Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pictures to Come

Hey! I still haven't posted anything on our trip to San Antonio. Our mini vacation. BUT I will soon. Our computer got a horrible virus on it and we had to have a neighbor friend wipe out the whole computer. I still have to download Picasa to get my pictures on here. I will soon! My kids are being so funny these days! Today for the first time I saw Micah really think about doing something I told him "no" to. And he didn't do it! I don't have to tell Micah no too much. But, something he does DAILY is crawl right up to the Plug-In in the wall and pull it out. Then, he crawls away. I have no idea why he loves doing this, but he does. I have told him no several times, but he doesn't seem to care. Today though, I was right there. And kept telling him no. He finally crawled to me. I was so proud of him. I clapped and told him I was proud! He smiled so big! :)
Parker is a stinker. Today his daddy told him that he could have some more drink after lunch. BUT I had just told him no more because he already had plenty(he is potty trained...therefore I have to be careful about too much liquids). Parker heard me say no after his daddy said he could have some after lunch. He turned to his Dad and said "Daddy, I can have more after lunch, right?" Ahhhhh! He is only 2! And he already understands communication so well. A scary thing.

Ok, pictures to come. I promise!

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