Our Crew

Our Crew

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Mornings are so fun!

I love Sunday mornings. Because I get to dress up my sweet kids and show them off to all of our good friends and family. Maybe that is silly of me. I don't know. But I am so proud of my kids. I think they are the cutest kids ever! Ever since having Ann Marie dressing up my kids has become even more fun. I wake up excited on Sundays. ha! And it has made me more excited about dressing my boys. I am so dorky. I know. Anyhow, this chica looked so cute this morning! I just bought her this dress. I LOVE it! By the way...just a tidbit...if you are looking for some cute Carter's clothes you need to go to Sam's Club. They have such cute Carter's dresses and bubbles for girls and some clothes for boys for ONLY $5.44(or something like that)! The EXACT same dresses are at Kohls for twice as much! I can't believe it!

I feel bad for Parker. This exact time last year I have pictures of him looking the same way...swollen eyes...patchy skin on his face. Not exactly sure what is in the air mid March/April but whatever it is really affects Parker. His skin becomes itchy all over and his eyes swell up. We have to put him on Singulair just during these two months and Zyrtec every day. Today I took about 8 pictures and almost all of them his eyes were closed because the flash hurt his eyes. :( Anyways, praying that God takes these allergies away! Because I know He can heal Parker.

This little girl has gone 12 hours at night in between feedings! I feed her around 7 or 8(depending on her schedule) then she doesn't wake up until 7 the next morning. I am SO happy about this. She now eats 4 times a day and goes all night. She is still such a good baby! She has even started waking up talking instead of crying a couple of times in the mornings. :) She is NOT liking her car seat though. Ugh! She will be so happy until I put her in her car seat. She will be 12 weeks on Tuesday. I can't believe it! She is at such a sweet age. Tonight we were at a church meeting and she was cooing like crazy. Would NOT stop and was so loud. It was so funny. I love this baby girl so much.

All three of my sweet babies. :)