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Our Crew

Monday, March 31, 2008

Video Time!!

Here is a video of Parker clapping and saying "Da Da". It is so cute!!!
Whoa...what is up with me. I have been major blogger the last couple of days. :)

Oh My!

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One more cute thing Parker does

Hey!! I HAD to write this on here because it just happened this morning. And since I just posted a very long blog on everything that Parker is doing right now, I thought it would be appropriate. Lately Parker has been putting trucks or cars in one of his hands and crawls around while rolling them on the ground. I always thought that it just happened to be a coincidence. I didn't really think he knew what he was doing. Well, my friends my child is SMART!! Ha ha! This morning I was on the computer and he was playing. I look over there and he is rolling his truck all over our floor. He was crawling everywhere while deliberately rolling it on the floor. This truck makes a noise but Parker was too!! It was hilarious! He even tried to roll it up our coffee table! Ha ha! It is amazing how he just knows. It is so a boy thing and God just put it in him to just know what to do. It was definitely the highlight of my day.
Yesterday, the highlight of my day was when I decided to start incorporating "clean up" with Parker. He has really shown me his learning ability the last couple of days. I thought that this is a good time to start showing him how to do that. One thing that I pick up SEVERAL times a day is the magnets to the fridge farm. So, we went in there and I sat on the floor with him. I started singing "clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere...". Then I would put a magnet on the fridge. I gave one to him to see what he would do. And as I was singing the song he put it on the fridge!! I was so impressed. Then I thought it might work with his toy basket. Not so much! ha ha! As I put a toy in, he took a toy out. Ha ha! He will learn. But I was so impressed anyways.
There ya go...just another cute thing he is doing. I am sure I can't post every cute thing he does on here. Well, at least not without any pictures of him doing it. I will post pictures later!! Bye!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yahhhh Parker!

Hello Everyone!

So this is a quick update with no pictures. :( Sorry! I just had to let you all know that Parker is doing so many new and fun things. He is "talking" allllll the time. I will be on the computer and he will be playing with his toys just a jabbering. It is so cute. He now jabbers to me like we are in some sort of conversation. Ha ha! He has learned how to clap and he knows that when he claps that means "Yah Parker!". He claps A LOT! And he smiles so big when he is doing it. He crawls everywhere and can stand on his own, but chooses not to. He now knows how to open my kitchen cabinets. I am hardly ever in the kitchen by myself for very long. The minute he realizes I am in there he crawls in there and starts playing. And he definitely knows that it is eating time when I am in there(even if it is not, he thinks it is). He loves, loves, loves his fridge farm that he got for Christmas from his Aunt Ashley and Uncle Jeremy. I would highly recommend this to any of you who have crawlers or even walkers. He doesn't really use it the way it is meant to be used. He tries, but he can't quite get the animal in the farm so instead he chooses to slide every magnet to the ground and make LOUD noises with them on my kitchen floor. So loud that my mom is always wondering what in the world that noise is when she is on the phone with me. He loves it when Derek bounces him around on his shoulders or just bounces him. And he laughs especially hard when he can see me while Derek is bouncing him around. He laughs all the time now. I am now weening Parker from nursing. I started last week. Almost exactly four weeks until his first birthday. We have eliminated the afternoon feeding and he now takes milk in a sippy cup. He is not a huge fan, but we are trying it every day, several times a day. I think that by the end of this whole weening process he will like milk(I am hoping). Next week we will eliminate the late morning feeding, then the night feeding, then the morning feeding the week of his birthday. Poor little guy, the week of his birthday I am taking away something so wonderful and special. But, he is growing up. That is about all. I am not sure when we are going to take him to his one year appointment, but I will let you know his info. when we do. We haven't found a pediatrician here yet. Hope you enjoyed the long update. He is soooooo fun right now!! Maybe he will be walking soon. I am not worried about that though. :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter 2008 Again!!


Here is Parker and his Easter basket from us. We haven't officially gotten him an Easter basket yet, so I just grabbed a basket I already had and put his treats in it. But, not all the toys would fit in it. Hopefully next year he will have his own basket.

Here is posing for us. Look at his legs!! He was sitting in indian style. That was cracking me up!!!

Sweet boy

This is the Easter basket cookie bouquet that Mama Lynn, Papa K, and Aunt Lindsey sent Parker. Is it not the cutest and yummiest thing you have ever seen?!? We are definitely enjoying it.
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Diggin In!

Thank you Mama Lynn, Papa K, and Aunt Lindsey! We miss you and love you!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

Happy Easter! Sunday was Parker's first Easter and he has still not gotten his Easter Basket. It is because we had to fly out of town so unexpectedly. I was not about to pack his Easter basket to fly with. We are going to give him his Easter basket either tonight or tomorrow. I will have to say, Easter weekend was a bittersweet experience for us this year. But celebrating the resurrection of our Lord the same weekend we had to say goodbye to Nanny made it special. Because she is now with Jesus in heaven celebrating everyday!! Parker did get to experience the Mills Easter egg hunt at Mama Rose's house. That was fun! And the yummy sweet potato casserole, mac 'n cheese, and brunswick stew that Derek's family prepared for everyone. He loved every bit of it. I had planned on Parker wearing his first birthday outfit for Easter because it is reversable. BUT it was too big. So, instead he wore an adorable smocked outfit that his cousin Jax wore last year for Easter. Thank goodness for cousins and borrowing clothes. Whew! We would have had nothing for him to wear. He looked so cute and was so happy. Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Nanny

Hello everybody! Today was a very sad day for us. We attended Derek's grandmother, Nanny's, funeral today. She passed away Thursday morning. She has been sick for a few years now on and off. But, Derek and I weren't aware that her condition was so serious now. She had a really bad year two years ago, but this last year has been amazing. She has felt great, traveled a lot, and been so happy. She has been so so dear to our heart. She was there the day Parker was born, his dedication, the day he opened all his gifts for Christmas in GA, and at our wedding. and I am so happy for that. I am so happy that she got to meet her first great grandchild. This woman is amazing and has lived her life for Jesus by serving others. Although, we are so very sad and will miss her dearly, we are happy to know that she is in perfect health and happiness now. She wouldn't trade coming back here for anything! Below is a picture of her holding Parker when he was born. Oh, I get so sad seeing this picture because I already miss her. We are currently in GA, but we will be back in Austin on Monday. Please pray for her wonderful husband. Pray that he will get through this with peace that surpasses all understanding. Pray that he never feels lonely and seeks God during this time of adjusting. He loved her so much and says he doesn't know how he is going to do life without her. They were married 52 years. Praise God for people like Nanny and Papa! They have taught us so much!

Here we are at Parker's dedication. Nanny is on the left of me looking at the picture. We miss her!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

SquareCow Moovers

Drumroll Please.........presenting the amazing, wonderful, coolest looking moving trucks in the world! SquareCow Moovers. "A Mooving Experience". And the best movers alongside the truck, my husband(right) and brother(left). So, the business offically opened March 1st and their first move was this week. It was a 3600 square foot house and it was quite a job, but they did great!! So great that the owner asked them to come back and help move some furniture the following day. Praise the Lord!! They have another move coming up, so we would love for you to continue to pray for our business. God is so good to us! Hope you love the trucks as much as we do.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Texas Independence Parade...Wooo Hooo!

So, Kimberly and I headed to the Texas Independence Day Parade in downtown Austin last Saturday with all of the kiddos. Let's just say the boys(Parker and Jax) couldn't keep their hands to themselves and it was a not so fun ride there and back(I had to turn around backwards in the front seat so my hand could be the divider between Parker and Jax). Anyways, we got lost, detoured, and FINALLY found a parking space about a mile from the capitol buidling where we were meeting Ashley and her family. Parker and Lawson rode in the double stroller and Jax in the single stroller. Parker loved playing with the buckle on Lawson the whole time. The parade was sooooo rinky dink!! If you look hard you can see some rinky dink little car in the background. Yah...that was the parade. Not much...but the kids loved it. And the weather was nice so it was a good day to walk. Ha ha!



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Sweet Boy

Here is some sweet pictures of Parker. I just bought him a Texas hat that is so cute on him. Also, look at those beautiful brown eyes(definitely his dad's eyes)and those cute two front teeth. He now has five teeth. I can't believe it!!



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