Our Crew

Our Crew

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Visiting good friends/family

We left Texas at 4:15am and drove all the way to Alabama. We got there around 5:45pm. Which is good timing considering we had two kids with us. We rushed the kids into my parents townhouse to give them baths and then got back in the car to go visit our good friends, the Huffstetlers. We LOVE them! Since we have moved they had a little girl. Evelyn Ruth is so cute and sweet and quiet. My boys were all over her house playing with her toys and she sat in her pink(I might add) cozy coupe car(she got for Christmas)and at one point talked on her pink phone. And that is all she did the whole time and was so happy. lol. SO different then my boys.
The next morning we went to Church of the Highlands where we saw none of our good friends because it is so big now. It was a great service though and we loved visiting. We then drove to my Memaws house and dropped off some Christmas presents and visited with her for a few minutes. THEN we met our good friends, the Strongs who happened to be in town, for lunch. Whew! My boys did AMAZING! And honestly, it wasn't stressful. It would have been if the boys weren't so good. But they were. After all that at about 1:30pm we headed to GA. It took us a little over 4 hrs to get there.

Memaw(My mom's mom) and Me. She is so sweet and hilarious!

Parker, Memaw, and Micah.

Evelyn Ruth, Parker, and Micah.

BROWN Eyes and BLUE eyes. SO cute!

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