Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jenny and Nolan visit...

Our good friends, Jenny and her son Nolan visited us from B'ham last week. We did fun stuff around Austin and Jenny was able to visit some of her good friends who live in Austin and San Antonio. Nolan is a couple months younger than Parker so they had a good time! We went out to eat, to the pool, and downtown. Fun fun! Here are some pics:

Parker and Nolan in their pjs.

Nolan in the swing at the park.

Nolan and Parker with their mohawks. Well...Nolan's wouldn't quite stand up, but as you can see, Parker's hair didn't have any trouble whatsoever! :)

Parker and his fabulous mohawk!!! Ha!

Jenny and Nolan at The Oasis.
I just realized after looking through my pictures that I didn't get any of Jenny and I. How crazy is that?? Sorry Jenny!!

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