Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Another Day

New Shoes! Parker got his first pair of shoes last weekend from Stride Rite. We wanted to wait until he was walking. As of right now, he will let go of everything and try to walk. He will walk until he falls. So, we are working on continuous walking. Because once he falls he crawls. We have seen him stand up from sitting on the floor without holding onto anything, but he doesn't do it all the time. I think he will be walking all the time pretty soon.

Don't you love those shoes?? I LOVE the classic white baby shoes. They are so old school, but my fav!

Happy Mother's Day! Here we are on Mothers Day right before church.

This is a picture of Mother's Day last year 2007. Parker was only a couple of weeks old. Crazy how time flies!

I love this picture. Just hanging out. It took me screaming and being silly to get him not to knock this down until I took this picture and the one below. Ha!

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