Our Crew

Our Crew

Friday, July 30, 2010

Amelia Island, 2010

Here are pictures from our beach trip which was so great. We relaxed, did not use our cell phones much at all, hardly used the laptop, played at the beach and pool, ate lots, enjoyed time with Derek's whole family(mom, dad, sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents)and enjoyed time with just us. It.was.exactly.what.we.needed.
It was our first time flying with Micah and Parker has flown several times before. He loves to fly. Micah did pretty good. Better then I thought he would do. Although we LOVED the beach and when we landed Parker said "Are we going to the beach? I want to go to Florida!" He had know idea we were in Texas. ha ha. I am glad we are home and ready to move on to the Fall. I am hoping the Fall here is cooler then normal and it gets here faster. We will see. But...life is good. Of course Derek came home to such a busy week at work. He worked from 7am-2am one day. And it is almost 9pm right now and guess what? He is still working. :) Just means the business is doing good. So...even though it is hard to deal with some of the time...we are blessed. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Derek and I on the back porch of our condo. We were going on a date that night. Ummm...to Zaxbys. Ha! We don't have a Zaxbys here and we love it. It was a good cheap date. We talked a lot. I loved it! I love spending time with this guy! He is the best!

Micah playing in the sand about to take pictures. He looks like he is holding a cigarette. He is NOT.

After pictures Parker getting in the ocean fully clothed. Oh well...

Derek's Aunts, Uncles, Mama Rose, Papa, Dad, and Mom.

This picture is so sweet.

Derek and Parker. A little dark. But good picture.

LOVE this picture! They are so handsome!

Parker in his new Monster PJs.

Micah giving me some kisses. He is not stingy with his kisses at all.

This is how far the shore went out. I loved it because the beach was flat and when the tide came in it was shallow and not rough at all. It was a great beach for toddlers.

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