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Our Crew

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Favorite things to do while my kids are napping

1. Take a nap. I really struggle with this one. I am SO tempted to lay down for a nap almost EVERY time my boys nap(in the afternoons). It doesn't always happen, however, it probably happens more than it should.
2. Eat my lunch. So, I must confess, I LOVE to wait to eat lunch until after my boys are down for their nap. It is nice, peaceful, relaxing for SO many reasons.
3. Catch up on my DVR shows. 18 Kids and Counting, Army Wives, Project Runway, SYTYCD, and the list goes on.
4. Get online. Facebook, bloglines, gmail, twitter, craigslist(sometimes).
5. Talk on the phone. About the only time of the day I can talk and have uninteruppted conversation.
6. Take a shower. This doesn't happen too often during the naps for a few reasons. #1 I already took one. #2 I am lounging around and not having one that day(gross, I know.)#3 I took a nap instead(you would think I had a newborn or 8 kids...lol!). BUT, usually if I take a shower during nap time it means that I am going somewhere that night like on a DATE with my husband OR to small group, OR to Walmart all by myself. All of which are exciting!
7. Do my Ephesians Precept Bible Study/Quiet Time. Love spending time with the Lord. Need to do it more often...like every day. It changes everything for me.
8. Work out. 30 Day Shred my friends...and I think it is working. BUT it is hard! 20 minutes of a butt kicking work out! Maybe not my FAVORITE thing to do during this time, however, it is good for me.
9. Clean. NOT my favorite thing, but I LOVE how I feel afterwards.
10. Call my husband twenty million times because I am bored. Yeah...that doesn't happen. I am only bored by choice if that is the case. I just didn't have a #10. :)


Stefany said...

Great list! I agree with the naps, computer time and lunch! I am currently waiting to lay down my 3yo so I can enjoy my lunch in peace (aka without a mooch hanging over my arm). Love number 10. ;)

oh amanda said...

I hear you--a nap sounds divine. The only reason I never do naps is b/c it makes their nap time seem too short! :)