Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Hello Everyone!!!
Well, Parker had his 8 month appointment last week. He weighed 18.3 lbs and he was 27 inches long. He only had to get one shot. That is his last appointment until he is a year old. And it was his last appointment with his pediatrician here in Alabama, Dr. Levin. Dr. Levin is a great pediatrician!! I would recommend him to anyone. We loved him and will miss him!
I don't think I have let my fellow bloggers know that we will be moving to Austin, TX in February. Most of you already know. Derek and I have been feeling called there for a while but we were waiting for God to open the door and He did. My brother and his family will also be moving out there. Derek, my brother, and my dad are going to start a moving business there. We will also be helping with a church plant called Free Chapel. My brother-in-law and sister will be planting Free Chapel in Austin in Septemeber 2008. Derek and I are excited, but sad at the same time. We know, that we know, that we know, it God's will for us to move. BUT that is not always easy. I think it will be easier once we get there, but I have had a hard time with it lately. We LOVE our church(Church of the Highlands). We are very involved(choir, greeting, small groups) and we are going to miss it. But hopefully God will use us to provide a church for someone else to love as much as we love Highlands. And I know we will love it too.
Also, my mom found out in October that she had breast cancer. She has already had a double masectomy done, which went great. They are confident they got all the cancer. But she has to undergo chemo and radiation for the next few months. We know that God is going to give her strength, joy, and energy to get through this. Satan is trying hard to bring us down, but it is not working because we know that God is our provider, healer, and encourager. My mom's family and friends have been unbelievable during this time and we are all so thanksful. With that said, a lot has been going on in our lives. But God is so good!! He is SO GOOD to us! That was a LONG UPDATE! Be praying for us and our family. Thanks!

Texas Bound

Parker is Texas bound. He is already wearing his Texas bib. He is ready to go!!!!
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Christmas Morning

Derek, Parker, and I were at our house on Christmas morning. It was like any other morning except we busted out the video camera and videoed Parker crawling to his gifts from us. Derek and I got him a Fisher Price piano, babies first blocks, crawl with me ball, and a stocking with some goodies in it. It was fun and Parker was happy. He LOVES his piano. He crawls up to it and pulls up on his tippy toes. He won't play with anything else but that right now. Ha ha!

A picture of Parker's Christmas before he saw it.

Parker playing with his favorite new toy. His piano!

Blake with his new tool man getup. :)And who knew it is real tools. I needed a screwdriver so I used his. Ha ha!!
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Cousins, Cousins, EVERYWHERE!!! SO FUN!

Christmas cont...

Parker and Papa
Mama Don, Papa, and their boys.
Our little family of three
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Uncle Wade and Parker...he loves his uncles!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Merry Christmas!! Well, this year is Parker's 1st Christmas. It was wonderful!! Everyone went to the Christmas Eve service at Highlands(I sang in it...I'm so proud...ha ha!). Then we headed to my mom and dad's house to have dinner and dress all the boys in matching pajamas. That's right...Tyler(6 years old) all the way down to Lawson(13 days old) had matching pjs. They were soooo cute!! Below are some pictures of them in their pjs. Parker was a little sleepy so he didn't care for the pictures at first. But after all of the adults went crazy with noises to make him smile...he was fine. :)

All the boys in their matching PJs. Tyler(6 yrs. old), Blake(4 yrs. old), Sam(2 yrs. old), Jax(1 yrs. old), Parker(8 months), Gray(7 months), and Lawson(12 days).
Mom and Parker
Not so happy, sleepy, Parker
Yah! Happy again!
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Friday, December 14, 2007

I have a crawler!!





BIG NEWS!!! Parker is crawling! He started the week after Thanksgiving. Here are few picturs of him crawling around(the first time he ventured into the kitchen). :)
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Parker's 1st Thanksgiving





Hey Everyone!!! Sorry this is soooooo late!!! But here are some pictures of Parker's first Thanksgiving. Ohhhh...he looked sooooo cute in his Turkey outfit. I LOVED it!!! Anyways, happy LATE Thanksgiving and Merry EARLY Christmas!!
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