Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Texas Independence Parade...Wooo Hooo!

So, Kimberly and I headed to the Texas Independence Day Parade in downtown Austin last Saturday with all of the kiddos. Let's just say the boys(Parker and Jax) couldn't keep their hands to themselves and it was a not so fun ride there and back(I had to turn around backwards in the front seat so my hand could be the divider between Parker and Jax). Anyways, we got lost, detoured, and FINALLY found a parking space about a mile from the capitol buidling where we were meeting Ashley and her family. Parker and Lawson rode in the double stroller and Jax in the single stroller. Parker loved playing with the buckle on Lawson the whole time. The parade was sooooo rinky dink!! If you look hard you can see some rinky dink little car in the background. Yah...that was the parade. Not much...but the kids loved it. And the weather was nice so it was a good day to walk. Ha ha!



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Rodney said...

Parker looks like Derek Jr. in the stroller!! We miss you lots!!
Mary Ann

KelleyGreen said...

Well, I have to say I wish it was a Texas Tech hat versus a Texas hat, but I'll let it slide since you guys live in Austin not Lubbock! Cute pics :)

Jenny said...

Ohhh...I miss you guys so much. Hope you're having fun in B'ham while we're in Hammond. Have a great week!