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Our Crew

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Micah in the Belly

Here is a belly shot. Ok...I didn't say a cute belly shot. I just said a belly shot. I am...uhhh...15 weeks pregnant in this picture. I think. Yup...this is what you get when your body knows what to do since it has already experienced a baby before. A belly a bit faster. BTW, I have the most adorable sonogram picture of Micah! His cheeks look full and you can see his lips and nose. But it is downstairs. So, I will post it later.

I know this is a weird shot. But, my friend, Amanda did the same thing and I thought it was funny! Especially since soon enough you won't be able to see anything but my belly from that angle. Right now you can actually see my face. Shocking! :)

Food Food Everywhere!

Yum! Mac and Cheese!

Okkkk sooo I had NO idea that red beans and rice would be so messy! Let's just say after this meal...I will not let him feed himself red beans and rice until he is 10 years old!!!! :)

It was in his hair, on his eye lid, in his ear, belly, floor....everywhere!

Ok...this is not about food BUT he gets himself stuck in these positions all the time because he loves to climb onto things and stand on them. Things that you don't stand on..like his walker(first of all why is even playing with his walker when he can WALK?), upside down bins, riding toys, drum, tables, chairs, etc.

We went to a birthday party that was luau theme and they gave us lays(sp?) to put around your neck. Parker loved them! Wore his all night. I put them in his toy bin and for the next couple of days after the party he would walk up to me with one on his neck. Until, he tore it apart. Then he walked around with one stuck to his feet and between his toes. Look at his feet in this picture. Yah..didn't really bother him. Ha ha ha


Here are some special pictures of Parker during his every day life as a 16 month old. Enjoy!

Parker is trying to snap like Mom in this picture.

Look at those muscles! :)

Since we found out yesterday that Parker is going have a little brother I wanted to buy him a treat! We don't buy Parker toys unless it is a special occasion(Christmas, birthday, etc.). I am not going to be the parent who always gets him a toy every time we turn around. He has plenty!!! Anyways, he loves music so we bought him a drum and xylophone(sp???). He loves it! LOVES it!

Whew! Taking a break for some juice! Playing these instruments makes him thirsty! Ha!

Derek showed Parker how to stick out his tongue on this day. We were cracking up! Probably shouldn't be happy about this...but he doesn't know sticking out your tongue can be mean.

Ohhhhh his favorite place to hang out. The stairs...by the window.

Looking out the window.

Just thought I would let you get a peek of what he looks at...well, on this day not much. But other days, the yard men, kids on their skate boards, and people driving by.

Mom and Parker

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

boys boys boys

Hey! I am soooo busy it is ridiculous! My life has actually calm down for the last two days(I made it calm down) and today it picked right back up! Well...I considered not even posting this until I had pictures but I PROMISE I will get you some pictures ASAP! I have small group tonight so I don't have time now...sorry!
We are definitely having a BOY! Today we(Derek and Parker) all went to the doctor for a 2:30pm appointment. Let's just say we finally got in to see Dr. Seeker at 4:00pm. Yup! Good thing they warned us because we left for about 45min. and grabbed some ice cream. Anyways, Dr. Seeker is worth the wait so we were fine with it. Micah Ashcroft Mills is handsome as ever and so healthy! The nurse said he was moving everywhere and I believe her because he has been kicking me like crazy today! Dr. Seeker later came in and also did a sonogram. He was so sweet! You would have thought it was the first time he did a sonogram. He was like "oh my, you see his mouth opening and closing..he is trying to talk to us! Look you can see him breathing! wow!". I love this doctor!!!! Between him and the nurse I left there with 11 pictures of Micah! He always hugs me bye and is just so genuine! Plus, I found out today that he will induce me at 39 weeks if my body is ready(a huge plus for me) AND he will give me an early epidural so I don't have to feel any contractions if I don't want to. Ok, he is HIGH on my list right now!
I will post pictures of my little Micah soon. Derek's family is coming into town so we will see if I get them up before they get here. And of course I will post some new pics of Parker too! Derek and I talk about how Parker is going to be such a good big brother. He is just so sweet and loving. We are one happy family! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

This week...a good week

So, don't have much time and I am not posting pictures(although I have some really cute videos of Parker to post...that is never a success though). This week is a week I have been looking forward to for quite sometime. First of all, let me say that Free Chapel had their last preview service yesterday before the launch. We made some changes(switched auditoriums, split up nursery and preschool, etc.) and it was a success!! Although it took longer to set up...everything was much smoother. Well..for the children's ministry, preschool and nursery. That is what I am involved in and what my world is surrounded by on Sunday mornings...so I am pretty clued out on the other stuff(like the main service..ha ha). Yay for a great LAST preview service. TODAY until Saturday 50,000 phone calls are being made to people who live in the area advertising Free Chapel. AND then we have to do follow up calls for the people who said they are interested. So please pray for a great response. THEN 50,000 postcards advertising Free Chapel will be mailed out soon. We are excited, busy, and pumped up about Sept. 14th! Pray, pray, pray for us!
Ok, what this blog was really meant for: my week. :) Wednesday is the "big" doctor's appointment day. We get to find out what we are having. Now, I know that we pretty much already know. But, on Wednesday it will be official(that it is a boy...I won't know what to do if they say it is a girl...don't worry...it is a boy). I actually like already knowing because I don't feel so intense and anxious...just excited and looking forward to Derek and Parker(not that he knows) getting to see Micah swiming around in there. Derek hasn't seen him yet. Plus, I want to celebrate by getting Micah(he needs NO clothes...and pretty much nothing at all) and Parker a special treat. The other thing we are all looking forward to is Derek's family is coming into town on Thursday for the weekend. Mama Lynn, Papa K, Papa, Papa, Mama Rose, Lindsey, and Justin. That is going to be great and so much fun! THEN Sam's birthday party at a water park in Round Rock is on Monday. We have a funfilled week ahead of us and we are all super excited!!!! I am sure I will have PLENTY of pictures next week to post from this week.

Monday, August 18, 2008

What is going on today?

Today is a good day! Reasons why: #1 and the best reason why today is a good day is because my beautiful mom had her LAST surgery today and it went well. Praise the Lord she is done with satan and his schemes and will never have to deal with any of this again! The recovery process is supposed to take 6 weeks but we are believing for a speedy recovery that will not take that long. It is hard, I will say, since I am not there. My sister is there, for which, I am so happy about. But last time my mom had surgery I was there every second of every day of recovery for her. I did everything for her and I hate that I can't be there now. But, I know that she is in good hands and God will take care of her.
#2 I cleaned my WHOLE house! Do you know what kind of accomplishment that is for me? Not normally(when I am not preggo), but since I have been pregnant mixed with living somewhere that is incredibly too small for our family I have struggled with cleaning my house. Like, really cleaning it. I pick up but I don't clean it. We don't live in something that is not sanitary(I would never let it get that bad), but normally my house is spic and span! I do, however, remember when I was pregnant with Parker that my house looked the worst it had ever looked. I can't feel that bad!
#3 my son is hilarious! He makes Derek and I laugh all the time. He is being so fun, funny, and enjoyable right now. I mean, I always enjoy being around him...but right now he is just downright hilarious. He rocks back and forth when hears music and claps his hands and dances. Derek and I dance so funny and he will try to do what we do. He is saying so much, such as; bus, cat, bat, ball, juice, momma, daddy, papa, fish, no no, yes, and Jax(my favorite right now). He tries to say almost everything we ask him to say. I can ask him to go get a ball or his "love"(his lamb lovie)or go put the wipes up and he will do all of them. I love this stage! He laughs really hard at me and Derek and thinks we are so funny. He is so entertained even if it is just his toys, the same ones he plays with all the time.
#4 I have felt Micah move...but lately I am feeling him kick. Which is so wonderful! And as I was typing this blog I felt a clear kick!! Yay...this is a wonderful stage of pregnancy(with the exception that I just look fat). I feel great and normal...and I get to feel the baby move. I am a cheesy preggo woman and I am not afraid to admit it. I love it!
Okkk...no pics for today...just words. Sorry! I have some that I will post later. I haven't downloaded them yet.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A really sad evening...

Tonight was a sad night. Derek and were at Baskin Robbins with Parker enjoying some ice cream and quality family time since Derek has been so busy this week. And my sister calls me. Ashley's next door neighbor whom she is close to, lost her 9 year old daughter to a drowning accident today. Haprit(the mom) is Indian and doesn't know how to swim. Her daughter did not know how to swim either. They were at the lake, where they go often, and Haprit did not know about the drop off in the water. She tried to jump in and save her daughter but she couldn't. She started drowning too. No one was there. They airlifted her to the hospital but she was already gone before they even left the lake. Please pray for Haprit(not sure if that is how you spell her name). Please pray for her husband Jay and their son Avtar(sp?). I truely believe that Symaran(sp?) is in heaven. But Haprit and Jay need your prayers. Avtar does not understand what is going on at all. He thinks his sister is still in the hospital. My heart is broken for this family more than you could know. And what is worse is that my sister is in Birmingham visiting my mom and dad. I think she is coming back tomorrow to be at the funeral on Sunday.
My sister-in-law and I went to their house tonight...shortly after we found out. Haprit and Jay's Indian friends were there doing a prayer/chant and all of their heads were covered and shoes off. I am not sure what they were doing but like I said please pray for them. Thanks...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Different Days

Random Title huh? I didn't know what to put...and when I have different pictures up of different things sometimes I really don't know what to title this entry. So, different days is perfect! Because these pictures were taken at different times on different days.
Last Saturday Derek and Wade did not have a job. Can you believe it? Last week, actually was not so busy. BUT this week is definitely making up for it. Derek is out of town right now to Dallas on a move that he has to stay overnight for. And Wade drove 23 hours to New Orleans and back for a 45 minute unload on Monday. Crazy huh? Saturday was so much fun. We decided to go to Zilker park with Wade, Kimberly and the boys. Jax LOVES trains and as I have mentioned before Zilker has the cutest train that you can ride for soooo cheap. And there is a play ground there and a natural springs that people swim in. Derek has never been before so we packed up a cooler and headed that way. It was hot and packed! But we had a great time! The boys almost fell asleep on the train ride because it is so nice and relaxing! After we got home from the park and took naps Derek and I took Parker to the pool. We were only there for 45 minutes but it was great. Then we went to dinner. It is not very often where Derek is home all day. Even on Sundays we have church and then he usually goes into work for something.

Parker swinging at Zilker Park.

Lawson swinging. Sweet!

Parker in his bathing suit. This bathing suit is a little too big, but the other one is too tight on his belly(I think). I love how this bathing suit goes down to his ankles. Ha ha!

Playing with his train that he loves.

I bought Parker new bedding for his bed last week!!! We are going to put Parker in his big boy bed in December. He will be 20 months old. We are doing this because #1 I am NOT buying another crib for such a short period of time. #2 We will be moving(hopefully) in January and I don't want to introduce him to a new bed and new house at the same time and #3 because Micah will be coming at the beginning of Feb. at the latest...so he needs the crib. Anyways, I actually had queen size bedding on the twin bed in his room and it was not for a little boy at all. This bedding was on sale at Target and I loved it! We bought this bed before we left B'ham for a great deal at a garage sale specifically for Parker. Yay!

Taking a bath. I need to cut his hair in the back...it is getting too long. Derek loves it! :) I do too...just not when I can put it in a ponytail practically.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What a Blessing!

We got a new car!! I can't even begin to describe to you how thankful we are for having people in our lives who are so wonderful and giving. Some very wonderful people gave us the money for this car and we are so thankful!! As most of you know, my brother Wade totaled our car in May. It wasn't his fault but we were down to one car. We have been down to one car for almost three months now. Thank goodness Kimberly and Wade practically live next door because Derek has been able to ride with Wade to work every day.
Anyways, God is so great!! I love being able to look back at situations and see God's hand at work even though you didn't see it at the time. Derek found this Passot voltswagan on craiglists two nights ago. He immediatly called the seller because it was an unbelievable deal and he thought it might be a scam. Derek ended up going to look at the car that night around 9pm. He couldn't believe it!! It was in great condition and had all these wondeful upgrades. AND it was perfect for me to drive with having Parker and soon to be Micah. The guy was getting TONS of phone calls that night about the car but told Derek he would hold it for us until 12:30 noon the next day. We just believed that if it wasn't God's will that the guy wouldn't hold it for us(we have had that happen to us before). Anyways, the guy held it for us and now I have a new car!!!!!!! I love everything about it! It has actually been lowered(which totally cracks me up!) which makes it look way nicer with the rims. All I can say is that God is so faithful and sooooo great! He will provide for you even if it looks like there is no way!! I pray, pray, pray that God blesses these people 100 fold for what they have blessed us with! Thank you!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Here is our little guy...Yup, I said "guy"

Here is the story...
I went in for a sonogram(not routine...but even LONGER story...nothing wrong with the baby) last week. I was a little over 12 weeks at the time. When I went in the room I asked the lady if she could ever tell what the baby was at this stage in the game. And she said that sometimes she could. A few minutes later...LOW AND BEHOLD there it was! What we were looking for...a boy part! Ha! She showed it to me and it looked just like what I saw when we found out Parker was a boy. Afterwards the nurse told me that the sonogram lady never predicts unless she is almost sure of what it is. And she has only been wrong once recently. She even typed it on my chart that it is a male. I will find out for sure on August 27th. But, I already know that it is a boy!!! And if I come back in 3 weeks and tell you it is a girl, you won't be nearly as shocked as I will be. I know what I saw! We are so excited! This will make grandSON #8 in the family(all 7 and under when we have him). Somebody has got to have a girl!!! We are pretty sure his name will be Micah. We tossed around Brody, Chase, and Micah. But Micah is Derek's favorite and last night I asked him what this baby's name is and he said Micah. We are so excited for him to come...we just have quite a while! Why am I finding everything out so early??? :)

Here is our sweet little Micah. He was snoozing away when I got the sonogram. We started poking at him on my belly to get him to move. Derek wasn't even there, but he will be there when we make it official in three weeks.

Summer Days

Summer days in Austin are HOT. So far, what I have experienced and heard is that the weather is great from March until May...then is ridiculously hot...then from about September until December it is wonderful. I am waiting for that "wonderful weather" that everyone talks about, because right now, it is not so wonderful. Granted, Ashley and Kimberly tell me that it is not as hot as I think it is and that I think this way because I am preggo. Maybe so. Parker still takes two naps a day, and right now he LOVES to play with his toys. We are home a lot. And I enjoy it. Right now, with it being so hot, at home he mainly wears a t-shirt and diaper.

This picture I took this morning. He laughs and smiles so big when I get the camera out.

Here he is looking for the yard man. He heard the leaf blower guy and was looking everywhere for him. So, he plopped down on our stairs(with camera case around his neck..a "toy" that he loves) and picked up the blinds so he could find him. Soooo cute!

Happy 5th Birthday Blake!

Blake turned 5 on July 29th! I can't believe it! He is going to be in Kindergarten this year. I know I sound like his mom, but I remember when he was born and getting the phone call that he was here. I remember Derek and I making the trip to Florida just to see him and feeling like I already had my own kids when I was holding him and Derek was holding Tyler while posing for a picture. Blake is so sweet, active, adventurous, and whitty. I love this boy!

Gray and Parker...Best buds. They crack me up because they make eachother laugh all the time. It is like, they have their inside jokes that no one else knows about. I love it!

Gray Gray

Blake showing off his golf pose. He had a golf party this year. Ashley did a great job decorating and Jeremy did great with the invites.

Tyler doing his golf pose.

Sam...YES...that is Sam...doing his golf pose. Sam got a hair cut! So long bowl cut and hello big boy hair cut. He looks so cute, but it makes me sad because he is no longer a baby.

Parker hanging out at the party.

The four self boys posing for a picture. Blake, Sam, Tyler, Gray.

This is what happens when Mom goes out with the girls...

Last week one of Kimberly and Ashley's good friend from college came into town. So, we decided to have a girl's night out with her. We went shopping and ate downtown. It was great! On our way home(around 8:30) I called Derek to tell him we were heading that way and I hear PARKER talking in the background. I am pretty strict about Parker's nap times, but for some reason bedtime is not as strict. When I say that, I mean, he goes to bed between 7:00-8:00. Usually no later than that, but we don't put him down right at 7 if he isn't acting tired. (Some would say I was still strict...ha ha). Derek explained to me that he tried laying Parker down twice, but Parker kept throwing everything out of his crib and then would scream. Thank goodness this is the first time we have dealt with him throwing things out of his crib. Anyways, Derek said he was going 90 to nothing and was so happy. I asked Derek to keep him up until I got home.
When I got home I put Parker to bed and pointed to his stuff on the floor and said "no no". He then went to sleep. What I am trying to get at are these pictures below. Derek sat me down and said "do you want to know what Parker and I did after I got him up for the second time?". And he showed me these pictures!! YUP! Why not just give a child powdered donuts and chocolate milk at a late hour(for Parker)?? I laughed! This is why Parker gets so excited when Dad is home.

Oh yeah...Parker was also just in his diaper. No pjs...no t-shirt...just diaper.

Dressed to Impress

Here is Parker right before we headed to church(I think). I thought he looked so cute with his white shoes and boyish one piece.

On Derek and my date night we ran by the mall and picked up Parker some converse. I love these shoes! They are too big right now(converse run big just in case anyone needed to know), but I still put them on him. He loves them too. He dances around in the kitchen when I put them on him and if I take them off, he wants me to put them back on. :)

Loving me some Fruity Pebbles!

On this day...I gave Parker some fruity pebbles to eat for breakfast. He loved them! Obviously, I gave him dry fruity pebbles(no milk). They were a mess! They were sticking to EVERYTHING including his face. So cute!! BTW, these were the days of being in my first trimester...so I didn't make him sit in his highchair for breakfast because I didn't feel like sitting there with him. Ha!

Here is Gray and Parker at a carnival a local church put on. It was HUGE! And tons of people were there. Parker had cotton candy and popcorn. Yum!