Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Right now, I am reminded that the "superwoman" comes out in me on days that I never thought it existed. Then, of course, on the days I want it to come out..it doesn't. Funny huh? Well, today has been exhausting to say the least. In a nutshell and not much details here is our day:

-Micah was up almost all night.
-Parker pooped in his undies 4 times by noon(due to a virus, he is completely potty trained, however has a hard time with this because he has never experienced it before).
-Had a play date at Chickfila.
-Parker pooped 3 times and Micah once at CF.
-Naps b4 Micah's doctor's appt at 2(smack during nap times!)
-Dr. was good...Micah has no ear infection...just a cold.
-Came home to give Parker his second bath of the day because of going potty in his undies. :(
-Had dinner in the crock pot since noon to only receive a phone call from my hubby saying he wasn't going to be home until late.
-Have two little hiney's to doctor up constantly because of rashes from too much poop!
-Resolve the carpet in play room due to spit up and poop on the carpet.
-Despite everything boys have been very happy today. Their bodies might not feel good but they sure do act happy.
-Boys have been bathed, fed, diaper/undies changed...
-I have wiped kitchen table and counters, unloaded dishwasher, washed dishes, picked up playroom, cooked dinner, and done two loads of laundry.
-To end the day Micah is laying on the floor propped up on a pillow drinking his bottle(he gets a bottle at night now) and Parker is on the couch...all while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Its a sweet picture. Thought about taking one, but too tired.
-I feel like Superwoman. :)

The superwoman in you comes out all of the time when you are a mom. It has to, you don't have a choice...

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