up but played the whole night together. I would love to do something like this every year. It is like reversing the whole purpose of Halloween and I love it! :)

Micah, the chicken.

Parker and his 2 best buds...his cousin Gray, and our neighbor Grace. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Parker and Gray are so cute...but how cute and smiley is Grace?? Ahhh I could eat her up!

Free Chapel She-Treat 2010

In October we had our first ever She-Treat at Free Chapel. AKA Women's Retreat. It was wonderful! We went to San Antonio and stayed at The Hyatt on the river walk. Our good friend, who works with the Hyatt, spoiled us like crazy with a HUGE suite that had a living area plus 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It also had a beautiful view. We arrive on Friday evening and left on Saturday. My Mom came in on Saturday and spoke to all of us. I know she is my Mom but she is a GREAT speaker! Seriously...if you ever need a spiritual woman speaker for anything my Mom would blow you away. We were laughing and crying as she spoke. We left challenged and inspired. I would say the first She-Treat was a SUCCESS! :) I only have 3 pictures(one that is blurry) from this. So here are two.

Here is most of the group at The Hyatt. (We were missing 3 girls)

My good friend, Kat, is probably going to hurt me for putting this picture up. But, this is my oh SO pregnant friend, Kat. Can't you tell?? She swears she is going to gain 75lbs. during this(her first) pregnancy. Ha ha! She is tiny! I will say that she has gained 15lbs. in her first half of the pregnancy. She is proud of herself for that. I wish I could be so tiny that when I am pregnant I was PROUD to gain weight. Darn you skinny people! Love you Kat!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

32 weeks & 1 day preggo and not feeling so well...

The sweet baby girl is causing me to not feel so well lately. :( It all started last Thursday when I was really low on energy for about three days straight. Finally, on Monday I decided to go to the Dr. Mainly because that morning I could not walk 10 ft. w/out having braxton hicks contractions. I know that braxton hicks contractions are fine...I have had them with both of my other pregnancies. However, having them back to back to back made me feel like something was up. Well, nothing is up...except the fact that Ann Marie is practically weighing down on my cervix(and bladder..."Squishing" it is what the Nurse Practioner said) and I have to kick my feet up and relax. She said AM is a happy baby in there...which is great. However, ever since Monday I have had braxton hicks contractions constantly, been crampy, and feel like I just can't do much. It is frustrating. If I even get up and start to clean the kitchen(I am not talking about hands and knees scrubbing of the floors...just washing/putting away dishes) my belly becomes hard as a rock and I start having random pains. I know the difference between real contractions and other pains...I am not having real contractions. However...I do agree with the Nurse Practioner that if I keep doing too much I could put myself into labor. I was almost in tears this morning because A)I am trying to eat healthy and all I wanted was something bad for me B)My floors need to be mopped C)AM smocked dresses need to be ironed D)Just because. I had to leave my house. Ugh! I have never felt this way during a pregnancy. I have always had great pregnancies so this is all new to me.
Don't get me wrong. I know this could be WAY worse. I am SO thankful I am not on bed rest or in labor. But lets all pray this goes away. Because if not, I am not sure how much longer AM will stay in. Thanks!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey! So Parker has been saying the funniest things lately. I am amazed how much he is learning and soaking in daily. He is such a good boy and has such a sweet spirit about him. He is well mannered and is good about following directions(most of the time). Anyways...here are some of his funny sayings lately.

P: "When I'm adult I am going to be a chef and cook recipes!!"

P: "When I'm adult I am going to be a rockstar!" Me: "I thought you were going to be a chef?" P: "I can be a chef and a rockstar!!!"

P: "Mom! I want to go to the denisk(denist)!"

P(in church this morning telling my good friend who is the teacher for preschool): "I don't have any animals." Teacher: "I have 2 dogs. Does anyone have any dogs/cats?" P: "I don't have any animals, can someone PLEASE buy me an animal?!"

We were painting Parker's bed, so he slept on his mattress which was on the floor for several days. This is his reaction when he saw just the mattresses on the floor.
P: Ran outside to where we(my Mom actually ha ha) were painting. "MOM! You have GOT to come see this!" Me: "What?" P: "MOM! Come in my room! My bed is SO TINY!! It is SO TINY!!!"

This boy is cracking us up daily along with his little brother. Both of them are at really fun ages. In Power of Praying Parent one chapter talks about praying that God would reveal to Derek and I, as the parents, what gifts and talents He has given our children. And then pray that we would do whatever we need to do to encourage those and help our children develop those even more. I really believe this is a time where you can see snip its of what your children's gifts and talents are. I pray we can help our kids in these areas to the best of our ability. We KNOW our kids are smart and gifted and talented. And that God is giving them so much favor! I am so thankful for God in our lives and theirs!

One more little story. Derek has started reading the prayer out of Power of a Praying Parent at night to the boys before bed. I don't put the boys to do bed so last night was the first time I have seen this happen. Derek sat down on the edge of P's bed and said "ok boys, it is time to pray." He had the book in his hand. Then one by one both boys got off the bed and got their own book. They sat by their Dad on the bed and pretended to be reading their book too. It was SO cute! Hopefully I can catch this on video and snap a picture of it. It is priceless! And the best part is that it is about God and praying...not just some random story.