Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yup! Parker got a FauxHawk!! :)

Hello everyone! Today, Derek and I decided to take Parker to get a fauxhawk(a mohawk but his hair is not shaved on the sides) and we LOVE IT!!! Parker's hair was always in his face and I really couldn't do anything about it. This way I can gel it up and you can see his adorable face...and he will be stylin'!! Here are some pictures. You can't see it really good. I should have put him in front of something white...but I will get more later.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A day(well...hour) at the Pumpkin Patch

My really good friend Jenny and I went to the pumpkin patch today with Parker(6 months) and Nolan(almost 3 months). I guess you could say it was more for us then for them. :) We wanted cute pictures and we wanted to start a fun tradition. As we are driving out there...farrrrrr out there...we see the dark clouds behind us and the dark clouds ahead of us AND the temperature was slowing dropping as the wind picked up. BUT we were still positive and excited. We drove up(hardly anyone was there...I wonder why? ha ha!)unloaded the boys, changed diapers, got the cameras and we were off to the pumpkin patch. We were planning on picking out a pumpkin, going on a hay ride, and having tons of fun, getting cute pictures with both boys in them. Well, let's just say we accomplished none of that but we did get cute pictures seperately of the boys. We did NOT go on a hay ride, we did not even get past the entrance. We didn't even have to pay if that tells you anything! Parker tried to eat the hay three times and his nose was so red because it was so cold. He was so good though. Nolan, he didn't love it...at all(only because it was cold and getting good pictures meant laying him on cold pumpkins...ha!)! But they will both love it next year and the cute pictures we got of them. :) It was still fun to us...we loved it. It was an experience. You can't stay cooped up in your house all the time or you will never make memories(even if it is difficult!). Here are some really cute pictures!

Parker and Nolan

Where's Parker...oh wait...pumpkins don't have hair! There he is!!!

Parker checking out Nolan...wondering why he was crying.

My little Church Boy

My mom bought Parker this outfit at a garage sale not too long ago. We didn't know if it would fall at the right time of year for him to wear it. But, as far as I am concerned just throw a cute white sweater on with it and a blanket on top of him when it is cold and he can wear it anytime of year!! It is so cute on Parker. If you look closely it has baseballs and bats on it. Sundays are our busiest days because I sing in the choir so we have to get to church early. Parker ALWAYS falls asleep on the way home. On this day we decided to lay him down in his outfit. So, after he get up I plopped him on top of Derek while he was a sleep. Ha ha! Parker was loving it and Derek was too!
As for the other pictures, Parker was just hanging out while I did some things on our screened in deck. He looked so sweet in his white onesie.

Waiting for Dad...

On this day we decided to wait outside for Derek to come home from work. The weather was so nice(kind of breezy, cool but not too cool). I layed a blanket down on the sidewalk and had toys for Parker to play with. It was fun...just having some family time.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm a rockin'

I walked in to get Parker from his nap the other day and he was all fours rocking back and forth. I was shocked!!! Derek and I tried working with him on crawling yesterday. I got a picture of him sort of in action. He isn't crawling, but he is grasping the idea of it. My son is so smart!!! :)

Bath Time with Mr. Duck

Parker is now sitting up in the bathtub. Which, I still cannot believe he is old enough to sit up!! Anyways, I was bathing him in the regular bathtub but it started to get difficult because he could easily topple over. My sister suggested to get the duck to bathe him in. Well, what a great idea!! He likes it(besides when he tries to crawl out) and I love it!! Sometimes he decides he is tired and reclines back and kicks his feet up. It is hilarious!! I wish I had a picture of that.

Check out my new hair cut!

Well...for those of you that might take the poll that I added pay close attention that this is a picture of Parker after his 3rd hair cut. Yup, his hair got a little too long for me(in his eyes). He is so cute!!

Crazy Hair Day

This is what Parker looked like when he woke up from his nap the other day. I am NOT kidding!!!! Part of it was due to Derek giving Parker a bath and deciding(why, I don't know) not to brush his hair. And then he put him down for a nap with wet, not brushed hair.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Parker, Oh Parker

Well...just thought I would tell you all a little of what Parker is doing these days. First of all, he is almost 6 months old!! I can't believe it!! It has been so wonderful having him in our lives for 6 months...I can't imagine life without him. He makes me smile so many times a day. He is a precious gift from God. Right now, he is rolling over(back to belly and belly to back), sitting up, grabbing toys, and chewing on everything!! A couple of months ago Parker figured out how to roll over in his bed. Well, the downside of that is he did not know how to roll back over and he did not like to sleep on his back. He cried and we would roll him back over until we discovered(well...my mom and sister informed us) that we could put a pillow in between him and the side of the baby bed and he couldn't roll over. The pillow, now, does not work anymore. The good thing is he can roll over and roll back over if he wants to. But, the not so good thing is that Parker now wakes up(whenever he prefers...2 am...6 am...), rolls over, looks around, plays and talks. He doesn't cry at all...it just bugs me because I have no idea how long he is awake for. I know...I know...most of you are thinking that I am crazy because he doesn't cry so whats the big deal. I am a first time mom trying to convince myself that it is ok if he is not asleep and playing. He will fall back asleep. So, I am slowly getting there. My mom says I am so spoiled because Parker is so good. I am spoiled! And VERY blessed. He is so good and easy. Derek and I love him so much and we honestly cannot get over how wonderful life is having him here. And hey...if all I have to deal with is a baby reaching his milestones(rolling over) and playing in bed until he falls asleep...I have got it pretty darn good. :) Just journaling for the day!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sweet, handsome Boy!

These pictures are wonderful! These are for my sister Ashley. I want her to see the outfit he is wearing. I asked her to pick him out some church clothes at the "kid's market" they have in Dallas. This is one of the two adorable outfits that she got him. Oh...he looked so handsome...as you can see!


I can play the piano...I am smart!

This weekend we went to Cleveland, TN for a friend's wedding. We stayed with our good friends, Brian, Kristy, and their little girl Ella. Ella is 11 months old. Kristy is also expecting her second little girl, Ava, in February. Ella had a toy piano that Parker was very entertained by. If the piano wasn't so colorful he would have looked exactly like a miniature professional piano player(you know...hair and all) while playing with it. We had to take a picture. Parker wasn't phased by Ella. But Ella loved Parker. She kept saying, "Baby!". Cute!!!

Parker and Ella

Just Swingin'

Parker loves to suck on his hand. Even when he is swinging!

We took Parker to swing for the first time a couple of weeks ago. He loved it!! He gets so excited he squeals. It is hilarious!