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Our Crew

Friday, July 25, 2008


"HHHHottt!" Ha ha! That word makes me laugh. So, as I posted early last week sometime...or this week...I don't remember. Parker has starting saying words for us when we ask him to. It is so cute. He says "baby" a lot now. Anyways, he now says "hot". But it is almost a whisper with an exaggeration on the "HHHH" part. It is so cute. Well, I never really knew if he knew what "hot" meant. You know...not to touch something because it is hot. Frankly, I did not want him to know because he had experience the true meaning of a hot pan, stove, etc. Today, at Chick-fa-la my sister gave Parker a french fry. When he went to pick it up he immediatly put it back down and said "hhhott!". AND IT WAS HOT! I was so proud! I told my sister, sister-in-law, then Derek. As of if my sister and sister-in-law didn't have any children. Ha! He is so smart and is making laugh all the time. He also loves to drink out of Derek and my drink all the time now. He knows how to drink out of straws so when he sees that we have something he wants it. Although, sometimes, it can get a little annoying because he will go "uh, uh, uh, uh" until you give it to him...it really is so funny to see him drinking like a big boy.
Also, just to fill you in on baby in the belly. I can feel this baby already! I know that most of you reading this will think I am CRAZY! I would think that to if I read on someone's blog that they could feel their baby at 12 weeks. I really would! BUT, I PROMISE you that I feel this baby almost every day. Not all the time during the day. At first, I thought I was crazy too...so I ignored it to be something else. But, now, as often as I have felt it. I decided that I might seem crazy, but I feel it. And I am very happy about that. Or should I be concerned?? Does that mean my baby is BIG?? Or VERY active... UH OH! :)


Blessings said...

I don't think that you are crazy! I felt Emerson move at 13 1/2 weeks! Everyone thought I was crazy too!

Baby Huffstetler said...

I want to see Parker say hot!!!! video it and post it! So excited about your news and SO glad you can feel "it" move.