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Our Crew

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Post, No Pictures...Just for now though

Hello Bloggy Friends,

I have been gone for quite some time now but I am back. :) I didn't take the time to explain before hand, but our church starts the new year off with 21 days of fasting. One of the things I chose to fast was Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs. I have lots of pictures to upload on here. Some from Christmas still and some from the last month. The fast was great! I am reading Power of a Praying Parent and doing the journal that you can purchase with it. I LOVE it! I started it during the fast and it has changed the way I pray for my kids, husband, and everything. But, especially my kids. It is so wonderful! If you are looking for some guidance on how to pray for your children I highly recommend this book and the journal. I believe that we are going to see some great things happen because of the fast. Not just us, as in me and my family, but also in Free Chapel, Square Cow, and in other areas of our lives.

Some fun stuff went on during the month of January, BUT the best part of it all was Micah turning 1!!!! I cannot even believe it. That sweet baby boy turned 1 on January 30th. Several times during the days leading up to his birthday and on his actual birthday I reflected on what I was doing at that moment a year ago. I do that often. Lets just say, I will never ever forget the day he was born. The contractions were bad enough to mark my memory forever. :) Obviously, he was MORE then worth it. He is such a sweet baby! He is so consistent and I love it. He is happy from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to bed at night. He pretty much fusses at the same time every day. Which is great, because I always know when it is coming and what he wants...which is usually dinner. To hold him off I give him a bath. ha. He LOVES LOVES Parker. They play so well together. He got a big indoor/outdoor slide for his bday from his Papa K and Mama Lynn. Parker and Micah play on it all the time. He is WALKING everywhere. It is so cute watching him walk. You can tell he is a new walker. He knows when he doesn't want something to eat. He will either 1) turn his head away or 2)knock it on the floor. That stinker. He is still laid back and sweet but very active. Quite a bit more active then his brother was at that age. He can open up my child proof cabinets. Oh what am I in for? He says "Daddy!" 30 million times a day. He has 3 teeth and one that has cut through but itsn't showing yet. At his dr. appt he was 40% in height and 25% in weight. We have got to lower his crib because he loves to take his letters to his name off the wall. They are right by his crib and all I can hear is him banging those wooden letters everywhere. lol. He plays so well by himself. My Mom said that she has never seen a 1 year old play by himself for so long. However, on that note...he DESTROYS the play room. He dumps everything out, and pulls the toys off the shelves. ha. He is snuggly and beautiful and sweet. He loves his lovie and sucks on his pointer finger(just like his brother). I love love LOVE this boy with everything in me. He is absolutely perfect for our family!!!

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