Our Crew

Our Crew

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Princess Harley Jane is 1!!!

Don't you just love my title? Ha. I had to make it girly. Harley Jane is the one and only sweet girl in this family. She turned 1 on June 16th. Her party was so cute! It was an Austin Tea Party. Everything was so perfect and girly. Even though there was only 3 girls out of 12 boys it was every bit of a tea party. The boys loved it too. It was my boys first girl bday party(I think.). Here are some pictures from the event. And of the sweet birthday girl. She is beautiful...like I am not joking...and I am not being biased(maybe a little)...she REALLY is beautiful!

Some of the boys sitting at the table.

Gray and Parker. Best buddies!

Adorable Lawson.

The birthday girl being pretty and sweet.

Parker and Micah eating nectarines getting ready to leave for the tea party. I am on a nectarine kick. Might be the only healthy thing I am loving. :)

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