Our Crew

Our Crew

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boys will B Boys

Parker just started playing YMCA tball a few weeks ago. This is his first year playing. We have to drive about 15+ minutes to his practices and games. The YMCA is perfect for his age. Baseball and especially football are SUPER intense where we live. I am nowhere near ready for 3 practices a week + 1 game a week + watching the tapes on Sundays(a friend whose 8yr old plays football here has that schedule). Not sure if I will ever be ready for that. Derek's favorite sport is baseball. He loves watching it and loved playing it growing up. I am very glad we put Parker in it now. He takes time warming up to things. If he does continue to play baseball then starting at 3 is great. Although, it tries my patience. I am more of a go getter...get out there and hit the ball, run the bases kind of person. Not Parker and not his Daddy. I am learning to calm down and remember he is ONLY 3(almost 4). Thank goodness for my wonderful OH SO patient husband. What would I do without him?

"Cheers!" Nothing like cheers with popsicles.

It has been hot here lately. This was a couple of weeks ago after the boys helped me wash my car. They could have been in their bathing suits it was so hot.

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