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Our Crew

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh, Just waiting and Packing

I have no pictures for you today. :( But, I have some news. No, Ann Marie has not arrived yet, but will be here soon. I guess since I am on that topic I will cover it first. I went to the Doctor on Monday. I did not expect to have progressed. I had my mind set on inducing labor on 1/11/11. But then my Dr. gave me great news! I was dilated 2 1/2cent and 50% thinned out. He said her head was super low and he wasn't sure if I would make it to my induction date. So, I started waiting...and waiting...and waiting. Ugh! And NOTHING! Well, I have had pressure and pain that I thought "this is it!" and it wasn't. In the mean time, Parker got the fever virus.
:( And the "news" I spoke of earlier is that we decided to move. This week I have waited on her and packed. You would think packing would put me into labor. Nope. Instead it has given me LOTS of back pain(especially at night) and pressure. Parker is all better now. We had almost 48 hours with no fevers in our house. Then, last night out of nowhere Micah started being super irritable. He ended up waking up last night with a fever. Ugh! I had a hard time getting him to sleep. So, as of now we are staying home from church this morning and praying that Micah feels better ASAP so that he can come see his baby sister in the hospital. After all of this I am kinda glad AM hasn't come early. I really want my kids healthy and happy before I leave them for 2(hopefully less) days.
Please pray for Micah(he isn't running a fever right now, but irritable), for labor and delivery, and for Ann Marie. We are so excited! I kinda got freaked out thinking that this very time next week I will be holding my baby girl! AHH! That is so great! It is so close!


Kristy said...

That is great news about Ann Marie. I can not wait to see pictures of her! I hope Micah gets better. That is how it was at our house except everyone was sick! But the girls got better and were able to come! I am sure the boys will be able to come and see their new baby sister:o) YAY!

Lauren said...

so sorry yall are sick! and moving?! what in the world! you are crazy! about to have a newborn and packing and taking care of M and P and your hubby! you are superwoman! praying for AM and cant wait to see pics :)

Jules said...

Where are you moving to?
BTW, AM is beautiful!!! Such a gorgeous family. Congrats Momma!