Our Crew

Our Crew

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I love my Da Da!

First of all, I have to say that Derek is the best dad and husband in the whole world. Parker and I(and this new baby) love him so much we can hardly stand it! Parker loves seeing him every day and he wants Derek to hold him and play with him every time Derek is anywhere near. Derek is working so hard right now it is unbelievable. Let me just put it into perspective for you. Have any of you physically moved yourself to another house?? Well, my husband does that every day sometimes more than once a day. PLUS, he runs a business. I know that it is not easy for him, but he keeps working hard because he knows this is what God has called our family to do. He lives far away from his own family which I know can't be easy. But, yet, he lives 5 minutes from mine. He is such a blessing and sacrifices for us. God has blessed Parker with a wonderful dad and I am so glad that he is my husband and the father of my kids. They will learn so much about God, loyalty, and many many more things that are so important. WE LOVE YOU DEREK!
On Father's Day morning I made muffins for breakfast and we sat down and enjoyed ourselves. We then headed to church, then to a yummy homemade meal that my sister made. Then we all went to the pool which was a blast. And of all days, Derek and Wade had a small move that evening. But the big surprise was in store for the guys on Monday. Derek, Wade, and Jeremy had no idea that we had rented a boat for half of the day with no kiddos and lots of their favorite food. We had a blast! And we all got a good tan(well I got burned). So, that was our day! So fun! And all because of our wonderful husbands who are great dads. AND OH, I have to give a shout out to my incredible Dad. I am so sad that they were not here in Austin to share in this wonderful day with us. But my Dad deserved every minute of it. Hopefully we can make it up to him. I love you Dad! You are so wonderful...and have always been my favorite my dad! Ha! :)

Derek and Parker on Father's Day

So sweet!

Derek tubing

Ashley and Wade. Ashley is a hard core tuber...seriously...she was giving Wade tips on what to do. Ha!

Kimberly and Wade

Ashley and Jeremy

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