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Our Crew

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Only Words

This post is just an update of what is going on in our lives. No pictures. My Mom and Dad sold their house in B'ham! PTL! And my mom borrowed my memory card to my camera so it is in B'ham with her. :)
So, after a whole year of my parents house being on the market they close on November 10th! If it wasn't ever clear to you, my parents have been living with us since Jan. Which some of you or your husbands would HATE. However, Derek and I have enjoyed it. Derek is so easy which is wonderful. His feathers don't get ruffled easily and he doesn't ruffle anyones feathers. (Side Note: SO wish I could be that way). And I get along with my parents very well. We are open with each other and respect each other. They are so easy to live with. They have been a huge help with my boys and my boys love having them here. Yesterday we had a play date and Parker said "Julia is going potty in Papa's bathroom". Which is also known as the guest bathroom. Ha! We told my parents not to be in any rush to move out and to take their time on finding something else. They might rent, they might buy. Either way I will be glad when my Dad AND my Mom(who is B'ham a lot still) have a place here and are here for good.
Parker has definitely shown me that he is 2 in good ways and not so good ways. Parker has always required a lot of sleep but for some reason for the last 3 or 4 weeks he has developed an awful habit of waking up at 4am. All I have to do is go in his room and put him back to bed and he is fine. BUT still...interrupted sleep by your 2 1/2 year old is ridiculous. I have tried everything to get him to stop but now I am having to leave him in there and let him cry. It is NOT fun! And what stinks is I should have nipped it in the bud forever ago. Now, he cries for a long time. Tonight will be the 3rd night so I am hoping that this is what breaks the habit. He has shown me attitude, and talks back, and pitches fits. However, he has shown me how smart he is, sweet, loving towards us and his brother he is, and how funny he is. We have good days and we have bad. Being on top of the discipline is the key but isn't always easy. He is MUCH better when I am on top of it. I love him so much! He brings so much laughter to my days. Today we went to the zoo and I was able to let him walk the whole time. He was so good and obedient. A little slow...but obedient. I said that I can't believe he will be 3 in 6 months!!! He is just about to the too big for a stroller age. I remember when there was no way I was letting him out of the stroller without his daddy around. Crazy how time flies!!

Micah is just as cute and sweet as he can be. He smiles ALL the time. Way more then Parker did at his age. He has lots of hair but it is his daddy's texture. Which means, he probably won't be having a bowl cut like his brother(Parker has my hair). I think we might have to keep it short and maybe spike it up most of the time or kinda long but not too thick or it will be BIG. lol. He just turned 9 months old last Friday. He is so close to walking. He stands up without holding onto anything. He will be standing there playing with a toy. He can walk with his walker toy. And he is everywhere. He will play in the playroom for forever by himself. He is still nursing but I think I am about to have to quit. I don't think he is getting enough milk. He just gets frustrated and will only nurse for 3-5 minutes sometimes coming off several times. Good thing he will take a bottle of formula. He actually loves bottles. Since day one Micah has only cried when it has something to do with sleep or getting off his sleep schedule and trying to get him back on it. That is how he is still to this day. Lots of people say "I have never heard him cry." Thats why. Because most people aren't at my house during that time. But as long as he is doing good with his schedule he doesn't cry. We want to wait until a year from right now to get pregnant again. That way Micah and the next baby will be 2 1/2 years apart. However, because Micah is so good I am already thinking about having another baby!!! I am going to try SO hard to wait simply because it makes sense for us to. But don't be surprised if we don't.

The business is doing good and Free Chapel is too. However, we always need prayer. Prayer for growth, God's provision financially, God's protection and His favor. I will post pictures when I get my memory card back which should be in about a week.

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Kristy said...

It is so crazy how quick kids grow up. Ella turned 3 the end of last month and I can not believe it. This morning she wanted to watch Dora so I turned it on. She laid on the couch and watched it the whole time! She never does that! Anyway, I am glad they are doing so well. Ella has her good moments and not so good moments too. I wish we could get together sometime but I know that is nearly impossible:o)