Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, August 10, 2007

Good Morning Sunshine!

Ok, so my child wakes up with bed head...3 month olds do that all the time!! :) This morning I went to wake up Parker, I turned him on his back in his crib so he can stretch out, and I noticed how crazy his hair looked from sleeping on it all night. Then walks in his daddy. It was almost creepy how much they looked alike. They were staring straight at eachother and I promise if Parker wasn't so little they would look like identical twins!!! Crazy hair and all!!
Tomorrow morning we are leaving for the beach for 7 days with my family! We are so excited and cannot wait to enjoy every minute of our vacation. There will probably be tons of pictures posted after next week.
To be continued until then...

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Amanda said...

You're right! They are twins! Have fun on vacation! Tell everyone we love and miss them!