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Our Crew

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Whats going on with Micah??

Wow...my baby boy has been up to so much within the last month! Here are some facts about Micah that you might like to know:
-started crawling at 6 1/2 months. Now crawls EVERYWHERE.
-started pulling up and standing right at around 6 months.
-started eating solid foods at 7 months.
-at almost 7 months he weighed a little over 17lbs.
-6 month check up he was 5% in length and 50% in weight.
-Got his first big boy hair cut at almost 7 months old.
-Wears size 3 diapers.
-still takes 3 naps a day. But the 3rd nap is only about an hour or less.
-I nurse him 4 times a day(was doing the bottle at night but decided against it.)
-LOVES his brother, food, playing with toys, his baths, and crawling, AND standing up.

So, my little Micah might be little but he acts big!! He is so tiny to be so mobile. Today he was in the pac n play playing and I look over there and he is trying his absolute best to CLIMB out. Like, his feet were going up the side. He, also, has let go of things and stood for literally a split second.
He is now eating solids all the time. I was spending SO much extra per week on baby food that although Micah doesn't have teeth I decided(because of my mom) to try some solid foods with Micah. Well, that boys chews food like he has a mouthful of teeth and he has zero teeth! The last few days he has eaten real food for almost all of his meals and I am one happy mama! This is big for me...er...him. :)
Micah is such a good baby in every way. We love him so much! He adds so much joy to this family.

Eating his first oreo...this was after the fact. He was happy about it.

This was before/during.

My little crawler.

Look at his new hair cut! I LOVE it! He looks different(you will see the difference below) but you can see his sweet face. His hair was taking over! Something had to be done.

One of the first times he stood up holding onto the piano.

In his crib with his lovie.

LOVE this picture! His hair is crazy long, he is so happy, and I love his name above his bed. My mom painted and hung those when Micah was a newborn. This picture is definitely making the baby book.

When I walked into his room that day he was doing this.

Derek wrapped him up all tight one night after his bath. He looked so cute!

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