Our Crew

Our Crew

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Saturday night before Derek, Parker, and I headed to GA for Thanksgiving on Monday my parents came into town bearing these wonderful gifts. Alabama t-shirts for all the boys. How fitting considering Alabama beat the mess out of Auburn the next weekend. Ha ha! Anyways, Ashley got confused and put her boys in their t-shirts on Friday instead of Sat. So, not all of them are wearing the t-shirts from my parents. And I think that Lawson's doesn't fit yet. But, they are sporting the shirts or the colors.
I might have gotten a little too excited about the shirt, since on Monday I decided to put it on Parker to fly to GA in. Well...my goodness...you would have thought I put him in a devil shirt or something!!! Everyone commented on it. I don't think they would have said one word if he had a GA shirt on. :) BTW, to show support for his dad's team...he does have a Georgia football shirt that he wears often.

Here is Mama Don and Papa with all their boys. BTW, I am due in Feb. with Micah...so there will be 8 in the mix next year. BUT, HOPEFULLY, there will be 8 boys and 1 little girl, because Kimberly is pregnant!!! She is due this summer. Either way 8 boys and 1 girl...or 9 boys...it will be perfect!!!

(L-R) Gray, Parker, Jax, Sam, Blake, Lawson, and Tyler
How cute are these boys? Tyler looks so much like a teenager...it makes me sad. But, he is so handsome, isn't he??

Thursday, November 20, 2008

His very own...big boy bed!

Parker is officially sleeping(naps and nightime) in his big boy bed!! Derek and I are so proud of him! I can't say it was easy...but I think that compared to what some parent's deal with...it was easy. If you know me, you know that I contemplate things for a long time. I think and think and think about a plan WAY before putting it into action. I have been thinking about how we should go about this for a while now. Some of you might think that Parker is too young(19 months old) to transition to a big boy bed right now. And I have taken that into consideration...but I have also taken into consideration that another crib will cost LOTS of money and we are not up for that if we don't have to be. So, Saturday night we decided to try it out. We put a baby gate on his door and put him in his bed. And after a little while of getting down and roaming the room he climbed into his bed and went to sleep. If Parker was 24 months+ we would get onto him for getting down and playing. BUT he is not...and we think he is too young to get onto him for something he can't quite understand yet.
Naps were a little harder but yesterday he slept for an hour and a half during naptime!! Yay! It is getting better and better. He is falling back into his normal schedule and is way happier during the day now that he is getting more sleep at night. I feel so much better knowing that with the move and all Parker has already transitioned. It is one less thing I have to worry about. It is definitely better than training him while I am nine months preggo!!! Yay for Parker...yay for God's help...yay for consistency(as hard as it may be...it ALWAYS works!).

Here is his bed and new bedding. I also have striped sheets in the same colors. He now has bed rails up so he won't fall off...AND we lowered the mattress. He looks so tiny in this big bed!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not so perfect weather...for me at least.

So, no pictures here, but just had to tell you that right now I am wearing a spaghetti strap maternity shirt and shorts!!! And last night a cold front came through Austin...so it is chilly(50s) outside. BUT I am SO HOT! Oh my word!!!! Austin's weather is warm majority of the time...and I think that next year I will love it, but right now I am ready for it to get cold because even when it is 70 degrees it feels like 90 to me. I did not have this problem when I was preggo with Parker. But, my goodness...it is miserable! Not so perfect weather right now for me...but for everyone else PERFECT! :)

He's a mess!

He's a mess...that is all I have to say. :)

We have a basket at the top of the stairs with all of our shoes in it. Well...Parker has decided that it is so fun to throw all the shoes and other various items down the stairs...as you can see.

Here I am taking the picture from the bottom of the stairs. Every time I threw a shoe or various item up the stairs...guess who threw it back down? Oh, and laughed. Yay! That would be my buddy Parker! So, Derek came home to lots of shoes on the stairs and has quite a few times since then.

I bought Parker some crayons just to see if he would like them. He liked them for a little while. But, Parker likes to carry things around with him and will get attached to one item. I could not have a crayon being the item of the day...so he was not happy when I took them away. We will get them out again soon though.

REALLY lovin him some PB and J that day. (Excuse the bib that is too small for him)

This is Parker majority of the time in his highchair. I know, I know, it is not safe. But, this highchair was Derek's grandfather's highchair and I LOVE it! BUT, it has no strap. I bought a strap and it worked for a little while...not anymore though. Parker can get out of it. We might be putting Parker in his other highchair for a little while. But, you will see this wooden highchair when Micah is ready for it. I love, love, love it!

He looked like a baby doll this day! He was so stinkin cute for church I had to take a picture. No one dresses their kids like this here. Oh well...I don't care!

Laughing hard!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Our New House

Drum roll please...Derek and I just got a house! Can I please tell you that a month ago I was hopeless on buying a home. But, after God changed mine and Derek's heart and gave us peace about buying we began our search all over again. This time, we were in complete agreement that we just didn't feel peace about renting but we felt a crazy amount of peace to buy. Although we had NO idea how that would happen on many spectrums we just couldn't shake the feeling God was giving us in our hearts. My real estate agent takes me to a house that I requested to go see and I just didn't love it...or even like enough to buy. Maybe to rent...but not to buy. She then takes me to a few more in the neighborhood that were quite a bit out of our price range. I told her ahead of time that I didn't know if I wanted to see them because I knew I would love them(of course they were like $20,000-$40,000 over our price range). So, long story short, one of the houses she showed us happened to be a foreclosure!!! I got so excited knowing that foreclosure's you could make a much lower offer and get them. But, we had to be patient. Thank goodness we were because by the time God opened the door for us to make an offer they dropped the price by $20,000!!!! God is so faithful! He really is!! This house has four bedrooms, 2 and 1/2 baths. It is a two story. It has a fenced in backyard(PTL!!!) and a 2 car garage. I cannot wait to get in there and paint and make it my own. It is clean and has been freshly painted one color. It has a big, open kitchen with an island and bay window for my kitchen table. And a dining room. It is PERFECT!!! Especially for our family. We are closing Dec. 15th so we will be in before Christmas. Yay! Although I will be almost 9 months pregnant and feeling the need to paint this house and have it perfect I don't care. I am just so thankful to God that He got us this house. So, here is the picture of the front and when we paint and move in I will post pictures of the inside. Derek cannot wait to get the mortgage part over with because it is a pain. But it will be here before you know it!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Peanut Butter Banana MUSTARD Sandwich...MMMM...GOOD!

Well...today I have a story. No pictures. Today for lunch I gave Parker a PB Banana Sandwich AND cheetos. Parker LOVES cheetos and they are treat around here. I don't buy them often. Well, I sat down with my sandwich and cheetos to eat lunch next to him. He kept eyeing my plate(which happens often around here). I finally figured out that he wanted some of the mustard that I had on the side of my plate. I was dipping my cheetos in it. Some of y'all might think that is gross, but I love it. So, Daring me, squirted a little bit of mustard on his plate. A little dab here and there turned into dipping his SANDWICH in the mustard. I kept telling him "yucky", and he would say "yucky" and then eat it. Ha ha! He didn't care! Mustard was everywhere but he loved every bit of it.
Parker talks like crazy! He also has decided to pitch fits all the time when he doesn't get his way. Yay...that is NO fun at all! Derek and I have decided that he gets in trouble if he pitches these fits because he can't go on thinking it is ok. Some people think it is better to ignore...I ignore AFTER he gets a spanking for it. It isn't easy! But he gets the picture. He surprises me with phrases that he says. For instance, yesterday I yelled back to our friend Paige "call us" and Parker said "call us". He plays with everything that is not a toy and is now tall enough to climb on anything. Ugh!! I am SO ready to move because then things won't seem all in one place. Plus, we really need a backyard to open up the back door and let him go play! He loves outside and is doing really well with minding me outside. Don't get me wrong...I keep my eye on him outside. He has cut four teeth recently and I am just waiting on the eye teeth up top and bottom to cut through. You can see them...they just haven't made there way in yet.
Ok this is LONG! No more updating. Derek and I just got new cell phones. Both of them have internet access which actually keeps both of us from being on the internet as often. One reason why I haven't updated in a while. The other could be because I wait and wait and wait until I have fifty pictures and then update! Ha! We are going to GA in two weeks for Thanksgiving. I am sure I will have some pictures after that. Peace! (Parker says peace...when we tell someone bye)