Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Princess Harley Jane is 1!!!

Don't you just love my title? Ha. I had to make it girly. Harley Jane is the one and only sweet girl in this family. She turned 1 on June 16th. Her party was so cute! It was an Austin Tea Party. Everything was so perfect and girly. Even though there was only 3 girls out of 12 boys it was every bit of a tea party. The boys loved it too. It was my boys first girl bday party(I think.). Here are some pictures from the event. And of the sweet birthday girl. She is beautiful...like I am not joking...and I am not being biased(maybe a little)...she REALLY is beautiful!

Some of the boys sitting at the table.

Gray and Parker. Best buddies!

Adorable Lawson.

The birthday girl being pretty and sweet.

Parker and Micah eating nectarines getting ready to leave for the tea party. I am on a nectarine kick. Might be the only healthy thing I am loving. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun Fun

I have some pictures for you!!! Aren't you excited? ha ha. Well...I just got my memory card in for my new camera yesterday. I was so excited! I played with my camera a lot yesterday and found some really neat things that my camera does.
Anyways, here are just a few pictures of the boys(1 of me).
Lately we go to the pool almost every day. I am going to try to take my camera to the pool so you all can see how awesome our pool is. My boys love going! We are really trying to teach Parker to swim. Last summer he was swimming by himself by the end of the summer. Not far or unsupervised...but he was doing it. He is now swimming by himself but we are trying to get him stronger at it. He is great at kicking his legs! That boy can tread water like nobodies business. But, he doesn't move his arms a lot. Anyways...we are working on it. Micah just loves it. He will roam around, play in the water, get a float, etc. He is so cute! People always look at him and talk about how cute he is. I agree!!! ha ha.

Parker dressed as a monkey. My sister gave us a lot of dress up clothes that her boys are too big for. Parker dresses up every day! For instance, at this very moment he has a carrot hat on with a superman cape. Earlier this morning he was a pumpkin with a batman mask on. So funny!

Ok not a fan of this picture of me. But the reason I posted it is because of this cool feature my camera has. I can put it on this mode that if it detects someone smiling it automatically takes a picture!! Ok, so maybe this isn't new to you, but it is me and I LOVE it! Especially since kids are all over the place with their smiles. This was the first time I tried this feature.

Cool picture of Park.

I LOVE this picture! This face is frequent from Micah Moo. I am SO happy I captured it. I see this face all of the time and it makes me laugh. It is a half whine/fuss kinda look. Hilarious!

Sweet boy. He is our roamer. Always roaming around the house.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I got a.....

NEW CAMERA!!! YAY!!!!! My birthday was three days ago but I just got my gifts last night. I asked for a nice camera. I actually asked for a different one then I got but I am SO happy with the one I got. I did not do much research at all and told my husband that when I showed him the one I wanted. So, I knew he would do some research. He did, and he bought me an awesome camera!!!! Actually, the camera wasn't from just him...it was from a lot of people. Anyways, I thought you all would like to know about it since I hopefully will be having some good pics coming your way. :) I have to wait on a memory card though. But once it is in...I will be getting some good pics and video(it has HD video on it too!). I also got six new dining room chairs that I love and a necklace that I have been wanting for a few months now. The necklace has 2 antique charms on it with my boys initials. The charms are tiny. It will be the only thing I have with my kids initials on it and I will probably wear it almost every day. :) I had a great birthday. My husband did a GREAT job! He has done so good this last year on making every holiday special. I am so appreciative!!
Coming soon...new pictures with my new camera!