Our Crew

Our Crew

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cousins, Cousins, Oh How much fun!!

Sam getting ready to leave the pool. No, he does not swim in his diaper. He was just in it because they were about to leave. He looks all bruised and scratched up, but really it is because he is all boy and accidents happen when you try to play on a treadmill that is going. :) He is so darn cute!
Parker at the pool with sunscreen in his hair. I seriously doubt his head will get sunburn with all that hair coverage!!

Sweet Gray!! He is getting some meat on his bones. Maybe he will catch up with Parker. :)
Here I am holding Parker and Gray. I already know, Gray looks like my child and Parker looks nothing like my child. I love it because Parker looks just like his Dad!! Derek and I volunteered to keep Gray while everyone else went to get ice cream. He was so good...

Blake told me that he wanted Parker to lay with him on the couch. So, we took a few pictures and shortly afterwards Blake informed me that he didn't want Parker to lay with him anymore. I think it is because he had to be so careful!! Blake is such a helper!

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Amanda said...

Oh, I could just eat them all with a spoon!