Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day and Micah's dedication May 10th, 2009

On Mother's Day my sweet little Micah was dedicated to the Lord at our church Free Chapel Austin. I honestly wish I could say that I remember every word our pastor(my brother in law, Jeremy Self) said, but I DON'T! BECAUSE let me just tell you, it is different when you are holding a 2yo on stage...trying your best to get him to not say anything or try to get down. Here is what Parker said to me the whole time, "I wanna get down. Guitar, drums, guitar. I wanna get down." Wow! I am seriously considering the next time we dedicate a baby only having me, Derek, and that baby on stage. The other kiddos can be in their class/nursery. I think they will be happier and so will we.
Either way, it so refreshing knowing that Micah is not in our hands. He is in the hands of our heavenly Father who can do a much better job on protecting him, caring for him, meeting his needs, and loving on him than Derek and I could ever do. Thank you Lord for sending Your son to die for my boys and us!!
Mother's Day was a little stressful at first. Derek has to be at the church around 7. So, it is up to me to get the boys dress, fed, and at church on time. It is always a little chaotic on Sunday mornings around here. And my house is always left in a mess. I also have to load up the boys by myself(well, my good friend Paige ALWAYS helps me...which is SO wonderful!) and get them home undressed and ready to eat and for nap time. That's ok though...we do it because we want to help Free Chapel and it is our ministry. Derek and I cleaned house when the boys were napping(Derek tried to get me to nap while he cleaned, but I wanted to clean), then we headed to eat at The Oasis for dinner with my whole family. The Oasis is on the lake and has a gorgeous view. We then headed to Shakes for dessert, which was wonderful. I LOVE LOVE being a mom, but I have to say that my favorite part of the day was when the boys were bathed and in their beds. And Derek gave me my gift. He gave me money(well thought out gift because he knows what I need it for) and two VERY meaningful and sweet cards(one from him and one from the boys). All in all it was a good day. But, I think Mother's Day should be once a week. Ha ha!! Because it is DEFINITELY a 24/7 job. And having appreciation once a year doesn't cut it. ;) Just kidding!!!

LOVE that smile. He always opens his mouth so big to smile at me.

My nephews Lawson and Tyler

Parker wore this same outfit at his dedication. It has airplanes on the collar. So sweet!

Happy Mother's Day to me!! My two favorite little boys in the WHOLE WORLD!

Playing together FOREVER

Micah has started to look at Parker and watch what he is doing(Especially while he is nursing...which drives me bonkers bc it makes the process way longer). Today he was just looking right at Parker and smiling so big! SO SWEET! Here are some pictures of them playing together. Parker, also, loves to think Micah will play with him. He says "Micah, hold this!", "Micah! Want it!?".
In one of these pictures I was trying to get Micah's attention. I was snapping my fingers and whistling. Parker was cracking me up because he started to do the same thing. Well, almost...he rubbed his fingers together to try to snap and he tried whistling...all while yelling "MICAH!".

Parker giving Micah all his toys. Can't you tell, look at that pile of random toys in front of Micah.

See that brush in Parker's hand? Yeah...Parker was brushing Micah's hair...Micah didn't care for it too much. Here is interesting info. for you. I have never been able to use those baby brushes. My boys hair is too think from the beginning. I have to use a comb OR buy a real brush for them. Crazy huh?!

Congrats Kenny and Kat!

Last week some of our good friends got engaged!! We are so happy for them. Kat is an intern at Free Chapel. She is from Canada and will be leaving Austin to head back to Canada in 3 weeks!!! She has been here since last summer and we are all so sad. She met her fiance on a blind date here in Austin. How cool is that? Anyways...I was able to host a small engagement party at my house the night of the proposal. So that everyone could come over and congratulate them before they headed out of town the next day. Anyways, her ring is GORGEOUS and it was so fun to be apart of their special moment that they will never forget. Here are some pictures.

Kenny and Kat

Uh Oh

Micah was fussing one day while sitting in the bouncy seat watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I was doing something with Parker. I finally went to him(by this time he wasn't fussing anymore). Well, he was on the ground. Ha! I never buckle him in the bouncy seat(now I do)...apparently he got to kicking away and kicked himself right out of the bouncy seat. And his little gown was all up...you know he had to be cold on the hardwood floor. So funny!

Just watching TV. I guess he figured he would go ahead and watch tv again until someone came to get him.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, today, I had a first. As you all know, we are potty training Parker. The last couple of days he has had a major turn around! He has started telling me "I wanna go tee tee"! Yayyyy!! Not every time because I take him a lot(just in case). AND he has started going tee tee ALMOST every time I take him. And when he doesn't have to go, he says "I don't wanna tee tee". And FINALLY I can trust that he really doesn't have to go. It is so great to be able to bring him places in underwear and know that #1 he can hold it and #2 he will go tee tee when I take him, most likely! Anyways, with all this potty talk, here is the first I had today. We were at Lowes buying flowers. AND Parker told me he had to go tee tee. So, I waited for a minute...then decided to take him to the potty that I carry in my car. Yup! That is right, I sat him right on that potty in the back of my car at Lowes. And, honestly it felt good! It felt good that I had that option, it felt good that he actually went tee tee, and it just felt good that I feel like I am slowly getting past this transition for Parker. And that I won't be here again for a little while with Micah. Disclaimer: Parker is not going poo poo in the potty quite yet(wanted to get the other under my belt first) AND he wears a diaper at night(not naptime). Within the next few weeks we will start putting him in underwear at night.
That's all folks. Potty talk and all!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pictures of the Boys

So, here is the story. We used a new photographer here in Austin today. I have actually not gotten my boys pictures taken in Austin by anyone. Today was a first. I found out about Kendall through a friend's blog. She is not doing photography as a business but instead it is more of a hobby. She is a stay at home mom, just like me. And loves it! It was such a blessing to have her take my boys pictures this morning. She was so sweet to them and took her time(which is required when taking pictures of a 2 y/o and 3 month old). Parker loved having her attention. Anyways, she posted on her blog a "sneak peak" for me. I absolutely love these pictures! These pictures really capture my boys personalities. When I look at them I get so happy. I am so thankful that God has placed wonderful photographers in my life since having Parker(actually, even since getting married!). They all have done such a great job at capturing my babies true personalities. I will always look back at these pictures and feel that warm feeling in my heart...the same feeling I get every time I lay eyes on them or pick them up or hold them in my arms. Precious....absolutely precious!

Laughing at Kendall. So sweet! I love the "I think this is REAL funny!" smile.

If you look closely you can see his pick. He has to have his pick to play his guitar.

One of his favorite things to do...play his guitar.

That sweet smile melts my heart!

Ok, people, he has my eyes!! He does and it makes me smile!!