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Our Crew

Monday, March 14, 2011

Get Your Ann Marie Fix :)

Hey! Here are lots of pictures! Ann Marie will be 9 weeks old tomorrow. She is just precious! She is so good. We are very thankful and blessed! She is smiling now and cooing. Which is so fun! I LOVE dressing her! It is so fun. I get all giddy about it. ha. She is sleeping like a champ. This morning she slept until 8am. Her last feeding last night was at 10. Today is my first day trying to get her on a 4 hour schedule. So far, so good. The boys are doing good. Parker is growing too fast on me. He has had a slight attitude lately. I kinda feel like I am dealing with a teenager. All of this is new to me. He will be 4 years old in April. We just cut his hair. I am glad we did but I think we are going to grow it out again. ha ha. His hair grows so stinkin fast. Micah is so funny all of the time. He cracks us up! Enjoy all the pics.

Parker and his big boy hair cut.

Micah Moo...drawing.

She is so cheeky!

Sweet smile!

This happens every day...several times a day. She hardly even fusses about it.

Yeah, I know...sweet girl had no choice on this one. Her big brother who LOVES her so much just jumped in there to play.

Attempt #3 (sorry these are not in order). I never got a good one. Oh well. Life with 3 kiddos under 4(as of now)...this is what you get. :)

Attempt #2

Attempt #1

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Shawn Virginia said...

And another child of yours that looks like Derek! It's crazy!