Our Crew

Our Crew

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cruise 2009

Derek's sweet, wonderful grandparents(Papa and Mama Rose) took the whole family on a cruise at the end of May. We didn't take the boys so it was like another honey moon for us. Derek and I flew into Orlando 2 days before the cruise left so we could have some time alone there. We went to Blizzard Beach water park, Downtown Disney, and ate at some good places. The cruise was great! I loved spending time with Derek's family. The only bad part of the cruise is that I got sea sick. Yuck! It came in waves(almost like being pregnant, ha!). I didn't really feel great the whole time. Next time I am FOR SURE wearing a patch for it or something. So here are lots of pictures from our great vacation. Thanks to Mama Rose and Papa for the cruise. And Keith and Lynn for everything else!! :)

Mrs. Punk and Aunt Grace. This is Derek's uncle Glen's mom and aunt. Mrs. Punk is 79 years old and Aunt Grace is 89!!! Can you believe that?! They were such troopers!! They are so cute and stylish! Ha!

Keith and Lynn. Derek's parents.

Our table in the dining room. But, the whole group took up 2 big tables and 2 small tables. We had a BIG group! It made it fun.

This is the elevator in the cruise ship. I still can't get over how big that ship is! Crazy!

Carnival Sensation. The yellow and black thing on top is a water slide. It is enclosed but it goes off the side of the ship a little bit...sccaaarrryyy!

This was my favorite part of the cruise(besides Kareoke...hilarious). I loved having breakfast in the dining room in the mornings and all you can see is ocean out of your window. So nice and relaxing. I feel like these are honeymoon pictures since Derek is the only one in this picture. Ha ha!

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