Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mill's Beach Trip

Hey Sweet Boy!! I LOVE those eyes!!

Us at the Crab Trap

Papa K and Parker
Just hanging out on the beach and loving it! Ha ha!
I think this picture is funny because the of the ocean in the background and Parker relaxing in the chair.
Look at that tongue trying to get his paci and smiling at his momma all at the same time. My child is multi-talented. :)
Just a talking to me.

This was at 8:30 in the morning. :) That is what time you get to the beach when you have a baby.
Parker's hair gets curly when it is wet. I tried to let it dry like that one time. It did NOT look good. I think we are going to stick with it being straight, just like his daddy's!
Family photo shoot. I really felt like that too since Derek's dad had two cameras and Amber(Lindsey's friend) had one camera.
Three generation of Mills. Derek and I have been getting a picture at this exact spot since I first went to the beach with his family(when we were first dating). So, of course, I had to continue the tradition since Parker has come along. Goodness, he makes the picture so much better!! :)
Parker's first beach trip went great. Although, it was more for us then him. He didn't even act like he was anywhere different than normal. We had to get him a hat because it was too bright for him to open his eyes when we took him outside. The hat was too big for him but it served the purpose. I think our next trip to the beach(in a few weeks) we might get more of a reaction out of him. He will almost be 4 months then.

Parker is so good all the time. He smiles all the time and it makes me laugh. He is now smiling back at me when I smile at him. It is my favorite when I am on the phone or doing something and I just look at him and smile and he grins sooo big back at me. He now moves in his crib. We have now found him completely in the opposite direction of the way we laid him down the night before. Today, I laid him in his gym and when I came back over there he had moved sideways!! He has yet to roll over but his cousin Gray, who is 1 month and 6 days younger than Parker has rolled over a few times. So, we tell him that he needs to catch up with his cousin. :) He is so sweet and laid back. He has lost no hair whatsoever! Ha ha! That is about all for now!

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Amanda said...

How fun! Parker is getting cuter all the time. I love his sweet smile!