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Our Crew

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Still Sick

Random thoughts here for ya. First, I have not been in the mood to blog. Hence the reason I haven't. I really think it is a pregnancy thing. I am 13 weeks and 2 days preggo and I am STILL feeling nauseous! I feel soooooo much better then I did the first 10 1/2 weeks. This is tolerable. And it is not all day like it was before. But, I ate a super good meal(not super good for me) tonight, came straight home and laid in my bed because I have a headache accompanied with nausea. Gross. It is just so interesting how this baby is a girl and this pregnancy is so different then my other two(which were identical for the most part). I am not going to lie. I am ready for the nausea and headaches to go away. It is hard to function when they hit me. I, also have not been nearly has tired this go around. When I was pregnant with Micah I was exhausted all of the time. Probably due to climbing two sets of stairs every day, several times a day. Which I don't do now bc we live somewhere different. I have noticed lately, though, that if I go out in the morning for a couple of hours...I am completely pooped when I get home. I do take a nap every day when my boys nap. That has been something I have done during every pregnancy so far. Blessed that my boys still nap really good and that I can do that. I can feel her move. :) Which is such a great feeling. I feel her every day, but not all day. She is too small for that. If I lay down...usually at night I can feel her. I already have to sleep with two pillows on each side of me to sleep more comfortably. Never have I had to do that this early on. I have gained more weight more quickly. Due to not eating healthy at all. Planning on changing that after vacation...which starts on Sat. We are flying to the beach. So excited! We will be gone for a week. After that, I am hoping to eat better.
You know what is great though? My boys have been so great about going with the flow. We are not nearly as active and haven't been these last 13 weeks. And they don't care. They play so well together and at home. Derek thinks we have too many toys. And we probably do...but they play with all of them. And I am thankful for them. We still go to the pool a lot. And Parker is swimming like a fish all by himself. Parker is so great to snuggle with me when I don't feel good or am tired. Usually I only rest like that when Micah is napping. And if Parker is not napping yet...he will chill with me. I love it. He loves to get in my bed with me. Or he will watch a disney show. He is my buddy. So is Micah...he is just smaller and more active. Parker was too at that age. Maybe not as active. But...definitely wouldn't sit and snuggle. I hope all of my kids snuggle with me like Parker does.
I got my girl clothes fix for a little while. I showed you earlier what I bought Ann Marie. Now...I am calmer about it. My Mom bought her bedding and some smocked dresses. It is all absolutely adorable! I am sure I will go on another shopping trip next Dr. appt. Something about seeing her makes me excited! I, also am excited for her to come into this world. We are nowhere near her due date. And I don't want to wish away this time because then I am wishing away my boys time. There is so much to happen before she gets here. Vacation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Fall, Winter...etc. THATS a lot! So...I am going to be happy being pregnant...feeling her...preparing for her. But...not wish away this time. This will be the last 6 months I have with just boys. I want to cherish it. Ok...no pictures once again. I will try to post some after vacation.


Kristy said...

I was sick for 15 1/2 weeks and then started to get some energy and feel better. I still get stomach aches at night sometimes but they are gone by the time I wake up.

Lauren said...

i hope you feel better soon!!! i puked through week 19 - and am STILL on meds for nausea!!! (31 weeks!) i wonder if i will be this sick if i ever have a boy?? oh well soon enough we will have our beautiful baby girls to show for it all! totally worth it!