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Our Crew

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top Ten {Tuesday}: What to feed my 8mo that has NO teeth!

To start this off, I have to say that my 8 month old has no teeth. But, I no longer feed him baby food. So, I thought this might be good ideas for people who want to go off of baby food but are not sure what to feed their baby with no teeth. Ha! But, you have to know that Micah doesn't choke very easily. My first child did. Micah is great at gumming almost anything which makes it easier for me to feed him a variety. Also, I do not do the whole organic thing. And I am not a health nut. However, I do like to try to give my boys healthy stuff, I am just not way strict about it. With that said here is the list:

1. Fruit cups. Both of my boys love these! Peaches are easy for Micah to gum and mandarin oranges. They are easy to grab and go too.
2. Beanie Weenies. My Mom suggested these. They seem gross to me but they are a hit!
3. Gold Fish.
4. Apple Sauce.
5. Baby Mums. These are little rice cake things that a friend told me about. These are great because Micah can hold them himself and munch on them while we are out and about. They are not too messy and two come in one package. You can get them in the baby aisle at Walmart OR possibly at a local grocery store.
6. Canned veggies. Just pop them in the microwave and voila!
7. Flip It Crackers. A pretzel on one side and cracker on the other are great. A little messy.
8. Instant Grits.
9. Instant Oatmeal.
10. Re fried Beans. I give these to Micah when we eat at Mexican restaurants and he LOVES them!!


Blondie said...

my younger son had a mouthful of teeth and a grown man's appetite at 8 months, so I'm no help! He was (and still is at 3) a biscuit and gravy boy.

We LOVE Flipside crackers!

Brandi said...

We had to deal with this since Hannah Claire didn't get her first tooth until 14 months. It was very challenging. We did lots of the same including rice, chopped up meats and bread. She LOVES bread!!!

Jules said...

okay, so Judah is going on 9 months, has 6 teeth and he's still on baby food. I think I have been a little slow/cautious with foods. He is now eating chicken and turkey but no beef yet. I tried to give him a piece of chicken that I made and he gaged to kingdom come! I'm so sad that he must get this from me. I wish he would eat table food, but no such luck. I'm wondering if I should just keep pushing him to eat the tougher textured items?? Wish mothering came with a manual for each child.

Lauren at Big Easy Mom said...

My little one LOVED (and still loves) mashed sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries. He didn't eat baby food, either, only mashed up table food that we were eating. It saves a TON of money when they can eat the same things...

vanessa said...

My daughter didn't get her first tooth until after she turned 1 and she didn't get the full mouthful until she was 2--so I know what you mean about the gumming thing--avocados were a surprising hit--also, black beans. Who knew babies liked avocados? :)