Our Crew

Our Crew

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Visiting good friends/family

We left Texas at 4:15am and drove all the way to Alabama. We got there around 5:45pm. Which is good timing considering we had two kids with us. We rushed the kids into my parents townhouse to give them baths and then got back in the car to go visit our good friends, the Huffstetlers. We LOVE them! Since we have moved they had a little girl. Evelyn Ruth is so cute and sweet and quiet. My boys were all over her house playing with her toys and she sat in her pink(I might add) cozy coupe car(she got for Christmas)and at one point talked on her pink phone. And that is all she did the whole time and was so happy. lol. SO different then my boys.
The next morning we went to Church of the Highlands where we saw none of our good friends because it is so big now. It was a great service though and we loved visiting. We then drove to my Memaws house and dropped off some Christmas presents and visited with her for a few minutes. THEN we met our good friends, the Strongs who happened to be in town, for lunch. Whew! My boys did AMAZING! And honestly, it wasn't stressful. It would have been if the boys weren't so good. But they were. After all that at about 1:30pm we headed to GA. It took us a little over 4 hrs to get there.

Memaw(My mom's mom) and Me. She is so sweet and hilarious!

Parker, Memaw, and Micah.

Evelyn Ruth, Parker, and Micah.

BROWN Eyes and BLUE eyes. SO cute!

Christmas 2010 and yes, these are ALL the pictures I have. Sad, I know.

So, here are my whoppin 5 pictures I took on Christmas day. Ridiculous!!! However, we had the video camera set up while the boys opened their gifts the whole time. AND I videoed with my Flip camera some too. I might add a clip later of that. It is so cute!
On Christmas morning Parker woke up first...and had NO idea that the day was any different then any other. We had told him the night before that he would be able to open presents but still that morning was the same. We waited until Micah woke up to let them open their stockings and presents. It was fun, uneventful really. My parents were there and my mom made us breakfast. It was nice having them here. My parents left after the boys were done opening gifts and went up to my sister's house with breakfast for them. That is when we gave Micah his Step 2 car(I have no pictures of that...just the Flip camera). He LOVED it! He laughed and sat in that thing for forever. And he still loves it. I love it because I can buckle him in it and take him outside and push him around while Parker is playing outside. Micah is at that age that he is ALMOST walking everywhere, but not there yet. So, me holding him outside the whole time doesn't cut it.
Around lunch time Jeremy, Ashley, and the boys came over. There were SO many presents at my house it was crazy! Everybody loved their gifts from Mama Don and Papa. We snacked on dip and cheese ball/crackers until that afternoon. Then we made a Christmas meal late afternoon. It was nice to have Christmas at our house. The part I didn't love about it was that we were leaving the next morning at 4am to go out of town. So, on Christmas Day I didn't feel like I could relax. All I was thinking about was packing for my whole family and being in the car for 13-14 hours the next day. Whew! Maybe next year we will wait to leave 2 days after Christmas rather then the day after.

Tyler and Micah. So sweet! Tyler asks to hold Micah quite often now. I love it when he does. I want my boys to get as much bonding time with their cousins as they can. They are all going to be best friends anyways!

Parker watching his DVD player that Mama Lynn and Papa K bought for them. Ok...HUGE lifesaver for our LONG drive to GA.

Derek's gift to me was a pampered chef baking stone! I LOVED his wrapping. Hilarious! Packing tape, his business card, and "To Lindsey, From Secret Admirer". Perfect! GREAT gift!

Playing with their presents.

Picture of their gifts from the night before. Right after I set them all out. The ATVs were from my parents. Aren't they so cute?

It is now winter in Austin...Brrr!!!

First, can I say that I miss our BEAUTIFUL 65 degree weather that Austin usually treats us with. No worries though...we are supposed to get some of that next week. Thank goodness since my boys got riding toys for Christmas. I would like them to actually be able to play with them!

Below are pictures of the boys with some of their winter gear on. Actually, their ONLY winter gear. And you will notice that Parker is trying to shove his head in a 0-6 month hat. That is all I got for him. lol.

Micah looks so cute in this hat. Oh my, his face looks so cute and plump. :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Decade

I have been HORRIBLE about taking pictures lately. It is amazing that just by adding one baby to the clan you get so much busier doing things. Honestly, I am so bummed about it. But, that is ok...I will get better. So I was thinking about it today(bc of Rachel Hick's blog) about what has happened to me in the last 10 years since this is the end of a decade. And WOW! A LOT has happened to me...definitely the most important decade so far(since I have only lived a little over 2 1/2 decades I don't have much to choose from..lol). It goes way back:

-I turned the BIG 16 years old and got my license and my first car.
-I graduated from high school.
-I went to Lee University as a 18 year old who had NEVER had a boyfriend. :)
-I met a great guy named Derek Mills the first weekend I was at Lee University.
-I got in DZT.
-I got engaged!
-I graduated from Lee only to get married 2 weeks later to Derek.
-We moved to B'ham, AL. Kind of a culture shock for me considering most of my friends where a few years older then us and made more $ than us.
-We bought our first house.
-We had our first baby boy, Parker.
-We decided that God was leading us to move to Austin, TX to start a moving company and help plant a church. BIG DEAL!
-My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a bi-lateral masectomy, chemo, radiation, BUT is cancer free now!!
-We moved to Austin.
-We had our 2nd baby boy, Micah.

Ok...thats all for now. But, that is a lot!!!! I love that 3 most important people entered my life in that decade. My husband and 2 little boys. God has blessed me so much! Life has been hard at different times but God has never failed us. And He is the reason why I have joy and love the life I live.