Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Morning

Derek, Parker, and I were at our house on Christmas morning. It was like any other morning except we busted out the video camera and videoed Parker crawling to his gifts from us. Derek and I got him a Fisher Price piano, babies first blocks, crawl with me ball, and a stocking with some goodies in it. It was fun and Parker was happy. He LOVES his piano. He crawls up to it and pulls up on his tippy toes. He won't play with anything else but that right now. Ha ha!

A picture of Parker's Christmas before he saw it.

Parker playing with his favorite new toy. His piano!

Blake with his new tool man getup. :)And who knew it is real tools. I needed a screwdriver so I used his. Ha ha!!
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Cousins, Cousins, EVERYWHERE!!! SO FUN!

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oh amanda said...

Lydia has that piano and STILL plays with it!