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Our Crew

Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to my BABY boy!!!

I love to call Micah my "baby" boy. Because as of now, he is my baby boy. We want one more baby...and if it is a boy then obviously Micah won't be my baby boy. But if it is a girl...he will always be my baby boy. Right now, that is special to me. Every one of my kids has something special as to where they fall in birth order. Parker is my first born, Micah is my baby boy, and Ann Marie is my baby girl. :)
Micah turned 2 on January 30th. That actual day Derek took him and just him to get donuts. We stole this idea from my brother and sister in law. And I think my kids will always love this. On their actual birthday their daddy takes them to get donuts all by themselves. It was hard for Parker to deal with not being able to go. But come April, it is his turn. And we explained that, over and over and over again. ha.
Micah is hilarious. He talks in sentences. It isn't completely clear, but we know what he is saying. He is active. He is obeying pretty good(most days..ha). He is so whitty. He seems to be really good at sports(throwing, catching, hitting, kicking a ball). He loves to ride on fast toys. He is a lot less cautious than his brother. He can be loud but he isn't loud all of the time. He is so sweet!!!! He loves his baby sister and is so gentle with her! He always wants to get what his big brother gets. He loves Parker and to be around him and play with him. He doesn't care to watch a lot of tv. If he does like tv it is only the parts with music(for which he asks to re watch that part a million times!) or Toy Story. He knows where his eyes, ears, hair, nose, teeth, mouth, head, feet, hands, arms, fingers, elbows, belly, and toes are. He is a happy boy and he brings so much joy to our lives!!! We love you sweet Micah Moo!

Oh yeah, we had a Toy Story 3 and PJ party. All his cousins wore their pjs. We had Toy Story playing on both TVs. We had popcorn, skittles, and reeses pieces. And we also had a yummy cake!!

Micah(at the end of the table) and all his cousins at his Toy Story 3 party.

Ann Marie was about 2 or 3 weeks old at the party.

Big Brother, Parker(will be 4yo in April), and Micah.

He had very chapped cheeks at his party. :( He was still super cute!

This was on his actual birthday. He is saying "I'm one". He will NOT say he is two. so funny!

No worries, that is not coffee. His Dad poured chocolate milk in a coffee cup. My boys love drinking out of "adult" cups.

He got to open one gift from us on his actual birthday. It is a chatty elmo. He hardly plays with it. We thought he would love it. Oh well...you win some, you lose some. ha ha.

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